Countries with the best weather

Let’s be honest, when you decide to jet off to a faraway land, you want to make sure you get the best possible weather. Relaxing beneath the sunny sky is the dream of so many of us – you certainly don’t want to be dealing with the cold and wet weather for your entire vacation. This is going to really bring the mood down and negatively affect your trip. So, the best thing to do would be to look at places with great weather.

Choosing to travel somewhere with great weather already improves your vacation experience, and helps you ensure you have a much better time. If you’re dreaming of sun all year round, you will want to choose a place with a great climate. This is a list of some of the countries that are thought to offer the best weather of anywhere in the world, as well as a great vacay experience.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, and not least because of the amazing climate. Did you know, last year, the country produced 98% of its electricity with renewable energy?! The quality of life here is vast improving, and you get to enjoy friendly locals and breathtaking scenery. Costa Rica is a wonderful place to take a trip, and it’s not too shabby for expats looking to emigrate either!

Countries with the best weather


Greece’s little sister, Cyprus has spent too long playing second fiddle to its older brother, which is a shame, as it is certainly the hidden gem of the Mediterranean. Great weather, fantastic culture, and idyllic Old World beauty, Cyprus has it all, and much more too. If you’re looking for great weather year round, and safe, friendly surroundings, you should definitely consider Cyprus for your next vacation experience.


Another unusual choice here,m but one you will take to very quickly, Malta is a tiny island, but it has loads to offer. If you want a more relaxed and affordable way of life, with an excellent climate, and plenty to see and do, Malta is the right place for you. It actually ranks incredibly highly for work-life balance and quality of life, so it’s ideal for those looking to move to a new country and start a fresh life as well.

Countries with the best weather


Okay, this is kind of a cheat because we all know Spain has amazing weather, and we all know it’s a popular destination, but what’s so wrong with that? Just because we knew it would be on here doesn’t make it a bad choice. In fact, we would argue that Spain has probably the best climate in the developed world. So, you get to enjoy all of the modern benefits of a country, with amazing weather too. Be aware though, if you’re planning to emigrate, the economy is mercurial, so getting a job could prove tricky.

Vacationing somewhere with excellent weather is half the battle these days. You don’t want to deal with cold and wet weather – you probably get enough of that at home! Instead, you check out these great countries, which offer an awesome climate and the opportunity for an excellent experience.