Seeing the Fjords of Norway

If you are looking for a unique and breathtaking adventure like no other, you need to head to Norway and check out the legendary fjords. These stunning waterways are some of the most beautiful and unique natural creations in the world. Norway has so much history and natural wonder behind it that you will have a lot of choice. But we recommend you spend time experiencing some of the world’s greatest fjords.

A fjord is an inlet created by glacial erosion, and, in Norway, you can see them by boat and rail, or on a walking tour. Now, most people choose to go on a boat, and this is definitely a stunning way of experiencing them. However, if you’re going in the summer, and you feel like you want to skip the boat/train combo, we suggest you head out on a walking tour. Whether in summer, or winter, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Getting around

There are a lot of different choices for getting around and seeing the wonderful fjords. One of the most popular routes is taking the train from Bergen station, and then catching a boat from Flam to go along the stunning, winding waterways. But, you can also walk as well, though this would be preferable in the summer months, as winter can be cold and arduous. If you’re going to walk, you’ll need a map so you can see what areas you’ll be able to walk in and where you might need to change. You also need to make sure you catch the transfers by ferry to get you to your next place, or you could be waiting a while.


At some point on your fjord adventure, you may well wind up in the small village of Flam. This is nestled in amongst the fjord, and surrounded by jaw-dropping natural beauty. A ferry stops every few hours to take passengers on to the next part of the tour, but you can enjoy the time you spend here. There are some stunning views of the cliffs and water, and it’s a great chance to take some awesome pictures. We suggest bringing a packed lunch and making use of the picnic benches by the water’s edge. There is also a charming railway museum here that you should visit if you have time to kill before the next ferry.

Mount Hoven

Another of the essential places to visit on your fjords adventure is the awesome Mount Hoven. There are some stunning hiking trails here, and you can climb to 1000 meters above sea level. We recommend taking the cable car to reach the top in around 510 mins, and then you can really start to enjoy your elevate position. Hoven Restaurant, at the top, is a great place to stop for a spot of lunch before you head on a hiking expedition. The magnificent views of the fjord landscape and Jostedalsbreen National Park below are worth the trip alone.

There are so many sensational options to choose from when you want to see and experience the fjords of Norway. Some people like to hike the route, while others prefer to stick to public transport. Both will give you some mesmerizing views and experiences, so it depends on what you prefer. We would suggest you hike in the summer months, and take the boat and train in the winter. Either way, you still get to have a unique and special experience that will change you for the better, and really open your eyes to the exquisite natural majesty of Norway.