Queen Elizabeth’s favorite travel destination

Let’s be honest; Queen Elizabeth II is a legend. Not only is she the longest-reigning monarch in British history, but she’s also one of the most lovable women in popular culture. Yes, ol’ Lizzie has impressed us in real life just as she has in the binge-worthy Netflix drama, The Crown. However, ruling a country and being the head of the Church of England isn’t an easy job, and this lady often likes to get away from it all and travel the world. When she’s not jumping on a jet around the globe, there’s one particular destination she loves to vacation at the most…

Traveling on the job

As the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II has had to travel a huge amount for her job. She has traveled the whole world as well as her Commonwealth regions, and she used to fly around in her Royal jet to get to these places. However, as age has caught up with her, Lizzie has opted against flying long-haul and instead gives this pleasure to her son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles. That’s not to say that she doesn’t travel at all. Elizabeth still flies every so often, and she even takes trains and boats to some of her favorite destinations. Her favorite place of all time? Malta.

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite travel destination

Racking up some numbers

Over the course of her life, the Queen has racked up some huge numbers when it comes to her air miles. Although she has traveled to Canada nearly 30 times over the years, it’s not one of her favorite countries. That pleasure instead goes to Malta, where the Queen lived for many years before her father passed away and a crown was placed on her head. The reasoning behind this decision is rather emotional. Before she became Queen, Elizabeth lived with Prince Philip and their friends while Philip served in the Navy. They lived a simple yet luxurious existence before everything changed for them. Even now, the Queen notes that it’s the place she feels most normal, and the place that she remembers with a fondness in her heart.

The Villa Guardamangia

While Philip and Elizabeth lived in Malta, they set up shop in Villa Guardamangia. They loved this villa and their lives in Malta so much that it was a huge shock when they had to return to England after two years away. In fact, when the Queen made her way to Malta in 2007, she actually asked to visit their old home and revel in the old memories. Unfortunately, the new owners of the property refused the Queen entry. Despite this, the Queen has made her way back to the country on many occasions, and will always have a soft place in her heart for this place.

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite travel destination

The Queen has had the chance to go anywhere in the world. She could travel from one end of the earth to the other if she wanted to, but there’s only one destination that truly makes her happy. That’s the place where she once lived a normal life.