The unicorn-themed ‘Inflatable Island’ in the Philippines that went viral

The unicorn craze is still well and truly in full swing. With everything from unicorn frappés to hair color and even cakes – could things get any more magical? Apparently, yes. Would you trust us if we told you there was an entire floating island dedicated to the mythical beings? You have to see it to believe it…

Setting the scene

Subic Bay is found on the west side of the Philippines. It was once known for the extensive beach, tiger safari tours, and the incredible open-water marine park. With temperatures regularly hitting above 85 Fahrenheit, or 30 Celsius, this picture-perfect location has become a popular destination for many people jetting to the country. However, there is another island that has floated over, and it is making quite the storm…

Unicorn madness

Perhaps you have fallen for the unicorn craze over the last couple of years? The bright colors and cheery outlook on life have made these creatures some of the most popular in the world. We’re all about that unicorn life. So how would you react to look out your window and see an entire island made of unicorns floating in the sea?

Phenomenal size

We’re not just talking about your average small pop-up island here. Oh no, this island is officially the biggest floating playground in Asia! It measures at a staggering 44,000 square feet. That’s the equivalent to eight basketball courts side by side – wowza. Could the life of a unicorn get any better? Hold your horses (or unis); we think it just did.

The course

The floating island doesn’t just look incredible; it is some of the most fun anyone can have on the water. The course is made up of all kinds of obstacles including jungle bars, a Tarzan swing, and a water trampoline. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even send your friend to meet the unicorn on the inflatable human launcher. Now you’ll be able to get closer to those rainbows than you ever thought.

The fun doesn’t stop

Believe us when we say that the floating island is only the beginning of this incredible adventure. As well as a unicorn-packed inflatable course, this island also has a perfectly matched pink and purple beach. Here, you can sit back and take in the sights and sounds while relaxing under the shade of an umbrella on your matching bean bag. The floating island really does come straight out of a fairytale.

Meet the creatures

If the island wasn’t enough to float your boat, then be sure to check out the Unicorn Island. Here you can get up close and personal with their giant mythical horse called Baba in addition to Climby the sea unicorn and a wavy dinosaur. At last, we can meet the magical creatures of the sky that have kept us captivated for so long. Life couldn’t be more magical if it tried.

Perhaps you have never imagined yourself jumping around a giant floating unicorn-themed island in the sea before, but we bet you have now. You’ll have to excuse us while we head off and jump on a plane. See you there – if you can catch us!