48 hours in London: How to make the most of your trip

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When you think of London, the first things that may pop into your head are The Queen, red telephone boxes, and lots of fish and chip stores. Well, you’d be mistaken. Believe it or not, but no one actually uses telephone boxes anymore. Sure you’ll find the odd fish and chip shop, and yes the Queen does in fact often reside in Buckingham Palace, but London is much more than the stereotypical. London is in fact, far from the normal. It’s a city full of energy, home to rich history and exciting cultures.

If you’re thinking of making a quick 48 hour trip to the British capital, here is our guide of what to see and what to do. You’ll easily manage to fit in a lot of the good stuff.

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Tip One: Celebrate its regalness

‘The Tube’ or ‘The Underground’ is the best place for you to get around, and if you’re wanting to take in some of London’s Royal heritage, then the best place to start is of course Buckingham Palace. You can take a cute walk through the gardens of St James Park, and only a fifteen-minute walk from here is Westminster Abbey! There are of course other Royal attractions such as The Tower of London and Kensington Palace to visit, but if you want to keep it short and sweet, stick to the Westminster area.

Tip Two: Find the right food

Feeling hungry yet? Well, London prides itself on having an abundance of different food experiences for you to try – spectacular rooftop bars, world-class restaurants, and homey cuisine locals. You also can’t visit London without sipping on a nice cold beverage at a London pub! If you’re feeling peckish from waving at the Queen, you can get a quick tube ride to Covent Garden where you’ll find some renowned food stalls and charming markets, set to a backdrop of music and performers.

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Tip Three: Discover its people

From Covent Garden, take a tube up North to see Camden Town. It’s a region giving you the sights, sounds, and smells of vibrant city life, where you’ll find a whole host of fantastic bars and pubs for you to sit and watch fascinating people go by. Settle here for the evening, visiting some of the eccentric fashion shops then watching a musician play at one of its wide varieties of brilliant live music venues.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Tip Four: Discover its history

The next day, it is time to do some more sightseeing! London is steeped in history, and there’s no better place to learn some cool facts than at a museum. London has some brilliant ones, including The British Museum, The Imperial War Museum, The Science Museum, or The Natural History Museum. All are outstanding, but if you don’t want to make a whole day of it, there’s plenty of British architecture, monuments and other fascinating historical sites dotted around the city anyway.

Tip Five: See its sights

Next, you should hop on London’s famous open-topped bus to really get the full scope of the city. You’ll go North, East, South, and West of central London, seeing the epic London landmarks like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and Tower Bridge – all in one bus journey. Or if you’d rather do it on foot, then there are day tickets for you to get around on the tube. It’s as easy as pie and mash!


If you’re limited to time, not to worry! There’s plenty of options for you to ensure you get everything you want done in time. Plan ahead, and do your research. 48 hours is plenty. Ready, set, GO!