Enjoying Bermuda

Bermuda is a British island territory sitting pretty in the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s a destination that has proven popular with beach bums over the years and continues to attract visitors from across the world. With a wonderful maritime history and the perfect blend of British and American culture, Bermuda is an island calling out to you across the ocean waves.

It’s the ultimate place to lounge on a stunning, serene beach, or to go for a round of golf on the amazing links. There is a rare combination of experiences open to you here, and that’s the great appeal of Bermuda as a nation. If you want to enjoy a slice of life exploring Bermuda, you need to make sure you check out these wonderful experiences.

Head to Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most famous and photographed beaches in the world. This is a true gem, and one of the top tourist attractions in Bermuda. The crisp sand is soft and warm, and the water is refreshing – you may want to avoid it from September to May as it can get pretty cold. The beach is the perfect spot for a romantic stroll at any time of the year, and the pink sand is a cool and quirky feature. If you want to avoid crowds, try to get here as early as you possibly can.

Enjoying Bermuda

Check out the Royal Naval Dockyard

Bermuda has made most of its commerce and tourism from being a port, crucial for trade with other nations. And the Royal Naval Dockyard is a stunning and culturally important part of the country, not to mention a break from the beaches. Also, importantly, the place used to be the base of the Royal Navy but is now a cruise-ship dock and popular tourist site. There are plenty of attractions here, and it’s important to check them out – not to mention the great restaurants where you can have a delicious local meal.

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Imagine being one of the two boys who, in 1907, accidentally discovered these jaw-dropping caves! Filled with all manner of staggering crystal formations, the caves have become one of the principal attractions of Bermuda, and for good reason. The 55-foot deep lake is also a wonderful attraction in the deep of the caves, and this provides you with an experience unlike any you’ve ever had before. You can make your way through these magical caves using the purpose-built bridges, and enjoy an experience that is completely unique and special.

Dolphin Quest

When you come somewhere like Bermuda, you need to make sure you make the most of everything. So many of the attractions involve being in the water, but this is surely the most enjoyable? The dolphin activity and training center is located within the complex at the Royal Naval Dockyard. So you can combine two incredible experiences in one, and enjoy this wonderful dolphin center. Aside from watching the dolphins perform stunts, there is also the opportunity to feed them as well.

Enjoying Bermuda

Bermuda has so much to enjoy if you are a curious traveler, especially one who loves the ocean and the natural world. You can’t come to somewhere like Bermuda, and not want to make the most of the stunning natural beauty around every corner. If you want an unforgettable vacation experience, we would definitely suggest booking a trip to Bermuda as soon as you can.