Budget friendly hotels in Japan

Konnichiwa noble traveler! We see you seek the Land of the Rising Sun for your next travel adventure. Japan is a country with such an important and riveting history, and it’s one of the nations that was prominent in shaping the modern world, while still respecting and embracing the old ways. Japan is a popular tourist destination for those seeking a different cultural and culinary experience.

Now, we understand that travel can be expensive these days, especially if you’re heading across the world. As such, it has become more and more important to budget for these kinds of experiences, and there are a lot of ways in which this can be achieved. These are some of the best budget-friendly hotels in Japan that will help you cut the costs of your oriental odyssey!

Capsule Inn Sapporo, Sapporo

Capsule hotels are a growing trend across places like Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and they are perfect for travelers. Sure, you probably couldn’t envisage yourself actually living in one, like some locals have to, but they are certainly a welcome experience for tourists. Capsule Inn, based in Sapporo, is one of the comfiest and most iconic choices in Japan. The best part about it is the fact that it’s dirt cheap, and you get to experience something you wouldn’t get to experience back home.

Budget friendly hotels in Japan

Almond Hostel & Cafe Shibuya, Tokyo

This budget-friendly hostel is ideal for those who prize minimalism above everything else. It’s a smart and stylish hostel and a reasonably new establishment. Located in the peaceful Yoyogi Hachiman, the hostel is the perfect base of operations for tourists, especially as it’s a mere 15-minute stroll from Shibuya Crossing. No matter your age, this is the perfect choice if you are looking for some cheap Tokyo accommodation that’s going to give you the most of what the city has to offer.

Andon Ryokan, Tokyo

Another Tokyo offering here, as it’s such an iconic city, and there is so much great choice here. Andon Ryokan is ideal for those who want a step up from a hostel, but aren’t looking to pay out silly money to stay somewhere posher. With a trendy, modern take on traditional Japanese accommodation, we feel like this is the best of both worlds. The best thing is that it’s just a 20-minute walk from the popular and iconic Asakusa area.

Budget friendly hotels in Japan

Popeye Media Cafe, Osaka

One of the more popular things that is a growing market is Manga cafes. While these are not hotels, they do have rooms you can rent for long stints. This allows you to enjoy some snacks, have a shower, and catch some Zs in a comfy chair as well. This is one of the best choices for budget accommodation because of the fact that it is dirt cheap. Popeye Media Cafe in Osaka is one of the most popular of these Manga kissaten (as they are known) and is perfect for budget stays.

As you can see, there are plenty of great choices, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find more appealing budget accommodation across the country. People say that Japan is a very expensive place to visit, but it doesn’t have to be if you are careful with your money, and you plan and budget well in advance. These budget options are something that you can make the most of, and they will save you plenty of money in the process.