How often should we really take vacations?

The world is obsessed with travel, and it’s great. However, the world of social media can make it appear as if some people are always abroad while holding down a full-time day job. There are of course people out there who do have that luxury, but not as much as you might be thinking. So, how often should we take vacations anyway?

Traveling vs. Vacation

Traveling can be quite full-on, and the inspiration behind the reason for traveling will determine whether you’re relaxing, on the move or both. If you’ve decided to go on a four-day city break somewhere, then you’re probably going to be rushing around trying to see as much as is possible in that time. However, if you’ve decided to walk the sandy beaches of Mallorca, then you’re likely going to be prioritizing relaxation instead of driving those dusty roads. Your motivation will decide how often you travel, whether it’s living and breathing culture or the desperate need to be away from the office, so to speak.

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Time off work vs. Finances

Not a topic anyone likes talking about, how many days off work do you have left and how much time you can reasonably take off work before having to return to day-to-day life. While it might leave a bitter taste in your mouth, take solace in knowing that pretty much everyone has to make a living somehow. This will impact how often you can go traveling unless you take that giant leap and go on a late gap year, you’ll be somewhat restricted. You also need to make sure you keep things at home running smoothly, your rent or mortgage has to come before a quick trip to Fiji, sadly.

Family, friends, and relationships

Of course, we can’t forget the people around us, and if we’re always away, then those relationships might start to dwindle. That doesn’t mean you can’t go away, but making time for the people close to you is essential, and there is always the possibility you can plan your vacations together.

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For the vacation-deprived

It’s all well and good talking about the people who want to go on vacation, but sometimes we feel like all of the above factors get in the way, so we stop ourselves from going on vacation as it might not be a priority over finances, family, children, career and so on. ‘Clever Journey’ suggests that people should spend, in total, between 30-45 days vacationing per year, with two longer vacations and a couple of smaller ones in between. This is supposed to keep us mentally healthier and happier. So if it’s been a while since your last vacation, you need to book some tickets now!

After all that, is there a limit? When you consider the restrictions there are just in day-to-day life, is it then reasonable to suggest there be any other limitations? You need to ask yourself how important vacations are to you, after all, you might prefer a short weekend trip down the road with a few close friends to regularly flying off to exotic countries. On the flip side, if you’re not an avid traveler at heart, then considering a few more vacations can be a healthier option.