The ancient passageway that was found under a Mayan temple

The Maya civilization was one of the most breathtaking in the world, and full of lots of fascinating secrets, history, and myths. With each passing year we continue to learn more and more about the Mayans, and the legacy they left behind. We have often held the Egyptians in the highest regard for being such a fascinating and mysterious civilization.; remember secret passageways that were found in the pyramids? Well, now things are a little different because the Mayans are doing their bit to snatch the crown from the Egyptians.

Recently we read about a passageway that had been found underneath an ancient Mayan snake God temple. So far so normal, right? These civilizations had thousands of temples, and we reckon each of them probably has some kind of tunnel or passageway underneath it. But, this one is really fascinating, and we couldn’t wait to find out more.

The temple

The temple itself was known as Kukulcan Temple and was an edifice thought to have been built sometime between the 9th and 12th Century. The location in which it was built was also home to several underground water caverns that provided a lot of natural space underneath the temple. However, a recent discovery has been made that shows there may be more to this than we originally thought there was. A new tunnel has been discovered beneath this 98-foot monument, and it’s thought it could lead to a subterranean sinkhole.

The tunnel

We never actually knew the tunnel was there initially, and it was only recently discovered using a type of x-ray imaging. The tests, carried out by a group from UNAM in Mexico, has led to further research by a team from the Great Mayan Aquifer Project. They discovered the entrance to the subterranean sinkhole (or cenote as it’s known) within the ossuary room, which once acted as a tomb of sorts. They managed to make their way up the secret tunnel for a certain way before they came across a blockade. It is considered probable that the Mayans caused the blockage themselves, and that an amazing discovery would be made by removing it.

Possible reasons

Well, much of this site remains a mystery, even with this discovery. But, we know that the temple was erected as a tribute to the Mayan God Kukulcan. This deity is linked to human sacrifice and a cult, and this could be one of the links when it comes to explaining the usage and purpose of the tunnel. Efforts to produce a 3D map of the site are underway, and this will likely reveal more about the area and the specific site. This stunning feat of geology and archaeology surely has plenty more secrets to reveal.

Exploring ancient sites is always fun and exciting, and you never know how much new stuff is going to be revealed as a result. Understanding more about ancient civilizations is essential for helping us work out how they lived, as well as the legacies they have left behind. There are so many excellent things to consider, and these often take a long time to unearth. Let’s hope the further explorations and excavations yield some positive results.