Home away from home: 5 hotels that will make you feel right at home

When people decide to go on vacation and they search for the accommodation of their choice, the one that will suit their needs best, there are usually all kinds of factor people take into consideration. It could be the location of the property, the star ratings, the room amenities, the type of food that is served or just how good of reviews the hotel has received. We could easily say that location and service are generally the top reasons why someone, traveling alone or not, would choose a place to spend their next vacation for.

Just like there are all kinds of reasons for going on a trip, there are also some very interesting and eye-opening reasons for why one hotel or B&B would be better than the other. In fact, some people base their decision on where to stay on the most unexpected reasons, for example, how at home the property will make them feel. Now, it sounds almost like an oxymoron, why would anyone want to travel anywhere just so they could feel like they never left home at the end of the day? Well, we guess there are people that like the idea of feeling like they never really left. We believe it’s more than that and that what makes a hotel be considered one that has that cozy vibe has to do with how friendly the service is, how comfortable the hotel’s amenities are and all those little things that make one feel as relaxed and as comfy as possible. Here are five hotels that will give you that homey feeling and that take the meaning of hospitality to a whole new level:

Atemporal-Hotelito – Lima, Peru

This renovated 1940’s mansion in the hip district of Lima, Peru, offers the guests a personalized lodging experience in the most convenient and flexible way. This completely private property is unique in the sense that it allows exclusive entry for the guests. The rooms and the entire decor is conceived as the home of the worldly photographer who is barely at home while he travels the world. The overall vibes are relaxed and informal and once people enter this townhouse like hotel, they can’t help but feel right at a home, a luxurious home. The eclectic design has the perfect modern touches. That is one place any tourist would like to come back to after a whole day of exploring the city.

The PIG at Combe – Devon, England

The PIG at Combe in Southwest England in the county named Devon has the perfect homely charm. This grand country estate might be secluded but is very easily accessible. Everything about this place screams comfort. Even the rooms are named in a way that will make you feel as cozy as possible. You have the Snug rooms, the Comfy rooms and the Comfy Luxe room if you’re feeling like you need a little pampering. If you are visiting in the summer there will be plenty of local festivals to check out.

Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa – Laguna Beach, CA

The minute you enter this castle-like beachfront property, you can’t help but feel the freedom in air. This historical building dates all the way back to the beginning of the 30th century and was designed by one of the first local Californian architects. This sea-side gem is 23 rooms that are designed by Moroccan influences and eclectic furnishings for a warm and atmosphere. Located in the heart of the vibrant Laguna Beach, this property is your absolute perfect oceanfront getaway.

28 Kothi – Jaipur, India

Surrounded by lush gardens, this boutique and intimate guest-house located in the heart of Jaipur will offer an exclusive homely feeling away from the city bustle. There are only five bedrooms designed in a mix of modern and local roots. Some of the amenities include a library, a yoga studio and an-all vegetarian menu. Dazzling minimalism is here.

Killiehuntly Farmhouse & Cottage – Scotland

If you are lucky enough to visit the Killiehuntly Farmhouse any time soon, you will be pleasantly surprised to find traditional design mixed with Scandinavian touches, or like the owners like to call it – Scandi-Scot. The fact that there are only four rooms in this estate and one cottage, provides the ultimate private and luxurious experience away from everything noisy. This place is perfect for those seeking for nature, solitude, design, serenity and comfort all under the same roof.