China’s most popular tourist attraction

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If you’re the kind of person that just can’t sit still, there’s a high chance that you just love to find new and exciting destinations to visit. So, where are you going next? Well, if you want our advice, you should definitely go to China. Of course, you don’t need to take our advice, but this country has so many attractions to visit. You could walk the Great Wall of China, you could check out the Terracotta Army, or you could wander past the Summer Palace. However, if you’re planning on visiting The Forbidden City, these are the things you must know before visiting China’s most popular tourist attraction…

It’s the largest imperial palace in the world

Pretty neat, huh? The Forbidden City is one of a king for various reasons, but the main reason is that it’s the largest imperial palace in the world. It took a whopping 1 million workers to build this impressive 7,750,000-square-foot palace! This is because the palace is so much more than one simple building. Instead, there are 980 intricately designed buildings, complete with nearly 9,000 rooms, as well as 90 courtyards and quarters. Do you reckon they need a little extra space? Getting a little squashed, isn’t it?

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24 emperors lived there

We would do anything to live in this palace, but we don’t think we have enough cash to fit the mortgage. Alongside this, the palace is not actually in use any longer – but has since been handed over to the government and has been in its hands since China became a Republic in 1912. Before that, however, 24 emperors called this place home. In 1406, Emperor Yongle decided to make a palace that would top any other palace, and it was completed in 1420. The palace than moved from hand to hand, until it was handed over.

It’s full of treasure

Considering The Forbidden Palace is one of the most famous attractions in China, it should come as no surprise to learn that it’s full of treasure. In fact, there is nowhere else in the world that holds as many ancient Chinese artifacts and documents! With intricate and colorful pottery and bizarre statues, this palace is well worth a visit just to get a glimpse of these things.


You can’t see the whole thing

Although the Forbidden City is the most popular tourist attraction in China, you can actually only see 60% of the palace with your own eyes. If you try to explore the other 40%, you will be greeted with large railings and security guards, This is because the 14 million people who trundle through the palace every single year have had an effect on the palace, and it is need of repair. These important repairs are said to be completed in 2020.

China’s most popular tourist attraction

It’s covered in Chinese architecture

As soon as you set your eyes on the Forbidden City, you will be amazed at how beautifully detail the whole palace is. The buildings are covered in ornate gold finishings, as well as wooden carvings that take you back in time to the 1400s. Amazingly, this tourist attraction has taken the world record for the largest collection of medieval wooden structures in the world, and you can see them up close and personal. Well, we’re sold.

There are no trees in the outer court

When you go to the Forbidden City, you’ll see just how beautiful the palace looks up against the trees of the Inner Court. Yet, it may surprise you to know that there is absolutely no greenery in the Outer Court. Although there has been no confirmed reason for this, many historians believe it gives those who wish to gatecrash the palace fewer chances to hide. Makes sense.

Looking to visit The Forbidden City? Well, you can’t go without checking out these must-see facts.