This carpet cleaner quit his job and now makes six figures traveling around the world

Wouldn’t you just love to quit your job, go traveling around the world, make a huge salary in the process… Oh, and meet the love of your life?! Well, for British man named Jack Morris, that is exactly what has happened. The former carpet cleaner has completely turned his life around, and it all started with a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.

Quitting his job

According to The Daily Mail, Jack Morris is a 26-year-old Brit, who used to work as a carpet cleaner. On impulse one day, he decided to buy himself a one-way ticket to Bangkok in Thailand – and quit his job in the process. He had no idea what the future was going to hold for him, he just knew that he wanted to have a whole load of fun seeing the world. Little did he know how much lay in store for him, however.


Meeting the love of his life

As if getting to see all that this wonderful world has to offer us wasn’t enough, Jack Morris stumbled across a 23-year-old called Lauren Bullen on a beach in Fiji. As you do! Lauren is originally from New South Wales in Australia, and it was pretty much love at first sight for the pair. They quickly became full-time traveling companions, along with being boyfriend and girlfriend. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg for Jack Morris. Things were about to get so much better.

Bringing in the big bucks

As if traveling the world and meeting the love of your life isn’t impressive enough for the 26-year-old former carpet cleaner, he now brings in a six-figure salary with his girlfriend Lauren. The pair get paid to see some of the greatest sights in the world, but they also have a little side hustle (as if being social media superstars wasn’t enough). They have their own business selling Lightroom presets to those who want to make their Instagram photos pop as much as their own. With a combined follower count of nearly 5 million over their two accounts, it seems as though the world will be their oyster (quite literally) for some time to come.


Two years before

This luck may all be thanks to one decision Jack Morris made two years before. He said that he was strapped for cash and so decided to take the plunge and invest in a good quality camera to see whether he could snap some photos he could sell. Morris was hoping his investment would pay off, but he probably never dreamed it would amount to running a six-figure business with his new girlfriend by his side. It just goes to show that following a dream really is the key to success.

It’s unlikely Jack Morris is missing his life back in Britain, as a carpet cleaner, as he is now literally living the dream. So, where’s next for the pair? Turns out they’re heading to beautiful Bali. And in case you are thinking about making a career change, why not give travel blogging a try?