Great cruises that you can take

Let’s be honest, there are only so many resorts and hotel rooms you can stay in before it all starts getting a bit dull, are we right?! That’s why the best of us like to mix things up a little and have a bit of variety to our vacation experiences. It is after all, as they say, the spice of life. So, what better way to mix it up than to get on a giant cruise ship and enjoy a relaxing vacation across the oceans of the world?

If you’ve never been on a cruise before you are in for a treat! It’s just like staying on a floating hotel, except you get to visit multiple beautiful cities and countries around the world during your stay. Picture convenience, satisfaction, adventure, excitement, and, of course, plenty of wine to go with it as well! Cruises are fast becoming a popular vacation choice for a lot of travelers, and, could be ideal for you. So, check out this list of our favorite Cruises (apart from Tom, of course).

The Caribbean – Royal Caribbean

Perhaps the best-known and most revered cruise line in the world, Royal Caribbean offers you the stellar chance to discover the exotic magic and majesty of the Caribbean. The company just launched the world’s largest cruise ship last year, and they offer a variety of rooms for singletons, couples, or groups. Whether you’re looking to swim with sea lions in the waters of St. Thomas island or explore amazing caves on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, Royal Caribbean is the company for you!

Athens to Dubai – Seabourn

One of the best cruises we can recommend is the 16-night Athens to Dubai trip, offered by Seabourn. If you’re not familiar with Seabourn, they specialize in smaller luxury vessels and have recently made waves (pun intended) with their new 600-capacity Seabourn Harmony. It’s the ideal choice for exploring Southern Europe and the Middle East. You can enjoy stops in Israel and Jordan, before passing through the Suez Canal and heading down to Dubai. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime cruise opportunities – get booking now!

Mediterranean – Carnival

When it comes to cruises of the Mediterranean, Carnival has got to be top dog. Some of the routes they offer are splendiferous, and their stunning ship Carnival Vista is groundbreaking. Holding nearly 4,000 passengers, this ship has literally everything you could possibly ask for and is the ultimate way of cruising the Med in style. By the time you reach destinations like Spain and Turkey, you’ll have been suitably pampered enough to relax and get even more enjoyment out of new cultures.

New York to Canada – Norwegian Cruise Line

If you fancy something a little closer to home, why not check out NCL and their acclaimed New York to Canada cruises? This gives you an amazing snapshot of North America from a different perspective and also includes stops in picture-perfect New England. This is a delightful cruise that combines the blue oceans, autumn hues, and natural beauty of the North American landscape. Truly breathtaking – you’ll feel a million miles from home, even though you won’t be!

If we’ve not convinced you by now that you simply need to get involved in a cruise, then there’s little help for you! It’s one of the most divine ways of seeing the world, and you’ll be able to visit multiple places with ease and convenience. Wake up and smell the roses, cruises are the only kind of vacation you need in your life from now on!