The Cast of Wings – where are they now?

Welcome to Nantucket and thank you for flying Sandpiper Airlines. If you loved hit television series Wings as much as we do then you definitely dreamt about hearing those words and going off to live the small town life with either one of the good-looking Hacket brothers or the gorgeous ladies they have dated.

The television series Wings centers on the lives of brothers Joe and Brian Hackett. Joe owns an airline company called Sandpiper Airlines and is the only pilot. Brian is Joe’s less mature and reckless younger brother who works for Joe at the airport. Most of the show takes place at the airport with the food counter owner and childhood friend of the Hacket brothers, Helen. The dynamics between Helen, the brothers, Antonio the taxi driver, Lowell the mechanic, Faye at the ticket counter and Roy, their competitor, are not only hilarious and heartwarming, but also relevant to this today. This was why famous people like Jay Leno and many actors from the cast of the hit television show Cheers wanted to be involved and did cameo appearances on the show.

There are love triangles between the brothers and the women they chase after. Including Carol, who was engaged to Joe before Brian stole her away and they ran off together right before the wedding. There is angst and excitement on Wings too, for example, Helen has been in love with Joe Hacket ever since they were children and finally after the audience waiting for seasons for it to happen, Helen and Joe begin to date. There is also drama and plot twists and so much laughter that makes all eight seasons of this show worth a binge watch, whether you’ve seen it already or not.

From 1990 to 1997 Wings was all the rage, and for good reason, as its creators and producers of the show are also the amazing individuals who went on to create the famous sitcom Fraiser. This gorgeous looking cast paired with hilarious writing and great acting make this a show worth missing sleep to catch up on. Wings won many many awards and was even nominated for two Emmys. That is why we just had to find out what our favorite characters from Wings are doing now. How do the Hatchet brothers look 20 years later and what have the cast and crew been up to since 1997 when the show ended? Well, as it turns out…

Tim Daly as Joe Hackett

Joe Hacket is the older and more mature brother of Brian Hacket. Since Joe was a little kid he has always wanted to grow up to be a pilot. Joe is an athletic boy who played on the Siasconset High School baseball team as the star pitcher. He fell in love with Carol and competed for her affection against his brother Brian throughout high school. Joe finally won Carol over and had big dreams for the two of them running an airline company, but they was dashed when Carol ran away with Brian instead.

Tim Daly – now

Tim Daly is the famous actor and producer behind the character Joe Hackett. Tim also starred in many other hit TV shows such as Superman: The Animated Series, The Sopranos, Private Practice, and Madam Secretary. His sister is theater and TV actress Tyne Daly. He married actress Amy Van Nostrand in 1982. They had two children together but divorced later on. Tim has been dating his Madam Secretary co-star Téa Leoni since 2014. Daly does a lot of not-for-profit work and has served as the president of the Creative Coalition.

Steven Weber as Brian Hackett

Brian Hacket may be very smart but he is certainly reckless and irresponsible. He ruined many lucrative opportunities with his recklessness like a scholarship to Princeton and the training program to be an astronaut at NASA. He is Joe’s younger brother who many times acted more like a father to him than a brother – even after Brian ran away with Joe’s fiancé. Despite this, Joe still allowed him to stay at his house and gave him a job at his airline.

Steven Weber – now

Steven Weber is an incredible actor who was made famous for playing the role of Brian on Wings. He also starred in quite a few hit television series such as NCIS: New Orleans, iZombie, and NBC’s Once and Again. Steven also acted on Broadway in many plays. He also played some smaller roles in television shows like Dallas, House of Lies, 2 Broke Girls, Community, 13 Reasons Why, How to Get Away With Murder, and many more.

Rebecca Schull as Fay Cochran

Fay Cochran is an employee at Sandpiper Air, well, the only employee besides from Joe’s brother Brian at the airline. Fay works at the ticket stand, deals with the baggage, and even the announcements for the flight. Fay is a sweet woman who has been ‘cursed’ that every man she marries is named George and he will die when he marries her. Fay married three George’s over the course of her life and they have all passed away. Fay is a very motherly woman although she can be a bit batty at times.

Rebecca Schull – now

Rebecca Schull is an 88-year-old movie and television actress who is best known for playing Fay on Wings. Rebecca is still acting and is a series regular on the ABC Family television series Chasing Life. She most recently acted in Crisis in Six Scenes. Rebecca was also featured on the famous hit television series Suits for quite a few episodes. Rebecca married Gene Schull in 1951 and they were together until he passed away in 2008, they have 3 children together.

Laura Innes as Bunny Mather

Bunny Mather is portrayed by Laura Innes on the television show Wings. Bunny is Lowell Mather’s wife, he is the mechanic and handyman of the Nantucket Airport. Bunny is not faithful to her husband and sleeps around with multiple men behind his back. Bunny even tried to get with Joe and Brian Hacket even though they are friends and work with her husband. Bunny and Lowell have children together and live on a houseboat but when Lowell finds out that she is cheating on him he divorces her.

Laura Innes – now

Laura Innes is an actress and a director. She is most famous for her role on the critically acclaimed television series ER where she played Dr. Kerry Weaver. Laura is also well known for portraying Sophia on the NBC TV show The Event. Laura was engaged in 1980, however, her fiance was tragically killed and in 1990 she found love again with the actor David Brisbin. They have two children together, Cal and an adopted daughter named Mia.

Amy Yasbeck as Casey Davenport

Casey Davenport is Helen’s older sister who returns to Nantucket when her husband, Stuart Davenport, leaves her. Casy is a bit stuck up and has a more high-end taste, that’s why she doesn’t give Antonio the time of day even though he is in love with her. Casey and Brian became lovers the night before Joe and Helen get married. Their relationship cools down when Casey accidentally burns down Helen’s house when she and Brian are passionately embracing.

Amy Yasbeck – now

Amy Yasbeck is an actress who starred in many great films and television series such as Splash, Pretty Woman, Problem Child, The Mask, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, House II: The Second Story, and many more. Amy got married to John Ritter in 1999 but he tragically passed away in 2003. The two met at a read-through for their movie Problem Child in 1990. They have one child together. Most recently Amy guest starred on the shows Pretty Little Liars and Modern Family.

David Schramm as Roy Biggins

Roy Biggins is a dishonest man and the owner of the Aeromass airline company in Nantucket. He feels threatened by Sandpiper, Joe’s airline company and he tries to ruin his business or buy it on several occasions. Roy doesn’t play by the rules and uses dirty tricks to further his own agenda. He is known for belittling and making fun of Joe’s airline company. Roy always lied that his wife passed away but we find out later in the show that she just left him for a plastic surgeon.

David Schramm – now

David Schramm is a 71-year-old actor who is still best known for playing Roy on Wings. David also played on and Off-Broadway in many plays such as King Lear and A Chorus of Disapproval. David was also featured in a few movies like Let it Ride, A Shock to the System, and Johnny Handsome. David lives in New York and most recently has gone back to acting on stage in plays like Shanley’s Outside Mullingar.

Gretchen German as Gail Scott

Gail Scott becomes Joe Hackett’s girlfriend after Helen leaves him to go off to New York in order to pursue her music career. When Helen returns from New York to find Joe with Gail she is so angry that she drives her Jeep right into Joe’s office. Gail and Helen do not get along at first and exchange insults at any chance they get. Once Joe forces them to reconcile Gail figures out that Joe is not over Helen yet and breaks up with him.

Gretchen German – now

Gretchen German is the actress behind many famous characters in the television shows Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Will & Grace, and Family Tree. Gretchen also played smaller roles in Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Beverly Hills, 90210, Home Improvement, The Last Frontier, and quite a few more. Gretchen also appeared on the famous television series Seinfeld in an all-time favorite episode called The Phone Message. Gretchen married the actor James DiStefano in 1995 and they have been together ever since.

Tony Shalhoub as Antonio Scarpacci

Antonio Scarpacci is a taxi driver who drives travelers to and from the airport. Antonio is madly in love with Casey who is Helen’s older sister but sadly she does not feel the same way about him. He is an Italian who is characteristically a hopeless romantic. He actually came to the U.S.A in a small box and worked as a waiter in Pontrelli’s restaurant before becoming a taxi driver. One of his more interesting hobbies is to make strange shadow puppets using a flashlight.

Tony Shalhoub – now

Tony Shalhoub is a famous award-winning actor. He has starred in many classic films such as The Man Who Wasn’t There, Cars, 1408, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Men in Black, Spy Kids, and many more great movies. He has won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and three coveted Primetime Emmy Awards for his role as detective Adrian Monk in the television series Monk.

Kim Johnston Ulrich as Carol Hackett

Carol Hackett was the queen bee in High School. Both Joe and Brian fought over her attention, and after Carol chose Joe, the two got engaged. Right before their wedding, though, she ran off with Brian, after which Joe and Brian didn’t talk for six years. Carol then leaves Brian for another man but Brian succeeds in winning her over and bringing her back to Nantucket. However, Carol tries to get with Joe this time and the brothers vow to move on from Carol and stick with each other instead.

Kim Johnston Ulrich – now

Kim Johnston Ulrich is an actress who starred in television shows and movies like Supernatural, As the World Turns, Castle, NCIS, Diagnosis Murder, Rumpelstiltskin, Highlander: The Series, and many more. Most recently Kim has been working on the movie The Chain and has starred in the TV mini-series Law & Order True Crime. Kim married the casting director Robert J. Ulrich in 1981 and they have been married ever since. The gorgeous couple has two children together named Cooper and Tierney.

Thomas Haden Church as Lowell Mather

Lowell Mather is the handyman at the airport who is a sweet man yet he is not the most intelligent. He was married to Bunny and they have children together but he left Bunny when he found out that she was unfaithful to him multiple times. Lowell lived with Joe and Brian after Brian sunk the boat that Lowell was living on. He made for a good cook but the brothers had to kick him out after a year of living together because he became unbearable to live with.

Thomas Haden Church – now

Thomas Haden Church is the trifecta of an actor, director, and a writer. His breakout role was on Wings portraying Lowell but after that, his career took off. He has starred in Spider-Man 3 and was nominated for an Academy Award for his acting in the movie Sideways. Thomas also directed the movie Rolling Kansas. Thomas lives in Kerrville, Texas with his two children from his previous relationship with Mia Zottoli. He is currently starring in the television series called Divorce.

Concetta Tomei as Sylvia Biggins

Sylvia Biggins is Roy Biggins ex-wife who he claimed to have died for most of the series but finally admits that she left him for a more glamorous life with a surgeon in Boston. Roy had set up a charity in her honor while he was pretending that she had died and he used the funds from the fake charity to pay for his own personal vacations. Sylvia comes back to Nantucket for Roy but Roy figures out that she is only there for revenge against her new husband that was unfaithful.

Concetta Tomei – now

Concetta Tome, who also goes by the name Holly, is an actress in theatres as well as on movies and television shows. She is best known for playing on ABC television show China Beach, Providence, The Burden of Proof, The King of Queens and The Clean House. She played smaller guest roles on the shows Weeds, Numb3rs, Kitchen Confidential, The Closer, Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Rubicon, Necessary Roughness, and Star Trek: Voyager. Concetta also starred on the Broadway plays The Elephant Man and Queen Elizabeth.

Brian Haley as Budd Bronski

Budd Bronski is the new mechanic and handyman for Sandpiper Air once Lowell Mather leaves. Brian hires Budd over the phone without discussing it first with his brother Joe who owns the company or with Roy Biggins which upsets both of them. Budd used to be a U.S. Marine and while he was in the army he made a mistake which led to a plane crash that wiped out a whole town. Budd still feels guilty and has PTSD from this.

Brian Haley – now

Brian Haley is both an actor and a stand-up comedian. Brian is famous for acting in Baby’s Day Out, Clint Eastwood’s film Gran Torino, and Little Giants. Brian portrayed other big roles in movies like The Man Who Wasn’t There, Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, and Pearl Harbor. Brian also does a lot of not-for-profit work and is active in the World Vision Organization. Currently, Brian lives in New York City and works as a commentator on NFL Blitz and he also has his own production company.

Jay Leno as Jay Leno

Jay Leno played a cameo role as himself on an episode of Wings in 1996 where Joe and Brian go to a Bruins game in Boston and leave Sandpiper Air to be manned by Antonio. However, Antonio gives away one of the star players on the Bruins team’s ticket and he misses the game causing them to lose. The Bruins player goes on TV and blames Sandpiper Air for missing the game causing Joe and Brian to hide out from angry mobs. Jay Leno picks up the story and makes fun of Sandpiper Air on his show.

Jay Leno – Now

Jay Leno is a famous television host, actor, philanthropist and comedian. Jay is famous for hosting NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for a total 22 years. Jay also hosted The Jay Leno Show once he left the Tonight Show. Jay was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 2014. Leno has won a Primetime Emmy Award, People’s Choice Awards and many more awards for his remarkable role as a talk show host and comedian. Jay married Mavis Nicholson in 1980 and they have been married ever since.

Farrah Forke as Alex Lambert

Alex Lambert is an impressive and beautiful woman who flew helicopters for the U.S. Army in Desert Storm. We meet Alex when she moves to Nantucket to start her own business of giving tours on helicopters. Obviously, both Joe and Brian try to gain Alex’s affection and Alex eventually chooses Brian because she falls for his boyish, and charming personality. They end up living together but in typical Brian fashion, he screws it up by going to New York for a wild night with Joe and Alex subsequently throws him out.

Farrah Forke – now

Farrah Forke is a gorgeous actress who is known for playing Alex Lambert on Wings as well as the love interest of superheroes in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Batman Beyond, and Justice League Unlimited. She got her first taste of acting when she was on stage starring in The Rocky Horror Show. Farah also had smaller roles in the movies and television shows like Barry Levinson’s Disclosure, Dweebs, Mr. Rhodes, and Ned and Stacey.

Crystal Bernard as Helen Chapel

Helen is the beautiful lunch counter manager at the Nantucket airport. She is best friends with both Joe and Brian Hacket, however, she secretly has had a crush on Joe ever since she was a little girl and even dreamt about marrying him. Helen is a very talented cello player and dreams of joining the symphony however she just so happens to be extremely unlucky in pursuing this dream. A series of unlucky coincidences occurs every time she applies to join a symphony, either they close down or lose her application.

Crystal Bernard – now

Crystal Bernard is an actress, singer, and songwriter. Her acting career included stage productions as well as roles on TV and in films. Her television credits include Happy Days, It’s a Living, and of course Wings. She has also acted in the movies Jackpot, Welcome to Paradise, and Young Doctors in Love. Crystal released two of her own albums in the late ’90s called Don’t Touch Me There and The Girl Next Door. Her hit single “I Wanna Take Forever Tonight” hit the 22nd spot on the U.S. charts.