Most luxurious private jets in the world

Just like taking a glimpse into the lives of the rich and the famous, getting to see inside some of the most luxurious private jets is a privilege very few people get to have. So while some people might get to be living the dream, others have to ponder over some pictures dreaming of how we’re going to make it big. The most luxurious jets are worth an insane amount of money, starting in the range of tens of millions of dollars all the way up into the hundreds. This is because people can have them personalized and adapted anyway they want, if they have the cash, and some people choose to have vast quantities of diamonds, crystals, and gold embedded in various places of their jet.

Bombardier Global 8000

This private jet is the largest of its class, with top tier technology running through the engines. The Bombardier Global 800 has been designed with fuel economy in mind, making sure that it produces the lowest emissions they could achieve. This craft has been built for the business person in mind, making it equally comfortable and luxurious, as well as practical and business-like. This starts at around $66 million and boasts an entire plane for a single person.

Bombardier Global 8000

Airbus 380

Most of these private jets seem as if they would be larger than these billionaire’s homes when you consider the size of them. The Airbus 380 can carry up to 800 people, including their luggage; however, they are also being used as an incredibly luxurious private jet too. One example is one Saudi-Arabian Prince who has modified his to suit his needs. His plane has three floors that are connected by a spiral staircase or an elevator that passes through all three. The rooms filling these floors include concert halls, four family or VIP suites, and even a private religious room. Not to mention this guy could fly out the whole office and conduct insanely lavish meetings in their luxuriously furnished board room.

Boeing 757

This is the same model as owned by the current POTUS. His jet is worth a whopping $100 million and is one of the most luxurious and sought-after crafts when it comes to private jets. The jet is nowhere near as impressive as the Airbus 380, but it’s still something to be envious about. The private jet has 43 seats that have their own TV screens. It utilizes the space it has, turning couches in the guest room into a bed so that people can choose which they would prefer. Not to mention there is basically gold everywhere. There are even 24-carat-gold plated seat belts, not to mention the taps in the bathroom.

Boeing 757

Boeing 747-8 VIP

The owner of this jet prefers to remain anonymous. However, they’re the proud owner of the Boeing 747-8 VIP, which is the second largest of the collection – it’s also the longest. The materials used on this private airliner is nothing short of being the best and most luxuriously sourced. The jet also has a couple of lounges and a stateroom worthy of a king. This jet is also built for business and offers a large dining and conference room that can fit a large group of people. Who said you couldn’t mix business and pleasure?

No doubt these jets are something only the richest can afford, but it’s interesting to see what some of them have featured within them. Just a comfortable snooze on the way to our vacation would be nice.