Money traps you’re falling for every time you travel

There are so many hidden costs when you go traveling. It is annoying! You save up for ages, book your flights, reserve your accommodation and then that’s it, right? No. There are so many hidden pitfalls that so many of us fall into, every time we go abroad. Here are some of them.

Not reading the fine print

Often it is necessary to rent a car if your accommodation is far away from the airport, then it makes sense to get there in comfort, instead of jumping on five trains and eight buses. If you’re taking a road trip for the ages, then make sure you read all of the fine print on the car documentation, ideally before you sign and agree to the terms. Occasionally car hire companies can add insurance to the price without even asking you. Your travel finance company might even cover the cost, check their small print too!

Don’t be shy

You know that movie trope where the newlyweds are upgraded to first class, just because they are newlyweds? Yeah, we hate them too. Well, that could be you! Don’t be afraid to ask for upgrades when you get to the desk, you never know, they might give it to you for free if they are available. Simply asking if they have any upgrades available could be enough to prompt them to offer it free of charge, often upgrades are only provided upon request.

Do your research

Make sure to check out your transport to and from the airport. Sure, you know you can hail a cab here, but what about in Tibet, or Bangladesh? Not so easy. It is important to research how you will be getting from the airport to your destination; otherwise, you could end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your birthday suit. Many travel agents will be able to put a transfer into your package if you require it.

Eat at home

Airport food is ridiculously overpriced, don’t eat there. Just, don’t. Eat your own food at home, it’s cheaper and nicer. Fine, go to the drive-thru and get a Happy Meal, just don’t eat at the airport. It’ll save you so much money. The wonderful thing about lugging a massive suitcase around is that you can fill it with stuff. Some of that stuff should be food.

Figure out how to make calls

Most of us have smartphones with WiFi capabilities. Make sure that when you’re traveling around you find WiFi hotspots and use them. Do not try and use Google Maps if you get lost, it will cost you so much money in roaming charges. One trick that will come in handy is to purchase a local SIM from the airport. This will only set you back a small amount, and it will not have astronomical roaming charges. A tip, within a tip; head to the kiosk closest to the exit, they will be paying less rent so are the most likely to have the cheapest SIMs.

Check ATM fees

If you run out of cash, which is probably likely if you’ve found a sweet street food vendor that just does the best pickled snake. Maybe not, but whatever you spend your local currency on be sure to know what the additional charge will be when you want to fill your wallet back up. Most will charge for each transaction so try to take enough out to last you a while to avoid multiple ATM visits.

Those were some tips we think you’ll find useful the next time you’re heading to a new travel destination. Make sure you plan your trip as far in advance as possible, it will allow you to budget better and avoid the hidden costs. One final piece of advice – don’t eat near tourist attractions, it is super expensive.