24 Year Old Women Earned $70K A Year By Traveling The World And Writing About It

Aileen Adalid may look like your everyday 24-year-old woman beaming back at you in an online photograph. She has interests in fashion, travel, photography and runs her own travel blog, I Am Aileen, which has seen her gain readership in the thousands. But what sets her apart from most is her amazing lifestyle, which sees her travel the length and breadth of the world in locations such as Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Europe thanks to her $70,000 a year salary earned through blogging.

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But her finances weren’t always so bolstered. Struggling in an entry level job at Deutsche Bank earning $300 a month, she must have felt that her career had been mapped for her from a very young age. At 15 she didn’t know what she wanted to do in her life. Her parents had signed her up for the prestigious school De La Salle University, based in Manila for a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. Something which she would later say made her discover her bloodcurdling hatred for numbers. Part way through her studies, Aileen managed to shift her course from Accountancy to Business, which gave her the skills she would utilize in running her successful blog and gain her a huge online following.

She’s not the only female travel blogger that has made a success of living a life on the road and hitting all the glamorous locations while she’s at it. As it is becoming more common for females to travel solo more than ever before, there has been a huge rise in women who are documenting their time away for others to view in an almost worldwide growth of ‘girl power.’ In fact, studies suggest that an incredible 63% of ladies feel more refreshed when traveling alone.

So why the new trend for female travel blogs? Well, tech is no longer the domain of just males. Women are becoming much more tech savvy, and are embracing the design and media capabilities required to run a successful blog. Blogs also usually present an aspirational lifestyle to the readership, one that they wish that they could possess. But often, these lifestyles are unobtainable, so what better way of living vicariously through others than having a detailed report of the wonderful beaches of Barcelona or the beautiful bazaars of Morocco without leaving the comfort of your home or dipping into your pension pot?

Aileen joins a long line of recent bloggers in the same field who sell this wonderful lifestyle. Alyssa Ramos for example, is a rapidly rising member of the internet blogging community, detailing all of her amazing exploits in the Bahamas and South Africa straight from her Instagram account. Or how about Yvonne Derksen, who writes the blog The Tourist of Life who has traveled 20 countries despite only being 20 years old. She began her journeys at the tender age of 12 when she visited Paris with her mother and father and has struggled to keep her feet on the ground since.


Aileen is based in the Philippines, a country where it is uncommon for Filipinos to live independent lives away from their parents at such a young age. But it is the travel, she feels, that is one of the most important aspects of her life. Aileen states she was hungry for life experiences, thanks in part to working for large companies such as Siemens and Unilever, and had to convince her reluctant mother to give her freedom to make her own decisions. But aside from this battle of wills, Aileen embraced the role of a blogger with aplomb, managing to blag free airline tickets and hotel rooms on her quest for more and more adventures, no doubt aided by the offer of free publicity. She now travels extensively. Blogging and snapping as she goes at least once a month to new locations in her fully sustainable lifestyle.

Originally starting off as a fashion blogger, Aileen transformed her blog as many people do into a lifestyle blog, which it is thought is soon to be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest success to come out of blogging in the upcoming years. They’re a great way of targeting specific demographics, simply because they talk about so many different topics aside from their main topic. This can be big business for those who are looking to launch their products to a wider market. This goes a long way to explaining why Aileen is given all those lovely free hotel rooms and travel tickets. Lifestyle bloggers are also likely to team up with those who have fashion blogs, increasing any potential sales of products.

But it wouldn’t have been possible without her family support, or without the background that she had in graphic design, digital marketing, and web design helping her achieve her dream. She has now used her skills in marketing to launch an online retail business called Adalid Gear selling outdoor accessories and health aids to her blog readers – a business that she formed with her good friend. She’s also received recognition from the WYSTC (World Youth Travel Confederation) in 2015 for a youth travel award. What is next for Aileen remains a mystery, but there is one thing for sure – we doubt she’ll be hanging up her suitcases anytime soon.