Places you didn’t know were dog friendly

With such a significant number of families owning at least one dog, it’s no surprise that we’re so set on finding places we can go, either for day trips or vacations, with our beloved pups. We seem to love nothing more than when our precious companions can accompany us on our adventures and escapades, and so, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places our furry friends can join us at.

Be beside the seaside

Tons of beaches across America are dog friendly. Some of these have restrictions, while others are dog friendly all year round. Restrictions usually prohibit dogs from being on the shore during the peak months, or at peak times of the day. For example, from May to September, or 9am to 6pm. Some of the best dog friendly beaches include Huntington Dog Beach in California, which holds annual Surf City Surf Dog competitions, Fort De Soto Dog Beach in Tierra Verde in Florida, which has a sectioned off part of the coast just for dogs, and rentable canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards, which are also dog friendly, and Rosie’s Dog Beach in California, where dogs are allowed to roam off-leash at all times.

Places you didn’t know were dog friendly

Austin has it all

Austin, Texas is one of the most dog friendly places in the U.S. Dogs are allowed nearly everywhere, including outdoor restaurant seating areas and many stores. Better than anything else, however, is the Dog House Drinkery Dog Park at 3800 County Road 175. This is a pub where dogs are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Dogs are allowed inside the pub, and there is also a large dog park, for dogs to play off-leash, while you enjoy a drink. Multiple other secure areas also allow for training, birthday parties, and for small dogs to have their own space. Austin also has a 13-acre off-leash playground, called Red Bud Isle Park, as well as dog friendly kayaks for hire, making Austin one of the most surprisingly dog friendly places to visit with your pup.

Shopping with your pup

Some stores might amaze you with their dog friendly policies. Of course, rules depend on the individual store, but there are a few retail chains which are known for welcoming dogs. Although, dogs are often not allowed in malls and so, the store is more likely to accept dogs if it is situated on its own. Some of the most common dog friendly stores include Home Depot, Barnes and Noble, Macy’s, LUSH cosmetics, and Apple. So, if you need to get some shopping done, but don’t want to leave your beloved buddy at home, you can check out some dog friendly stores – and you never know, your dog might enjoy some retail therapy, too.

Places you didn’t know were dog friendly

Whether you fancy a little day trip to somewhere your dog can join you, or a full two-week vacation, there are plenty of dog friendly places to visit. Some entire cities revolve around dogs, while others just have the odd attraction for dogs, but either way, there’s sure to be somewhere perfect for you to visit with your best friend.