These Scottish hiking trails should be on everyone’s to-do list

If you haven’t considered it before, it might be time for you to take a trip to Scotland. The world is your oyster here, especially when there’s such a gorgeous landscape for you to explore. Sure, the weather might be a little questionable at the best of times, but that doesn’t take away from the country’s amazing views. They will leave you speechless, especially if you venture along the right hiking trails. They’re sure to show you the best that Scotland has to offer while also giving you a great workout.

The Cateran Trail

If you thought 40 odd miles was a lot, that’s nothing compared to the Cateran Trail which spans an impressive 64 miles. The route covers such a large distance that you’ll have to be very picky about which part of it you explore on any one day. There’s so much to see on this historic trail which has you venture through farms, forests, and moors to reach the end. It’s referred to as one of the Great Trails in Scotland for a reason, and that’s because it never disappoints. Come rain or shine, this route is quite something, and you’ll be glad you walked it.

The Cateran Trail

The Affric Kintail Way

Given there are more than 40 miles of path here for you to explore, you probably wouldn’t be able to do the whole of the Affric Kintail Way in one day. You’d undoubtedly wear yourself out if you did, making it harder to enjoy the incredible views around you. As the trail covers so much ground, it shouldn’t be surprising that it takes you through various landscapes, from pinewood forests to the country’s famous lochs. Your camera will be working as hard as your feet when you explore this route, if not more so. Every few steps offer something new and exciting to photograph.

The Great Trossachs Path

The only downside of hiking trails is how much exercise is involved. Not everyone is actively inclined, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of seeing the gorgeous views. Thankfully, the Great Trossachs Path is a trail that offers option, so you can pick where to walk depending on how taxing you want the route to be. For people who don’t really do exercise, you can stay on the lower ground and explore the forests. Anyone who’s up for a bit of a challenge can head upwards and explore the hilltops in the area. Both trails offer plenty of incredible sights.

The Great Trossachs Path

West Highland Way

There’s so much to see in Scotland, from the Devil’s Staircase to Glen Nevis. You might not think you have time to visit everything during your trip, but that’s why the West Highland Way is so handy. This trail encounters many of the country’s iconic sights, allowing you to get a peek at them as you’re walking by. Make sure you have your camera at the ready all the time because you never know when another landmark will pop up on the route. Is there any part of Scotland that this path doesn’t cover?

The best way to see Scotland is on one of its incredible hiking trails. They take you to so many places that would be otherwise inaccessible and offer you a glimpse of the country at its finest. The next time you’re in the area, give one of them a go and see for yourself just how amazing the views are.