Britain’s beautiful abandoned places

Britain isn’t just all about London, there are some beautiful landscapes just waiting to be discovered. While London is an amazing city, and a must-visit if you head over to the UK, give yourself a few extra days and explore some of the most visually stunning abandoned places Britain has to offer.

Hallsands, Devon

Once upon a time, Hallsands was a fully functioning village, with plenty of houses and a little naval community. The idyllic village on the Devon coast was unfortunately washed into the sea thanks to an erosion of its sea defenses. Once a few hard-hitting storms came by, practically the entire village was submerged and washed away. Only a handful of cottages remain now, and if you want to see them, you’d best get there quick, in case the shoreline washes the remaining part of the village into the water too.

Dunwich, Suffolk

Most settlements from the 14th Century in the UK have either disappeared entirely or were too big to go away, places like London or Edinburgh. One former community that was equal in size to London at the time has all but gone, and there is little trace left of it. Now if you were to visit Dunwich, all you would come across would be a few ruins.

Kenfig, Wales

Another village wiped out by the sea, Kenfig sat on the bank of the Bristol Channel but was submerged under the sand in the 14th century. Not much remains, but the dunes are a Special Scientific Interest site and have been renamed the Kenfig Burrows. If you are interested in bird watching this place is for you.

Rattray, Scotland

Much of the Scottish highlands are beautiful to take in thanks to sweeping hills and a green landscape. One village at the mercy of Mother Nature was Rattray, which vanished due to shifting sands sometime around the 18th Century. Now home to a lighthouse and a ruined church, the renamed Rattray Head is a beautiful place to be during low tide. You can spot shipwrecks on the beach at this time, and who doesn’t want to feel a bit like a pirate every once in a while?

Tyneham, Dorset

This village was abandoned during the Second World War after the Ministry of Defense seized it in 1943. The village was then used as a firing range for troops training to tackle the German infantry. Promised that they would be allowed to go back to the village after the war, none of the former residents did, and so the village is eerily preserved just as the army left it. Several structures have been converted into museums.

Winchelsea, East Sussex

Used as a naval base in the 13th Century, Old Winchelsea was a hub of activity before the sea had other ideas. It had over 700 houses and plenty of inns to keep the locals entertained. The original village is still there, but you’ll have to dig for it, as it is buried below the sand dunes on the beach.

Those were some of the most beautiful abandoned places the UK has to offer. Sometimes exploring the hidden secrets of the landscape can be just as rewarding and exciting as visiting major cities.