What should you absolutely not do when visiting Australia

Australia is a wonderful country to visit; the climate is great, and the beaches, cities, and wildlife are some of the most interesting and diverse in the world. Thanks to movies such as Crocodile Dundee many of us have an exaggerated view of what Australian people are like, but of course, things you see in movies are not like the real world. There are many dangers in Australia, thanks to the weather and wildlife, so not being fully prepared could be dangerous to your health. We have some tips to make sure you can visit Australia without offending anyone, all while keeping safe at the same time.

Don’t take risks with the outback

The outback in Australia is a vast stretch of land that can catch many people out. There are often signs warning people there is no gas station or shop for hundreds of kilometers. They aren’t there just for fun, the next stop realty could be over 300km away, so make sure you stock up on fuel, water, or any supplies you might run out of. Getting stuck in the outback waiting for someone else to come along might leave you fatigued and in danger of not making it home.

Do not tip

While it is common to tip all service staff in America, Australia doesn’t have the same custom. The workers are paid well and do not expect people to give them additional money for just doing their job. While they are unlikely to be offended at being given extra money, it is not necessarily expected of you.

Don’t pet the wildlife

Sure, the dingoes and koalas might look cute, but they are all wild animals. Although dingoes are used to being tossed some food by people every so often, they aren’t comfortable with being petted like our domestic dogs are. Not considered a major threat to people, there have been some incidents of the dingoes attacking people after being touched by them. The same goes for the cuddly looking koalas, they too can bite if feeling threatened and often carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Don’t ignore the beach safety signs

Australia can be a dangerous place – just look up where some of the world’s most dangerous animals live, and you’ll find many are found there. While there are plenty of animals to worry about on land, you should be aware that there are several reported shark biting incidents on the beaches of Australia. That is why it is super important not to ignore the beach flags and warnings. People are scouting all the time for any signs of sharks to warn swimmers and surfers, so make sure you follow those warnings otherwise you could end up in danger.

Don’t climb Ayers Rock

While many people will visit Australia to explore the landscape, there is one part of the country that some people wish travelers would leave alone. That is Ayers Rock, or Uluru, as it is known to the local Anangu people. While they are happy to show people around at the base of the giant rock formation, they do not want people to climb up it, despite the fact the views are considered to be spectacular. The huge rock has great spiritual significance to the Anangu people, so the sacred structure is considered disrespectful and offensive to them.

Australia is a great place to visit, there is such a diverse collection of wildlife and landscapes that it should be added to your bucket list. Just make sure that when you go, you don’t put yourself in any danger by ignoring some basic rules all Australians abide by.