Most extravagant purchases of the rich and famous

Nicholas Cage bought a Bahamian island for $3 million

Actor Nicholas Cage purchased a Bahamian island in 2006 while he already had a mansion in the Caribbean on the exclusive island of paradise. He is a long time resident of the Bahamas and is well known in the city and he is in close proximity to his good friend Johnny Depp. The 40acre island he bought is reported to have been purchased for $3 million.

Jay-Z spent $250,000 on champagne

The famous rapper and husband to Beyonce, Jay Z spent $250, 000 on champagne in 2011. He bought several bottles of Armand de Brignac Champagne, which is known to be the best of the best. It apparently costs $300 dollars per bottle, so it must have been much more than just a few bottles. He also bought a 15-liter bottle of for $100, 000 and left a generous tip of $50, 0000 to the staff of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel.

Beyonce Spent $100, 000 on gold leggings

According to Vogue UK, Beyonce purchased a pair of metallic Balenciaga leggings made of real gold that cost her a whopping $100, 000. She wore them for her performance in the 2007 BET Awards. We can only hope that she managed to write them off as a business expense. And she at least, looked super fabulous in them.

Tyrese Gibson bought his 8-year-old daughter an island

For Christmas, singer and actor Tyrese Gibson told Entertainment tonight that he wanted to buy his 8 year old daughter, Shayla, something really special. So he decided to buy her a private island, since that’s clearly a very normal thing for a young girl to have. He did not reveal where it is located, nor how much it cost him, however we do know that the island is called Love Island. Now if that’s love for his daughter, we don’t know what is.

Kim Basinger bought a town for $20 million

Kim Basinger, who is most famous for her role in 8 Mile and L.A Confidential, is also quite well known for buying an entire town in 1989. According to the New York Times, together with some other investors, she bought the town of Braselton, Ga. for a large sum of $20 million. The town is located 53 miles north of Atlanta and only had 500 people living in the town at the time.

Alfonso Soriano spent over $100, 000 on a customized Hummer

Alfonso Soriano, the seven-time all-star baseball player bought a Hummer H2 and then spent over $100, 000 just to make it customized. He had his name engraved on the hood, as well as a wall of expensive sneakers and had it painted the same color, medium blue both on the outside and inside. He put the Hummer for sale on eBay for $36, 0000.

Lil Wayne spent over $150, 000 to make his teeth gold and diamond

Lil Wayne, the famous rapper made who ruled the 2000s Billboard charts made a seriously dramatic fashion statement through his teeth in 2009. He told Jimmy Kimmel that he spent a shocking $150, 000 in order to encase his teeth in gold and diamonds. They are actually permanent and cannot be removed from his mouth. Everything he says must be extremely precious.

Mike Tyson spent $140,000 on two white Bengal tigers

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion has been covered several times for his financial issues throughout his career. According to The Seattle Times, one of his most extravagant purchases includes two white Bengal tires, in which he spent a total of $140, 000 on them. In addition to this, he invested another annual sum of $125, 000 for a personal animal trainer.

Paris Hilton spent $25,000 for two Yorkie puppies

Paris Hilton, the legendary TV personality and socialite is well known her unique behavior. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, she put $25, 000 down for two teacup Yorkie puppies in 2015. One was apparently a gift to her mother, and the other was to serve as a friend for the dog she already has. She at least had the happiness of others in mind.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. spent $4.8 million on a car

Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of the highest-paid athletes according to Forbes in 2015 has some gone on some seriously expensive shopping sprees. His $50, 000 diamond iPod or $1.1 million watch is not even half of it. His largest purchase so far is a $4.8 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita luxury car. This guy certainly knows how to ride in style.

Angelina Jolie bought a helicopter for $1 million

Angelina Jolie apparently spent $1 million on a luxurious helicopter for her husband at the time, Brad Pitt in May 2012. It was thought at first that she bought in with the plan of transporting her six children but apparently, it was purchased for the sole use of Brad Pitt and for the ability to fly in and out of Cannes.

Brad Pitt bought a painting for $960, 000

Brad Pitt did the obvious thing that any celebrity would do when they have a ton of money and can do whatever they want He bought a painting for almost $1 million. It was done by Neo Rauch, a German artist. Well, at least he is helping a talented artist thrive while decorating his home.

Jessica Simpson bought a motorboat for $100, 000

Jessica Simpson bought her boyfriend of the time (2009), Tony Romo, an NFL quarterback, a 450 horsepower motor boat for $100, 000. What a wonderful girlfriend. Or maybe she was hoping to persuade him into proposing to her. He took the gift from her and then broke up with her the day before her 29th birthday. Probably not what she was expecting as a response to her generous gift.

Bono paid $1, 700 for a plane ticket for his hat

If you were to go on holiday and left you favorite hat at home by accident, you would have a few options. The obvious one would probably be get a new hat and carry on. And if you really felt like you needed the hat, you could spend some money and have it sent by Fed-Ex. But what Bono did was take things to the next level, and spent $1,700 for his hat to be sent by airplane and have it’s very own seat. Just because he could.

Chris Brown has a $1.5 million sports car

After Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna in 2009 and pleaded guilty for the charges, he still did not decide to take a low profile. Instead, he continued to make noise in the press and purchased a Bugatti for himself at the cost of $1.5 million. It is one the most expensive known to mankind. And since the price was not shocking enough, he got it in bright red.

Rihanna’s hairdo costs her $1 million to maintain

Famous pop singer Rihanna spends over $1 million annually just to maintain her hair and make it so unique all the time. This is approximately 25 times what the average American makes in a year, let alone how much they spend on their hair. But, hey, she is Rihanna and she sure does look wonderful at all times.

Ashton Kutcher paid $200, 000 to become the next Neil Armstrong

Ashton Kutcher, who was at the time married to Demi Moore in 2012, put down $200, 000 in order to be Virgin Galactic’s 500th customer. Although he is a very talented actor, he clearly really looked up to Neil Armstrong and wanted to follow in his footsteps. And if you the kind of money he has, then why not take a 15 minute trip to the moon?

Ekaterina/Dmitry Rybolovlev bought a Greek Island for $150 million

Most billionaires have wanted to own Skorpios Island naturally. However as soon as it was up for grabs, Ekaterina Rybolovlev successfully got possession of the Greek Island in which Jackie O’ was wed, with $150 million that came from both her and her father, Dmitry Rybolovlev.

Bill Gates spent $30 million on the Da Vinci Codex

Bill Gates, the Microsoft owner who is known to be the world’s richest man spent $30 million on the Da Vinci Codex in 1994. That’s how much money falls out his pocket every morning, so it’s not such a big deal for him, for the record. But he took these pages and turned them into Windows 95 wallpapers. Definitely worth it for a cool computer screen wallpaper.

Ben Affleck spent $105, 000 on a jewel-encrusted toilet seat

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were considered a power couple in Hollywood in 2003 for a short time, Affleck managed to spent a shocking $105, 000 on a jewel-encrusted toilet seat, covered in all kinds of expensive jewels, such as rubies, diamonds, sapphires and pearls. It was designed for himself before their relationship ended. Perhaps we have found an explanation.

Kanye spent $350, 000 to have the Sistine Chapel in his house

Kanye deserves to make it to this list for more unconventional and expensive purchases than the internet can handle. He had the Sistine Chapel recreated in his home for the cost of $350, 000. But in this Chapel, he is represented as God, of course. He if he even more money he probably would have his face painted over the original as well.

Larry Ellison bought an Island for $300 million

In 2012, Larry Ellison, the Oracle billionaire bought almost all of the Hawaiian island of Lanai, also known as Pineapple Island for a cost of $300 million. He aims to turn it into a tourist destination, as well as a better and more green place for locals to prosper. Rich people have all kinds of unique goals for the world.

Steven Spielberg bought a sled for $60, 000

This one is a serious spoiler alert. In the film Citizen Kane, the sled which was given the name Rosebud is actually owned by Steven Spielberg. He purchased this movie prop for $60, 000. Rumor has it that the director of the film, Orson Welles said that he thought it was burned when he heard about Spielberg’s crazy purchase.

Louis Bacon bought an NY Island for $11 million

Louis Bacon discovered Robins Island when he was only about 20 years old and was working on a fishing boat nearby. Once he became more successful as a Wall Street trader, he bought over 400 acres of beaches, forest and bluffs off of the Long Island coast for a sum of $11 million. His goal was to use this space as a family retreat, as well as a space to preserve and restore the habitat that has been going down.

Jennifer Aniston spends $150,000 on beauty products

Jennifer Aniston simply cannot look that good on the red carpet without any effort invested. And that’s exactly the case, the actress spends $141, 037 on beauty products every year, ranging from eyebrow shaping sessions to private yoga classes. She also spends $385 on pre-prepared meals that have been approved by a dietitian. No wonder she looks so good.