These hilarious photos show how ironic (or ridiculous) life can be

Irony is one of those terms that a lot of us have trouble using properly. So many people try to act ironic, only to end up being insincere (or sarcastic, by saying one thing and meaning another), or downright mean (or cynical, by insulting a person in a truly painful manner). So while the term “irony” does get thrown around a lot, its actual meaning isn’t as obvious as it may appear.

Derived from the Ancient Greek work Eironeia, irony is an event or rhetorical devise that is radically different than its expected meaning. As such, it is typically a way of speaking, thinking or writing about an idea, which ends up being very different in theory from what it is found to be in reality. For example, when a young man’s idyllic dreams of what love must be like are opposed to the mundane reality he experiences with the person he ends up falling in love with.

A lot of times these assertions of irony are used to emphasize a certain truth about the world – namely, that people sometimes what you prepare yourself for may not be what you end up experiencing. Despite our best efforts, there are occasions when these incongruencies between expectation and reality can be rough to go through, and make us wish we had made some different choices before we got to where we’re currently standing.

However, there are still plenty of times when we see irony in our own lives as well as in the world around us and cannot help but laugh. There are things in this world that are simply so ridiculous, silly, or hilarious that someone had to take a picture of them. For luckily, when the world around us turns into a Dr. Seuss-style form of existence, there are likely people on hand to record it, or we honestly doubt we would have ever believed them.

Searching the internet, we were happy to find a whole bunch of photos of irony in action – and a few we just thought were outright hilarious. These photos help us see there is a brighter side to life’s most hair-pulling moment, and help us understand that sometimes, when the world seems to be spinning out of control, eventually we’ll probably be able to look around and realize that it’s still mostly alright. Check it out these moments of mayhem and try to see the humor in these situations – even if the people experiencing them might still be a ways away from being able to do so.

Actually, no, you can’t

This is a truck driver’s worst nightmare. Driving along, continuously going after 7 hours, exhausted, and stressed about the tons of materiels in the back of your trailer. You have a tight schedule to keep, and the economy literally relies on you, so you decide to take a shortcut to your drop off destination. But then, all of a sudden, there is a bridge that is too low to get under! And while your motto is just like the motto on the truch, seems the bridge had other plans.


This person was walking around their local super center when all of a sudden they saw what is perhaps the most ironic thing ever – fastners. Well, more like a lack thereof. Fastners are usually used in order to hang things – pictures, televisions, you name it. If it goes up on a wall or you need to screw something in, chances are you need a fastener. However, we are seriously wondering about the quality of the fasteners at this store now!


If you are a teacher, you better hope that none of your students get you this sign. And if they do, you better hope they are kidding. Just to go over, the word your refers to something that you own, such as your ball or your house. Meanwhile, the word “you’re” means “you are,” and would be best used in the phrases “you’re the best teacher ever” and “you’re going to have to repeat a grade if you don’t know the difference between your and you’re.”

Our goal

This office obviously puts work safety as one of its highest priorities. It seems to be a major factory or warehouse from the looks of it, and so it would make sense that they would not want to have any workplace accidents (we are sure they have to pay out tons of money in workers’ compensation as well as maintenance costs). We love the fact however that there was a giant, major forklift accident right underneath the company’s “no accidents” sign!

Accepting resumes

Do you ever feel like sending out your resume to hundreds (if not thousands) of companies is just a waste of time? We are sure the thought has crossed your mind that they must simply be throwing all of the resumes that they have into the garbage without even looking at them (we know that we have thought that). At least at this mobile carrier they do not even give you the pretense of hope that you’ll get a job. You know exactly where you’re resume is going!

Mission accomplished

We have all been there. Sleepless nights (usually caused by stress about work, bills, the kids, or literally anything else). Some people have so many sleep troubles that they actually have insomnia, where they are not able to sleep at all whatsoever. It seems like this person has beaten her chronic lack of sleep. While they seem to have been trying to get some self help on the subject, it appears that all it took for her to finally get some rest was the gentle rocking of a train.

Safety begins with you

We all know that it is a tough life for the metro rail drivers. They are always being blamed for not driving fast enough, for not paying attention, and for any minor thing that happens on the train – especially delays. But in some cases, they can not help it. This is typically the case when they are driving above ground and a car tries to beat them to the junction they are driving to. Maybe that is the reason why the “safety begins with you” sign in on the side of the train – so that accidents like this don’t happen.

Anti-chewing spray

If you have a dog, then you more than likely know what anti-chewing spray is. For those non-dog owners out there, anti-chewing spray is a spray that you put on things that you do not want your dog to be chewing on. The spray itself is non-toxic, but it causes anything it touches to taste really, really bad. The interesting thing is that this dog seems to love the taste that most dogs can’t handle! Poor owner, we bet their house is a wreck.

Healthy hands

Well this has definitely seen some use. This hand sanitizer station is one of many around the nation which are placed in strategic areas, specifically in areas where people are coming into contact with huge amounts of dirt and grime. And this place seems like there is a ton of both! While the hand sanitizer looks disgusting, it shows that the men at work here are clearly really concerned about their hygiene!


So for those younguns who have no idea or who do not remember, Netflix was not always a streaming video service. In fact, for years, it used to be a mail in video service, and in fact it still is. The selection of mail in dvds is at least 100 times larger than what you can get on the streaming service – all you need is a mailbox! It is therefore quite funny (and a little sad) that when this person ordered the movie “Unbreakable” the DVD arrived broken.

Made in China

You know what they always say – the United States of America is built on small businesses. There are always more and more pushes to buy American and support American businesses. In fact, politicians are routinely elected based upon promises of bringing jobs back to America. So it certainly does not reflect well upon the country when a company called “American Freedom” has a big ole Made in China label!


Freedom is something that we should never, ever take for granted. And this statue of the Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace is definitely something which should inspire all of us to be thankful for what we have. However, while this statue was undergoing perhaps renovations, it was caged in, as if in jail. Quite ironic that this valiant symbol of freedom was basically put in a cage! We know that had the statue been alive he would have fought his way out.

Super Glue

Super glue is supposed to be just that – super. It sticks to anything and supposedly, from what we understand, will never ever come off! It is great for fixing anything from appliances to shoes to even gluing pieces of paper. However, it probably does not bode well for the company that the glue holding the label to the bottle is beginning to come off. It makes us wonder, is this super glue really all that super?

Wind seeker

Ah roller coasters. They are literally one of the most fun things on planet earth! The drops, the speed, the screaming (and yes, even sometimes the nausea), all contribute to a one of a kind adventure and adrenaline rush. And they always have the best, most intense names as well. Just like, this one – the Windchaser. However, is it not a bit ironic that the Windchaser is shut down due to high winds? Looks like it got all caught up.


If you are a roofing company, then you are expected to build roofs which will last. They should be able to last in any weather, from extreme heat to pouring down rain to even snow. Roofs are integral to shelter, and without them, well, we would not be the same. So, when you are driving on the interstate and you see the roof of a major roofer completely destroyed by the elements, you must begin to ask yourself how good of a job they do for other people!

Safety first

This is another factory which is extremely concerned with safety. As most factories are, they want to make sure that everyone returns home with all of their limbs still attached to their bodies (and therefore not have to pay out any insurance or liability claims). That is why so many factories want to make it known that safety is number one by putting up signs everywhere. But is it number one when putting up said sign?

Non stick fry pan

Usually when you buy a non-stick frying pan, you do it in the hopes that it will make your life easier. It helps you flip your pancakes, omelettes, chicken, and basically everything easier, and makes it a lot easier to clean up. However, when we think of these frying pans, what we fail to take into account is the fact that despite how non-stick they may be, sticker glue may stay on! We hope this person did not try to cook with the sticker still on the pan.

Dog training

This dog seems to be one smart puppy. Even though he might look like a cute, quiet, innocent little doggo, little do its owners

know that he is one lean mean, tearing machine. Perhaps that is why they decided to go out and get “Dog Training for Dummies,” so that they could train their dog without having to pay for a professional dog trainer. But little did they know, this dog knew exactly what his owners were planning, and ripped up the book! Maybe it’s best to leave the training to the professionals.

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We all love the environment. It is where we do all of our fishing, hiking, running, and just generally galavanting outside. And, of course, we really like out trees and our air, so that is why a lot of companies choose to email people as opposed to sending physical letters (it is much cheaper as well!). So, why is it that these seemingly environmentally conscious people, who want to make sure that we do not print out our emails, choose to make the environmental warning on a separate page?

Stop struggling

Wow, this is such an amazing and useful invention! With this specialized form of scissors, we can finally cut all of that plastic wrap off of our new items! For some reason, the plastic wrap that companies use in order to wrap up and store their goods in the store is super thick and nearly impossible to open. How fitting, therefore, that the one tool designed to cut apart this packaging is in… impenetrable plastic packaging! One more for good time’s sake we guess.

Stops rust

Just like with the super glue, this one does not bode well for this company. Perhaps that is why we have never heard of them! This can is full of material which is supposed to prevent metal and steel parts from rusting. We are wondering a couple of things with this picture. What is the can made out of? How old is the can? And, perhaps most importantly, does this can have a lifetime warranty on it?

Fire extinguisher

There is one thing a fire extinguisher is good for and one thing only – putting out fires. They are filled with a chemical which destroys flames, thus enabling us all to live our lives safe and sound and free from worry of random fires breaking out. But what happens when the extinguisher itself catches on fire? Well, as the contents are super pressurized, it can actually be quite dangerous to be around. We hope the photographers got away safely!

Never eat alone

This man looks so lonely that he almost makes us want to cry. There is a full chess set ready to be played, and the man is sitting all by himself, eating a sandwich. And to top it all off, it looks like he is reading a book about how to be personable and social. The social anxiety in this picture is literally causing us to cringe. We really hope that someone comes and sits with him soon!

“Corrction” tape

We are not sure what “corrction tape” is, but we are close to 100 percent positive that the word “correction” is supposed to be written on the tape. If that is indeed what is supposed to be written up there, then certainly no one will really trust it. And the main issue is the person who is in charge of putting the tape on for corrections. If they can not spell correction, then should they be in charge of the correction tape?

Water stop

If this is not irony at its best then we do not know what it. The street, called water street, is completely flooded. It is almost as if the people who named the street knew that this very event would possibly happen. In fact, we bet that the name “Water Street” comes from the fact that the street is right along a river. We sure do hope that the people who live here have some mighty good flood insurance!

Never stop working

This mobile phone company is known for being able to have service close to anywhere in the country. And in fact, their slogan is that “they never stop working for you.” However, what happens when one of the offices in the company is forced to shut down? Are they still working for you? This sign is definitely funny, and one hundred percent ironic. We do not think we have ever seen anything like it!


This picture is quite interesting for a whole bunch of reasons. Who would have ever thought that you would not be able to take pictures of the pictures at a photography exhibit? Would taking a picture of a picture be photo inception? Would you go into a black hole? Well, we guess that the artists want people to pay to come and see their work as opposed to it being all over the internet for free, so we guess the sign makes sense.

Nothing is written in stone

We all know the phrase “nothing is written in stone.” It means that nothing is final, nothing is one hundred percent, and that we all have the ability to shape our own destiny no matter the circumstances. It is meant to be a mantra which enables us to be reminded that these bad times are not necessarily forever, and that we do not have anything preordained. Well, it would be a nice sentiment, but the writing is, itself, in stone! Certainly makes us wonder about the phrase.

Another accolade

It’s no secret that dogs are a man or woman’s best friend, but we often like to believe that these pawfect pooches are just that; perfect. Although they may be super cute, loyal and true companions, dogs are also incredibly mischievous and will do anything they can to get a reaction out of their owner. No matter how hard owners try to train their dogs to make them incredibly obedient, dogs will always try to push their luck – just like this dastardly dog, who ripped up his certificate of obedience training.

Always keep your focus

In today’s day and age, it’s easy to take your focus off what is truly important in life. Instead of spending time on ourselves, our happiness and our wellbeing, we find ourselves overwhelmed with work to do, bills to pay, and laundry to be washed. Indeed, we often have to try and fit in self-care during small gaps in our life – like when you’re stopped at a red light. However, we would advise AGAINST reading a book while you’re trying to focus on driving. Y’know, it’s kinda important.

Teeth are not for biting

When you were younger, you probably loved nothing more than getting your mom, dad or sibling to read you a bedtime story before you wandered off to the land of nod. However, there are some kids who just aren’t into storytime, no matter how hard their parents try. Because of this, they often lash out to avoid reading Elizabeth Verdick one more time. This kid obviously had no idea how ironic he was being when he got his gnashers out to stop storytime that day. That is some serious damage.

Saving the environment

Nowadays, the world is in a state of disarray, and with the effects of global warming becoming more noticeable day by day, most governments have made nationwide changes to their ecosystem to get Mother Nature back in our good books. Although they are attempting to reduce diesel cars, enticing more people to ride their bicycles and using more renewable energy, one of the most prominent changes involves plastic bags – most notably, we’re trying to use less of them. Unfortunately, this newspaper delivery service didn’t quite understand what that meant.

Save the trees

Although using fewer carrier bags will help save the environment one step at a time, another way to delay the destruction of the Earth is to use less paper – because after all, it’s all about saving the trees! For the most part, many people need to be educated about using less paper in the school, the workplace or the home. However, this can be done with a simple conversation. What you shouldn’t do is use a whole load of paper to show people how to save paper…

There are no shortcuts

Wherever you go in the world, you will always come face to face – or window to window – with trucks and lorries, that normally carry a motivational quote or a company tagline. However, the positioning of this quote means that the driver in the cab can’t benefit from the motivational and uplifting nature of the writing. This fact ultimately caused this epic fail, as the driver would have known that ‘on the road to success, there are no shortcuts’ if he had been able to see the side of his lorry.

Driving tips

If you drive to work every day or travel long distances to see friends or family, you’ll know that driving can get pretty darn boring. With nothing but tarmac in front of you and a few trees along the way, there isn’t anything to look at, anything to do, or anything to entertain you. Although it can be tempting, grabbing your phone to text someone can kill and is illegal in many countries. Luckily, if you text ‘SAFETY’ to the number on the billboard, you can get more information while you’re on the road…oh, wait.

Leteracy comes first

Oh, man. There are so many things wrong with this photo it makes our eyes hurt. For starters, we would advise any new parents to avoid sending their kids to this elementary school – because although children and learning comes first, literacy does not. With a painful spelling mistake like that, there really is no coming back. We can’t imagine many parents let their kids attend this session instead of eating their dinner. Instead, we bet this school was stuck with a ruined reputation, and fewer kids on a Monday morning.

Made daily

If you’ve just bought a new house, or really fancy yourself at a new DIY project, you might be on the market for new furniture. Yet, with so many department and houseware stores across the country, you don’t want to get something everyone else has. A man’s home is like his castle, and you wouldn’t want to fill a castle with IKEA furniture, so you need to be on the lookout for something more bespoke. Maybe even something antique? Luckily, this company makes really old, valuable, and antique tables every single day. Right.

No worries

In today’s day and age, we like to be super positive about life and all of the menial tasks that comes with it. Nevertheless, there are some people who seen to have everything just handed to them on a plate. They have no problems getting a well-paid job with little experience, they manage to secure a house, and they even have extra luxuries – like a boat. Well, it seems the owner of this ‘No Worries’ boat got a little too big for his boots. Or someone deliberately sunk it. Either way.

Please help stop Diabetes

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for donating to charities and making a difference in the world – but there are some companies and stores that need to rethink their charity campaigns. After all, there are so many organizations in the world that need money; we need to ensure that our money is going to those who really and truly deserve it. As much as we’d love to eat a Subway cookie, we think we’d be a little put off if we were then reminded of Diabetes. Just saying.

What a rebel

When you start a new job, it’s always important to make yourself aware of the rules and regulations that occur in the workplace. For instance, you might not be able to have your phones visible, or you might not be able to fill the pinboard with unnecessary posters. However, it’s always important that members of management and other staff members also keep to these rules. As you can see, one manager didn’t quite grasp the irony of their new rule. Don’t tape anything to the glass, you say? Okay then…

Art of Writting

When it comes down to it, there is nothing better than seeing or witnessing eager young minds filled with knowledge. Within the walls of high school, the next generation of scientists, doctors, athletes, actors, musicians and more are trained and molded into people who will run the world and inspired the generation after them. One of the most important subjects of all is English – because every single person on the planet knows how to read and write. Yep, there’s nothing more important than the Art of Writting. Or so they say.

Drive as if your kids live here

If you’re driving through a small town, you might notice small, handwritten signs created by worrisome neighbors. These signs might be about neighborhood watch, they might be about noise complaints, or they might even warn visitors about the speed limits on the roads. Although it seems the residents of this little neighborhood think their kids live in a tiny flower garden, it’s also apparent that their sign did not have the desired effect, because we’re pretty sure that’s not how you would drive if your kids lives there…

Plan ahead

There’s nothing more ironic than a sign that does exactly what it says NOT to do – and this sign is the perfect example of this. Sure, although we’d love to do things right and plan ahead, this sign is giving us conflicting reports, and we like to follow the rules. So, do we follow the sign and not plan ahead? Or do you ignore the sign and plan ahead? Thanks, Mr. Sign, now we’re super confused. Guess we’ll just have to leave the job for someone else to do.

False advertising

In a world where ‘Fake News’ is being brandished around like an old stick, it’s difficult to actually determine the truth from false advertising. However, there are other instances where it is just plain and simple. This magazine calls itself the ‘Unlimited Magazine’ – which would lead anyone to believe there are limitless numbers of them. Ironically, this cinema is currently out of stock, and we’re not sure how to deal with it. We vote that the magazine changes its name to the ‘Sometimes Available Magazine.’ Much better.

Rookie mistake

If you’ve just graduated from high school, you might be wondering where you will go next in your life. Will you go straight to work? Will you continue your studies? Will you go to college? If you do choose to go to college, you’re in luck. There are thousands of colleges to choose from, and many of them specialize in certain subjects and niches. So, if you’re looking to be an engineer, you could go to a specific engineering colleges. However, if you’re a fan of architecture and planning, we’d advise against going here.

Living on almost nothing

Although the world is becoming increasingly expensive, there are numerous experts out there who believe we can live a healthy and happy life without shelling out hundreds of dollars each month. In fact, Kathryn Edin and H. Luke Shaefer believe that you can live on just $2 a day in modern America – but you’ll have to buy their book to find out how you can do that. Unfortunately, you will have to save up for two days to afford to buy this one, as it’s a little over your budget…


If you’re reading this on your phone right now, you’re probably just as obsessed with Emojis as we are. Although we now have unicorns, dinosaurs, eggplants, croissants and various other emojis to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with the classic smiley face. Created by Harvey Ross Ball in 1963, the smiley face is incredibly simple, but puts a smile quite literally on all of our faces. All of our faces, it seems, apart from Harvey Ross Ball himself. In fact, he looked positively miserable to be faced with such happiness.

Stress relief

With so much stress in our lives, we often try to find relaxing ways to unwind and take ourselves away from the things that are causing us to feel unhappy. Some people take a hot bubble bath, others chill out and have lazy days, and others try to spend as much time with their loved ones as possible. There are also some people who swear by stress-relieving body lotion – just like this one. Although this bottle probably came with instructions on how to use it, it probably didn’t answer the question of ‘now what?’

Out of alignment

Although we all say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ we are all guilty of doing it. However, this can sometimes work in our favor. After all, if you are looking for a service and scouting out companies and brands who offer that, you will look at their previous work and even their office to see whether they are worthy of your custom. In this case, this person was looking for someone to realign their tires and wanted to check out the actual body shop. Considering they can’t even align their lettering, we hope they walked away…

The job is well done

Fortune Cookies may not be the tastiest of treats, but they are somewhat of a tradition when you visit a Chinese restaurant. However, there are some expectations when it comes to these cookies. For starters, you expect a fortune that lands in your favor – as you wouldn’t want to buy something that will predict your impending death. Also, you expect to enjoy the fun of breaking apart the fortune cookie to unleash the paper within. We can confirm that the job is NOT done well. You had one job, guys.

Spelling bee

When you were at school, you may have learned weird and wonderful songs to help you spell out certain words, and certain tricks of the trade to remember harder words. Even movies have helped us spell certain words in the past. Shout out to you, Bruce Almighty. However, it seems this newspaper didn’t share the same schooling as we did, as this spelling of Mississippi is something else. Everyone knows it’s Mrs. M, Mrs. I, Mrs. Double SI, Mrs. Double SI, Mrs. Double PI!


There are many things about this photograph that make us a little uncomfortable – and we’re not sure we can look at it for too long. We’re not sure why anyone would choose to design, make, or eat a black cake with black decorations that look entirely un-appetizing, and what’s making us even more confused is the fact that the spelling of fail – a four-letter word- is spelled so disastrously wrong. Is this a joke? Is this intended irony? Either way, this is too much.

Unforeseen circumstances

No matter your stance when it comes to psychic predictions and supernatural phenomena, you can’t deny the irony of this photograph. We bet Joe Power was so excited to perform his show for hundreds of devoted fans in February that year, but it seems even this TV psychic medium could not predict the unforeseen circumstances that caused the cancellation of this show. It’s a shame, we were so looking forward to seeing his incredibly talented psychic – but this unforeseen turn of events has drastically changed our opinion of him. Sorry, Power.

Tow me away

We expect out cars to work perfectly for the majority of their lifespan, but there are nevertheless instances where a flat tire or a dead battery renders your car useless, and you find yourself in need of a rescue. If this is the case, we all know that our breakdown cover will have a tow truck ready and raring to go. Unfortunately, a tow truck is no different to any other vehicle, and as such, sometimes irony will strike them, as well.

Be different

Since the dawn of time, society has frowned upon those who are different. Those who didn’t follow the crowd were persecuted and berated for being the lonely sheep of the flock. Yet, in recent years, different has become cool – and those who are unique, weird and wonderful and looked upon as trendsetters. This bunch of lads all wanted to take this notion and plaster it all over their T-Shirts. However, it seems they all had the same idea. Perhaps they’re not so different, after all…

When it really hits home

Okay, we’ve now arrived at the “not quite ironic but still funny” portion of the article, with “This just in: the news truck.” We’re guessing this driver must have taken the tagline on their truck a bit too literally. On the one hand, those who don’t have the time to make it to the convenience store for a paper might appreciate having it delivered to their home. On the other hand, we assume that whoever lives in this house now has other things to worry about.

A real cliffhanger

Another non-ironic situation, since having a Clif candy bar hanging from a “cliff” is somewhat appropriate, but either way the agony in this photo is real sweet. Although being hungry isn’t the worst thing in the world, we all know what it’s like to need a little snack to keep us going. Seeing a vending machine in the distance is like seeing a mirage, though in this case, whoever snapped this photo was left hanging, as they tried to alleviate their rumbling stomach.

Trash can

We admit that this next example isn’t necessarily ironic, though the intention behind it was. The management in charge of cleaning this restroom had apparently had enough of people’s littering, and wrote this sign to get them to throw their paper waste in the trash. Their intention, though, ended up backfiring, as someone threw the paper they had printed this on into the bin, as well. Though this is technically following the instructions, we’re pretty sure management wouldn’t be so understanding were they to have ever find out.

Invisible spray

This picture feels more like an ancient riddle: if a bottle of invisible spray cannot be seen, is really ironic? We’re going to say no, but thanks for playing! For while this is one of life’s hilariously funny moments, what’s really ironic about this photo is that whoever posted it thought it was ironic, when really, an invisible spray that’s actually invisible would be considered fitting – so basically the opposite of irony. No worries, we believe that when life gives you an empty shelf, make it into a viral photo!

Hour six?

These two guys obviously work for 5-hour ENERGY, the energy shot which alleges to be able to provide you with the same amount of energy as a cup of coffee, except in an easily drinkable (and in our opinion tasty) shot. However, these workers either seem to be not drinking enough of it, or they are completely immune to the effects of caffeine after having drank so many of them. In any case, it is not the greatest look for the company to have their workers asleep on the job!

Let it dry

Lowes is known as a very popular home improvement store. If you need anything (and we mean ANYTHING) having to do with home improvement, this is one of the top places to go. You can get all different types of light bulbs, screws, screwdrivers and other tools, patio furniture and gear, and so much more there. But you may want to skip the paint section (at least at this store), as it seems that it bleeds when it rains.

A hole in the wall repair shop

It is a quite unfortunate facet of life, yet sometimes people get into car accidents. It does not matter if it is your fault or not, but no matter which side you are on, you need to go to an auto body shop in order to fix whatever happened to your car. The person in this picture seems like they really REALLY needed to go to the shop, so much so that they were willing to drive straight through the wall to get to the mechanics!


This is a very funny sticker which we have seen around, and is quite ironic for its content. This anti-censorship sticker does exactly what it is protesting against – censoring out the information which you would need in order to find out exactly what it is that the person is trying to say. In this hi-tech society where secrets are very carefully kept, this sticker makes us chuckle that much more.

Brand new

Antiques are so cool. There is nothing better than going into an old antiques shop and perusing the isles of stuff. From the furniture to the pictures and even sometimes really cool, rare vinyl records, it is always fun and entertaining to try and think about the history a particular piece has. Therefore, we were pretty shocked when we found this picture of antiques made daily. We are not completely sure, but doesn’t that completely negate the entire idea of an antique?

Name or advertisement?

What is in a name? Not a whole lot if we are to go by the sign that they have posted in this store. The shop has a name that would seem to imply that there is nothing there that costs over a dollar. However, the sign underneath the name says that, in fact, everything costs over a dollar! Maybe everything used to cost a dollar and due to the fact that taxes were raised, now nothing does? Is this actually a protest??

Falling down

The movie Gravity is a really cool movie which deals with two astronauts who, while they are out on a space walk, they get detached from their space shuttle, and are floating around in outer space in Earth’s orbit (trust us, it is actually a really cool and interesting movie). However, what we find funny is the fact that the force of gravity actually dragged down this poster for the movie gravity, and brought it back to earth.

Protest gone wrong

We all know that paper is made out of trees. Specifically, it is made out of wood pulp ground down and turned into paper. This person who made this clearly artistic piece seemed to be wanting to show the ecological impact of the paper industry and how we take things like books for granted. However, it is quite interesting that this artist, in protesting how we are wasting trees, was perfectly willing to destroy several books in the process!

Getting attention

One of the things that billboards are designed to do is grab people’s’ attention. Therefore, we are not completely sure as to whether or not this billboard is just that (who drives a hot pink car around? That seems like it was an attention grab), or whether this person parked their hot pink sport utility vehicle in a very unlucky and unfortunate spot, and we hope that the driver is ok. In any case, the advertisement certainly worked!

What a workout

This is perhaps one of our favorite pictures on the internet. If you are going to go to a gym, then you would think that you would be fine with climbing some stairs. After all, isn’t the entire point of a gym that you work out and get stronger? Why would you be so lazy to take the stairs up to the place where you are going to be decidedly NOT lazy. Even with the Americans with Disabilities Act they could have put in an elevator!


This bird has something that we all wish we could have a lot more of – resilience. The winged creature decided to build her nest right on top of a machine whose sole purpose is to keep birds away! Maybe this bird is a little deaf and is unable to hear the constant noise the machine makes to keep other birds away? In any case, this is one smart pigeon, as she can be sure that no other birds will come to steal her eggs!


Poles usually carry heavy loads, and this pole looks like it used to be able to lift up some significant weight. However, not it appears that the pole itself is simply about to fall over onto the bike path right next to it! But the most ironic part about the entire picture is the fact that someone thought it prudent to put a political ad upon which is written, in giant bold letters, “stability.” That certainly does not make me trust that political position!

Save your life

There are plenty of people who love riding motorcycles, of whom a significant amount enjoy feeling the wind flow through their hair (and sometimes even their beards). They love being at one with the road and seeing everything, and sometimes they are against using helmets. However, many states have been requiring people to wear helmets as of late, and people are not too happy about that. But we are sure that this person now is!

The deadliest animal

This is a very unique take on a zoo. Usually, the zoo animals are the ones stuck behind cages, sitting there bored out of their minds as us humans gawk at them and hope that they move. However, it appears that this zoo has decided to take the humans straight into the lion’s den as it were, and now the people are the exhibit! This honestly looks like a really cool idea, and we would love to be able to see lions up close and personal like this.

Invisible spray

This picture feels more like an ancient riddle: if a bottle of invisible spray cannot be seen, is really ironic? We’re going to say no, but thanks for playing! For while this is one of life’s hilariously funny moments, what’s really ironic about this photo is that whoever posted it thought it was ironic, when really, an invisible spray that’s actually invisible would be considered fitting – so basically the opposite of irony. No worries, we believe that when life gives you an empty shelf, make it into a viral photo!