Blue Bloods: the cast in real life

Since 2010, Blue Bloods has consistently maintained its place as one of CBS’s most watched series (together withThe Big Bang Theory, Mom, and NCIS). After its premiere multiple critics, including renown TV critic Ken Tucker from Entertainment Weekly, named Blue Bloods as one of the best new shows of the year. Over the course of its eight-year run – and ongoing – the critically and commercially-acclaimed series is a staple in millions of Americans’ homes.

The Tom Selleck-led series follows the multigenerational Reagan family – a dynasty of law enforcement officials- as they navigate the inside workings of police work and how the work they do affects their personal lives. The cast also includes New Kids on the Block member-turned serious actor Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Danny Reagan, the troubled and aggressive cop; Bridget Moynahan as straight-shooting Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan; and Len Cariou as the patriarch Commissioner Henry Reagan.

The series was created by former The Soprano producers, Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess. CBS bought the procedural and began production in 2010 with shooting to take place on location in New York City’s boroughs. There were setbacks, however, including a very public feud between actress Jennifer Esposito and and the network, CBS: apparently, after the actress collapsed on set and was diagnosed with celiac (an autoimmune illness), she requested a reduced work schedule. CBS denied her request, forcing the actress to drop out of the show. The dispute was reported heavily in gossip magazines and Hollywood blogs.

Another setback took place in 2010 when showrunner Ken Sanzel exited the show following creative differences. According to Deadline, actor Tom Selleck refused to accept scripts turned in by Sanzel at the time, delaying production and affecting the actors’ schedules. He was quickly replaced with Kevin Wade, the hit screenwriter of Working Girl, Maid in Manhattan, and Meet Joe Black. Fortunately for the network its premiere wasn’t delayed at the time.

The initial drama didn’t affect ratings much and viewers continued to tune in each year, with the show’s ninth season already confirmed for late 2018. We have you covered on the entire cast of the show, so check out the characters as you know them and the actors who portray them when the camera stops rolling.

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg)

Donnie Wahlberg plays Danny, an investigator at the city’s 54th Precinct Detective Squad. He works around the clock investigating some of New York’s most heinous crimes, often at the expense of his family. As such, he is short-tempered and exhaustive – bordering on criminality. He is known to be intimidating and rough-around-the-edges with his suspects and gets in his own way as a result. This causes problems for him, as he has been suspended multiple times throughout the show’s run.

Donnie Wahlberg

Before Blue Bloods, Donnie Wahlberg was probably most famous as an original member of pop boy band New Kids on the Block. The group has clocked a number of top ten hits and have sold more than 80 million albums to date. After the band went on hiatus in 1994, Donnie pursued a career in acting. His first role came in the 1996 Mickey Rourke-starrer Bullet. Donnie is one of two famous Wahlbergs. His brother Mark is the famous Academy Award-nominated actor.

Nicky Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle)

As the daughter of Erin Reagan and Jack Boyle, Nicky is intelligent, ambitious, and devoted to her family. She decides at a young age that she wants to become a police officer like her family and join its dynasty of law enforcement. She currently attends Columbia University, after choosing early on to attend a New York City school to be closer to her family. Actress Sami Gayle first appeared as Nicky in the fourth episode after replacing Marlene Lawston in the original pilot.

Sami Gayle

Before joining the cast of Blue Bloods, Sami Gayle starred opposite Patti LuPone in the off-Broadway production of Gypsy. She starred as Baby June, the vaudeville performing daughter to LuPone’s Rose. During her high school years, Gayle was a star public debater. She ranked nationally in the Public Forum Debate and has placed nationally as a top public debater. Instead of pursuing a career in politics she chose acting and has been co-starring in Blue Bloods since its first season debuted.

Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk)

Abigail Baker is Frank’s first-hand aide and loyal advocate. She is a star detective in her own right and is shown wearing numerous medals of honor and service awards on her uniform. Throughout the show’s history she is referred to sometimes as Melissa. Fans are still unsure if these incidents were mistakes not caught in the editing process or an agreed upon name change. In the first season she is listed as Det. Melissa Baker in the closing credits and is called Melissa three more times throughout the series.

Abigail Hawk

Georgia-born Abigail Hawk began her career working as an actress and completing her college degree concurrently. When she wasn’t attending theater and voice classes at the University of Maryland in College Park, she was featured in the TV series Reality Check and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Abigail Baker is Hawk’s first starring role in a major television series. She has NYPD ties off-screen as well and is currently married to FDNY Lieutenant Bryan Spies.

Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck)

The ever-questioning Police Commissioner Frank Reagan doubts his position and future in law enforcement. He is frequently torn between his moral beliefs and his active duty and struggles to maintain the peace within his own family. The son of patriarch Henry, Frank is the glue that holds his family together. A former U.S. Marine, he eventually moves to working in the criminal justice system and is appointed Police Commissioner by the mayor. He is highly regarded within his unit.

Tom Selleck

With his iconic moustache and debonair swagger, Tom Selleck may be still mostly known from his hit ‘80s TV series Magnum, P.I. The smash hit action series earned Selleck an Emmy and Golden Globe award. He went on to guest star in Friends as Dr. Richard Burke, Monica’s charming older boyfriend. Selleck was reluctant initially to sign on to Blue Bloods as he worried about a regular series interfering with shooting for his action-packed Jesse Stone indie film series. Looks like he made the right call in the end as Blue Bloods is one of CBS’s most watched shows.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan)

Erin Reagan is an assistant district attorney at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. As a prosecutor, she often clashes with the rest of the family. She has a strict penchant for the law and has dedicated her life to upholding the very fabrics of the criminal justice system. Her passion and skill is recognized throughout the series as she is offered – and declines – multiple job offers. She is devoted to her family and the work that they do.

Bridget Moynahan

Soon after graduating high school, Bridget Moynahan moved to Springfield, Massachusetts to pursue a career in modeling. Success came quickly for the Blue Bloods star and she appeared in major spreads for Vogue and Elle Magazine. It wasn’t long into her career before she met NFL MVP Tom Brady in 2004 and the two began dating. Two years later, the SATC actress split up with Brady. The two had one son together, John. This year she stars opposite Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek in the upcoming comedy Drunk Parents.

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes)

Jamie Reagan is the youngest member of the Reagan family and is often treated as the baby brother. Forever a rookie, Jamie struggles to be taken seriously and climb the ranks. Although he graduated at the top of his class at the police academy, Jamie is still assigned to be a beat cop. Throughout the series he struggles to be taken seriously and his ambition is often stalled by his authorities. He was engaged to Sydney Davenport before she decided to call off the marriage.

Will Estes

Although he began acting in the mid-‘80s, Will Estes landed one of his biggest breaks in the It’s My Life music video by Bon Jovi. The Run Lola Run-inspired clip features Estes performing a number of his own stunts alongside actress Shiri Appleby. The Blue Bloods producers wrote in Estes’s character as an avid basketball player due to the actor’s passion for the sport (Estes is often shooting hoops in between takes). During the show’s hiatus, he spends much of his downtime surfing.

Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito)

Although Jennifer Esposito departed from the series in 2012, fans fell in love with the no-nonsense Detective Jackie Curatola. Frequently harassed by the men in her precinct, Jackie was never afraid to speak her mind and shut her harassers down. Esposito was written off the show following a dramatic and public standoff with the show’s producers: after she was forced to miss several work days after she was diagnosed with Celiac – an autoimmune illness affecting digestion, energy and mood – she became ill and subsequently left the show.

Jennifer Esposito

This New York City-native has the acting pedigree and résumé to match. She has starred in the Best Picture Oscar-winner Crash opposite Don Cheadle, and was a series regular on hit shows Samantha Who and Spin City. Off the film sets, Esposito is an accomplished chef and she published her first cookbook, Jennifer’s Way Kitchen Cookbook, in 2017. The cookbook, compiled of gluten-free recipes for those living with Celiac, is accompanied by her lifestyle website.

Henry Reagan (Len Cariou)

The patriarch of the family, Henry Reagan is a retired Police Commissioner reeling from the death of his wife, Betty. As the story progresses we learn Henry was the victim of multiple tragedies and hardships throughout his life. He grew up with an abusive alcoholic father and his first son died at 18 months after a battle with leukemia. He’s tough and socially conservative like his grandson Danny and was forced out of the detective unit after sexually harassing a number of women in the field.

Len Cariou

Len Cariou’s career spans nearly six decades. He is a veteran theater actor who has performed in more than a dozen Broadway and off-Broadway productions, and was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame. He is also an accomplished film actor who has appeared in more than 80 projects. Most recently he was featured in the 2015 Best Picture winner Spotlight, Prisoners, and the Glenn Close-starrer Damages. Blue Bloods is his first starring role in a network TV series.

Margaret Dutton (Lorraine Bracco)

After Carter Poole resigned as mayor of New York City, Margaret Dutton took over as interim mayor. Dutton is the newest character on the series and plays a critical role in the most recent season. Fans are already buzzing about about a potential romance between her and Frank. Although Margaret’s already been clashing with Frank and his team, fans suspect some tension there. Who can deny the chemistry between the two actors on camera. Will they or won’t they?

Lorraine Bracco

Lorraine Bracco is the newest acting veteran to join the cast of Blue Bloods. Viewers may know her as the fast-talking Angela Rizzoli in Rizzoli & Isles, Dr. Jennifer Melfi in The Sopranos, or perhaps as Karen in the classic Goodfellas. The Oscar-nominated Bracco is fluent in French and has acted in several French films. In addition to her successful acting career, she also owns and operates her own wine company, Bracco Wines. Her wines have been featured in the hit TV series Top Chef.

Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy)

When he was Danny’s boss, Sergeant Sidney Gormley was frequently disputing with his subordinate. Viewers would often find Sid brawling with Danny, constantly threatened by his aggressive disposition and morally-ambiguous methods. The New York University graduate is a war veteran and lost multiple family members in service. In the show’s fifth season, Frank reassigned Sid to a new district and later on promoted him to Lieutenant. In season 7 we learn that he is married to Sheila.

Robert Clohessy

He may be starring on a network hit series now but before Blue Bloods, Robert Clohessy starred in a series of hit HBO shows. He has co-starred in the breakthrough prison drama Oz and the period series Boardwalk Empire. Coming from a long line of law enforcement officials, Clohessy was initially hesitant about joining the cast of Blue Bloods. He told TV Passport that he was reluctant to play a cop. Fate had a different plan for him and fans are happier for it.

Jack Reagan (Tony Terraciano)

Danny and Linda’s oldest son is Jack Reagan. He experiences the dangers his family comes across firsthand after witnessing a shooting. His father, as a result, signs Danny up for a gun safety class. Jack has struggled at school repeatedly and even failed a class, forcing the young Reagan to be put under family surveillance. Throughout the show he struggles to find himself. His father lectured him in an iconic- and hypocritical- scene about making smart choices after he sneaks out of school to go to a party.

Tony Terraciano

Blue Bloods is this young actor’s first acting job. He initially declined the audition after his mother was out of town and unavailable to take him to the audition. The casting directors persisted and eventually he went in to read for the role of Jack. One day after the audition he landed the role and was on a flight to Toronto to shoot the pilot. In between shooting, Tony keeps up with his schoolwork with the help of some on-set teachers.

Officer Brenda Patimkin (Sarah Mezzanotte)

When viewers first meet Officer Brenda Patimkin she’s a tenacious and hard rookie cop in a rivalry with Jamie and Eddie. She gets involved in a prank war with them that escalates so intensely that an investigation is opened against them. Later in the series, Brenda admits to being hired to spy on the cops by the police department. After her motives are revealed, she and Jamie decide to keep a friendship with them going anyway.

Sarah Mezzanotte

Before signing on to Blue Bloods, Sarah Mezzanotte played Lena on the hit drama series Royal Pains. Last year she made her Broadway debut in the revival of Six Degrees of Separation. She was discovered by agents during a casting call at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she graduated from in 2016. It didn’t take long for the ingenue to start landing roles after graduation and can next be seen in the upcoming Amazon friendship drama series The Interestings.

Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray)

The fiery and ambitious Officer Eddie Janko can sometimes get in her own way. After botching a surveillance assignment, Jamie even threatens to replace Eddie as his partner. She is of Serbian descent and she is fluent in Serbian. Her father, a former financial advisor, is currently serving jail time after cheating many clients out of their money in a massive Ponzi scheme. Although she has moved around between partners, she remains Jamie’s longest partner. The two once even shared a kiss.

Vanessa Ray

While working on Blue Bloods, Vanessa Ray was also co-starring on the hit teen series Pretty Little Liars as the elusive transgender character Charlotte DiLaurentis/CeCe Drake earned the Californian actress a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Villain. In addition to playing tough and biting television characters, she has also starred as the innocent Crissy in the Broadway production of Hair. The big-voiced singer married her longtime boyfriend, fellow musician Landon Beard, in an intimate ceremony in 2015.

Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez)

After Jennifer Esposito left the show in 2012, Marisa Ramirez was brought in to play Maria Baez, Danny’s new partner. Maria has a tragic story. Her older brother Javier, a recovering drug addict, was killed trying to protect her during a raid-gone-wrong. Maria and Danny form a close friendship and she often goes along with his bizarre intimidation tactics. The two bond over relationships and the difficulties they each face in their own personal lives.

Marisa Ramirez

Bridget Moynahan isn’t the only former model to grace the cast. Marisa Ramirez began her career in showbiz at just 13 years old when she landed an international modeling contract. She eventually returned to school where she discovered her passion for acting. Her career brought her to New York from Los Angeles where she starred in several soap operas. Her most famous character, Carmen Mesta on The Young and the Restless, was killed off, but the show’s writers brought Ramirez back to play Carmen’s identical cousin, Ines.

Kelly Davidson (Andrea Roth)

Kelly Davidson is the hard-hitting news reporter who used to date Frank Reagan. Although she only appeared in the first season of the show she left quite the impression in the Blue Bloods universe. For her five-episode arc Kelly is often seen gathering information and asking the hard-hitting questions. She tries to stay ahead of the police force in getting to the bottom of each case that she hears about. This proved to be too complicated for Frank and the two eventually split.

Andrea Roth

The Canadian-born Andrea Roth began her acting career playing Sally Field’s daughter in the 1995 drama A Woman of Independent Means. She was bit by the acting bug and hasn’t stopped working since. Roth has appeared in nearly 100 film, TV, and stage projects since she began her career. She can next be seen in a starring role on the upcoming Netflix superhero series Cloak & Dagger. She will play Melissa Bowen, a resilient mother who is forced to adapt after her daughter gains superpowers.

Anthony Renzulli (Nicholas Turturro)

Beginning with the pilot episode, Sergeant Anthony Renzulli is the voice of reason at the 12th Precinct. He knows his way around the station and cares very deeply for his fellow officers, especially Jamie Reagan. As Jamie’s training officer he pushes Jamie to perform his best even when he does crack jokes at Jamie’s expense. He may make fun of Jamie abandoning a lucrative law career to become an officer but he genuinely believes in Jamie’s talents even when others do not.

Nicholas Turturro

Actor, writer, and producer Nicholas Turturro is no stranger to playing tough yet vulnerable cops on TV. He previously co-starred on the hit police procedural NYPD Blue as James Martinez for seven seasons. He was nominated for two Emmys for playing the titular character in the popular show. Before he began acting he worked a number of day jobs to pay the high New York City rent: in 1983 he worked as a doorman at the apartment building in which singer Billy Joel lived at the time.

Kelly Peterson (Bebe Neuwirth)

Inspector General Kelly Peterson runs the unit in charge of investigating corruption and fraud at the NYPD. She is promoted to the position in season four but soon informs Frank about her decision to resign. She decides to leave after realizing that she is too close to the police department and doesn’t believe she can be a bipartisan investigator. Kelly cites Frank as her key reason, while the two become too close for her own liking.

Bebe Neuwirth

Beatrice “Bebe” Neuwirth is an accomplished Tony and Emmy-award winning stage and screen actress. She got her first break after studying drama at the highly prestigious Juilliard School in New York City. A classically trained ballet dancer in her own right, Neuwirth performed in productions of The Nutcracker and Peter and the Wolf during her time at Julliard. She won her two Emmys two years in a row for playing the iconic character Lilith Sternin on the hit ‘80s sitcom Cheers.

Charles Rossellini (Bobby Cannavale)

Former District Attorney Charles Rossellini was Erin Reagan’s boss but that didn’t stop him from developing romantic interest in her. He pursued her and tried to court her throughout season one. The two shared a brief kiss but decided they couldn’t pursue it any further. Charles eventually went on the seek a career in politics. The charismatic Charles is introduced in episode 7 as he tries to solicit support from Frank for his mayoral campaign.

Bobby Cannavale

Although actor Bobby Cannavale has appeared in a number of films, he is probably most well known for his TV projects. In 2005 he won an Emmy for playing Will Truman’s partner in the hit sitcom Will and Grace. In 2013 he won an Emmy for his role on the Martin Scorsese-produced crime drama Boardwalk Empire. He will next be seen in a starring role opposite Julia Roberts in the Amazon thriller series Homecoming.

Dee Ann Carver (LaTanya Richardson)

Danny’s boss Dee Ann Carver is a strict and tough officer who comes from a troubled past. Her mother died and Dee Ann was in and out of run-ins with the police. As a result the young girl was allowed to ride with the cops as they conducted investigations and she grew an appreciation for law enforcement. She is highly revered in the precinct and admits that there are numerous people above her who did not believe she could succeed in the job.

LaTanya Richardson

LaTanya Richardson is an Atlanta-born actress best known for her role as Paulina Pritchett in the 2003 hit musical film the Fighting Temptations, opposite Beyoncé. In 1980 she married longtime partner Samuel L. Jackson. The couple have been together for more than 47 years. Together they established the Samuel and LaTanya R. Jackson Foundation. The philanthropic nonprofit works to fund wellbeing programs for children affected by poverty and illness in the U.S. and throughout Africa.

Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson)

Before tragically passing away in a helicopter crash after the seventh season, Linda Reagan was an ER nurse, wife of Danny Reagan, and mother to Jack and Sean. Born and raised in Staten Island, Linda worked as a nurse at St. Victor’s Hospital in New York City for the duration of her time on the show. She was devoted to her family and often navigated tense moments with Danny, with whom she frequently argued about his absence from home and his dedication to his job.

Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson was born in Illinois before spending a year in Amman, Jordan when she was 13. Her first role was as Josie Watts in the 1993 soap opera Another World, for which she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Carlson married her longtime partner Syd Butler and the couple have two children together. Her character of Linda Reagan was written off of Blue Bloods after she decided not to renew her contract. She never confirmed her reason for leaving the show.