Celebrities who gave their voices to nature and environmental documentaries

People are talking about the environment and nature more than ever, but it seems as though we’re not alone. Yes, plenty of celebrities have used their natural talent to narrate some impressive documentaries as we get to learn all about planet Earth with a soothing voice or two by our side.

The 11th Hour – Leonardo DiCaprio

Not only did Leonardo DiCaprio narrate The 11th Hour, but he also co-wrote, produced, and created the documentary movie. It was released back in 2007 as people such as environmental activists and scientists came together to talk about the problems the world is facing. Some of the many topics they covered include extinction, deforestation, and global warming. It seems as though Leo was ahead of his time.

Leonardo DiCaprio

March of the Penguins – Morgan Freeman

This nature documentary gives us an inside look at emperor penguins and the annual battles. It shows as the penguins start the yearly mating ritual that sees them step out of the ocean and onto their ancestral breeding grounds. It took an entire year for the camera crew to shoot the footage, with Morgan Freeman tasked with narrating the movie in English. There are many twists and turns which allow many of us to understand more about these great creatures and their lives.

The Human Experiment – Sean Penn

Sean Penn takes on the role of narrator for The Human Experiment, a documentary movie that follows people’s stories who believe they have been affected by chemicals in many household products. It takes viewers up close and personal with many of the leading chemical manufacturers as they claim a huge portion of them haven’t been tested before they are handed over to consumers.

Life – Oprah Winfrey

This in-depth documentary offers a whole new look on life as we know it as Oprah Winfrey helps to explain how some animals have grown to become the top of their game. The majority of the episodes focus on different animal groups as the series shows off their common features and unique behavior that helps them to survive. Oprah confessed that she couldn’t resist the opportunity to get such a close look at nature.

Dirt! The Movie – Jamie Lee Curtis

Dirt! The Movie took inspiration from the book Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, and it has given many of us a whole new look on the planet. Jamie Lee Curtis takes us on a journey as the film delves into our relationship with soil. This includes everything from how dirt has been affected by society as well as being a fundamental part of surviving.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Vanishing of the Bees – Ellen Page

This movie came out back in 2009 as it follows the story of Colony Collapse Disorder. This is when all the worker bees suddenly disappear and leave nothing but the queen, a few workers, and a nurse bee. They are forced to recreate their hive as well as learn how to build back up to the top. The film aims to uncover why CCD can suddenly happen, with Ellen Page narrating the entire thing.

Celebrities usually have a whole host of talents, and it seems as though voicing nature and environmental documentaries is just another to add to the resume for many. Not only do they help to cover a whole host of topics, but these stars also give us the comfort of someone we know during these eye-opening documentaries.