How to travel the world in a van

If you are a traveler and explorer at heart, and you wish to travel the world, you might want to consider doing it in a van. It’s not easy, but it can be an incredible experience. It seems like everybody’s dream to travel and explore the various parts of the world at a relaxed pace, experiencing everything that the people of a particular place have to offer. Every little nook and cranny of those small streets, every dish we try, all the people we meet, and all the experiences we share, bring us knowledge and joy.

Living in a van is not easy, especially if you are planning on travelling for a long period of time. If you are looking to make this van your new home, then make sure that it is fully equipped with all the necessary items and comfortable enough to live in. Here are some tips to consider if you want to travel in a van.

Prepare for the weather

Make sure that your new mobile home is prepared for the cold. Winters are harsh in many areas of the world, and it can be frigid if you plan on spending those in your van. Insulate your van properly so that there is no loss of heat during the harsh winter months. Buy some thermal insulation curtains to avoid any loss of heat through the windows, and make sure you have warm blankets.

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Stay healthy and active

It is important to make sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet so that you can survive the long hours of travelling and the different weather conditions you might encounter. Make sure to do regular exercise on the road, as keeping yourself physically fit is important.

Keep clean

Try as much as possible to keep yourself clean and hygienic. With a couple of baby wipes, deodorant, and dry shampoo, it is not hard as it seems. You can also find a shower at places such as gyms and community swimming pools.

Choose your partner carefully

While travelling with your partner, there will be some ups and downs in your relationship, but all can be worked out if you have some patience and perseverance. It will only bring the two of you closer as friends, or as a couple.

How to travel the world in a van

Stay safe

Even when you are perfectly safe in your home, make sure that you take some preventive measures. Consider installing a fire extinguisher in the van, or investing in security cameras so that you can make sure that there is no suspicious activity.

In the beginning, there will be difficulties in adjusting to the van lifestyle, but eventually, if you do it right, you will grow to love it and make the road your home. So if you feel that you need to make a change in your life, don’t be scared to get away and live a little different than everyone. Traveling in a van could be the an excellent solution for getting away from this crazy life.

Image credit: The Watch Judge