5 surprising places you didn’t know their official language was English

English is in fact a West Germanic language that came from England as well as south-eastern Scotland during the time of the Anglo-Saxons.  After the economic, military, political, cultural, colonial and scientific influence of the United Kingdom as well as Great Britain in the 18th century, and in the mid 20th century, the United States, English became highly dispersed throughout the world. It actually became the international leading language.  It is a very common second language that is taught throughout schools in the world and is the official language of many Commonwealth countries, as well as the European Union and in many world organizations. There are some countries that you will be surprised to hear that their official language is in fact English. Here are 5 places that will shock you.


English is actually the official language of Botswana. Although their native dialect is Sekgoa, English is their spoken language for international trade, as well as for official purposes and how they take in western influences. It is also the written language taught in schools as of fifth grade and is a required subject.

Cayman Islands

In the Cayman Islands they speak a colloquial English which has features that are quite similar to those of Central America and Jamaica, however did not undergo any kind of creolization. The structure of their language is very similar to another kind of creole language. But contrary to what you thought, their official language is English and they have a unique dialect of Cayman Islands English.

5 surprising places you didn’t know their official language was English


English is taught in primary and secondary schools of Zambia and is the official language of the country. However it is mostly spoken by Europeans residing there, only a small population of Zambian Africans actually speak English as their first language. For them, English is a second language that is used in parliament, education, and business.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is yet another country that will probably surprise you to read that English is their official language.  The population here originated from a community of descendants of people who were once slaves in the United States. They settled down in the Dominican in 1824 as early as the 1500s.  Samana English is their main dialect, which includes features of creolization and Black English. They also use Haitian and Spanish.


English is the official language of the beautiful islands of Fiji.  It is also used by several urban Chinese, sometimes by Indians, however very rarely by native Fijians. English however, is their main language for education, government, and commerce.

5 surprising places you didn’t know their official language was English