Top 5 filming locations you can see for yourself

Traveling can be a great way to see the world and explore, but how do you choose where to go? When we watch movies, we let our imaginations run free as we see our favorite characters living their lives in beautiful and exotic lands. We often find ourselves wishing that we could join those characters in their far off homes. As it turns out, it is possible to visit many of the beautiful destinations from the movies! Here are five of the best filming locations you can actually travel to.

New Zealand

Whenever we think about movies with beautiful natural scenery, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is at the top of the list. Since the movies were filmed over a few years in New Zealand, fans from all over the world have flocked to see Middle Earth in person, which has been a great boost for tourism in New Zealand.

You can travel to the Matamata Hills, where the scenes set in Hobbiton were filmed. The area still looks like the Shire, complete with hobbit holes. The film crew even planted flowers and crops a whole year before production began for the set of Frodo and Bilbo’s homes. You can head to Tongariro National Park where the scenes in Mount Doom and Mordor were filmed. Next, venture over to the South Island and the Southern Alps to see where Gollum found the ring.

Top 5 filming locations you can see for yourself


We will always remember the lead character, Alex Garland, in Danny Boyle’s film The Beach, who found paradise in Hat Maya. This famous movie was filmed on Phi Phi Leh Island’s main beach in Thailand. The country shot to fame following the iconic success of the movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The island itself is breathtaking indeed. But it’s not exactly the same as it was portrayed in the movie – during post-production, filmmakers added the backdrop of mountains digitally. Despite this, the beach is truly stunning in real life as well, and is definitely worth a visit.


The set for the cult hit Apocalypse Now was the exotic island of Luzon in the Philippines. The movie was inspired by the book Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad, and it was directed by famous filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. Travelers can visit the Philippines for sunny shores, aquamarine water, and beautiful natural features.

Top 5 filming locations you can see for yourself

Kauai, Hawaii

The legendary movie Jurassic Park was a big hit, and is loved by movie enthusiasts young and old alike. The movie, which explores what would happen if there were suddenly dinosaurs here on earth with us, was partially filmed in Kauai, Hawaii. Helicopter rides are available so guests can see the area where the film was shot, and take photos.

South Carolina, USA

The Notebook has become one of the classic love stories of our time. The film is about a young couple, and what happens to them as they grow older. The Notebook was proudly filmed in some of the most beautiful places in South Carolina. It’s a wonderful idea to visit this state and see its charm for yourself.