Making a case for the world’s least-visited countries

There are hundreds of different tourist hotspots around the world – places where visitors amass each year in their millions. However, sometimes the tourism industry in these destinations is not just booming, but it’s become so popular that it’s struggling to cope.

Overtourism is a real problem in some places. Amsterdam’s streets are often overcrowded with yobbish behavior, and the fragile Galapagos Islands are coincidentally being destroyed by those visiting to marvel at its beauty. Instead of following the crowds and booking the typical trip away, experts are telling us that we should really consider broadening our horizons when it comes to international tourism.

Tourism brings in huge amounts of money to popular destinations, creating jobs, improving infrastructure, and often boosting local economies remarkably. And so it’s no surprise that there are some countries out there crying out for people to visit. Here’s a look at some of the least-visited countries in the world and some reasons why you should consider traveling there.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Marshall Islands

The waters surrounding the country’s beaches have over time become some of the most spectacular scuba diving sites, with shipwrecks and other wartime relics on the seabeds spawning some wonderful coral reefs. If you’re a fan of putting on the rubbers and exploring the ocean floor, then there’s no other place like the Marshall Islands to see some incredible underwater playgrounds with thriving aquatic life. There are some delightful local towns to discover too.


The island of Montserrat is steeped in fascinating history, and there’s plenty of beautiful scenic trails for you to explore too. The country’s Soufriere Hills volcano creates a backdrop of breathtaking landscape, so if you’re a keen hiker, Montserrat offers some great views to take in. After a 1995 volcanic eruption, the ruins of the ghost town capital of Plymouth is not one to miss too! It’s often called the ‘modern-day Pompeii.’

Solomon Islands

The landscape of the Solomons Islands is like no other. After being fiercely hit from the South Pacific activity of WW2, the seeming paradise terrain is scattered with derelict vehicles and tanks, while the ocean floor hosts sunken planes, ships, and submarines. All can be visited on various fascinating excursions that are available. The Solomons Islands are a stark reminder of Second World War’s atrocities, and it is a fantastic place to visit if you’re interested in learning more.


The land-locked European country of Liechtenstein is situated between Austria and Switzerland, and offers a one-of-a-kind trip. The land features some picturesque historic castles, some of which you can stay in, and the dramatic hilly landscape provides you with some amazing hiking trails. You’ll love walking through beautiful vineyards and gardens, especially in the gorgeous summer months. Liechtenstein is definitely not one to miss!

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If you’re looking for a Carribean experience but with a little more peace and quiet, then look no further than Anguilla. The country’s coast holds some of the world’s most idyllic beaches, and the tourism industry mostly consists of exclusive luxury resorts with renowned beach bars and fabulous restaurants. For a high-end beach holiday with a little less crowds than usual, then get yourself to Rendezvous Bay for one of the most relaxing vacations of your life.

Instead of booking your flight to somewhere you have been before, why not consider taking a special trip to one of these underrated and underestimated destinations. They have a lot to offer, and you may well be delightfully surprised.