Best travel accounts on Instagram

Does anyone else find themselves scrolling through Instagram for inspiration on what to wear, what to eat and where to go? We are always struck with intense wanderlust when we see beautiful beaches, colorful cities or mystical mountains, and it feels so much more natural to look through social media for our next vacation idea than to check out an old fashioned brochure! So, if you need some travel inspo, here are the best accounts on Instagram for travel.

ExpertVagabond (@ExpertVagabond)

Proving that it’s never too late to start traveling, Marr Karsten had never even left the US when he quit his job as a freelance photographer in 2010. He then spent the next seven years traveling all over the world, covering over 50 countries from Tanzania to Italy and Hawaii to Russia. Although he has since gotten married and very recently had a baby (in Poland where he and his fellow photographer wife were traveling), he still spends half of the year traveling, so there is still plenty of content to give you itchy feet!

Photo: @ExpertVagabond

Wander Reds (@WanderReds)

One thing we love about Alvaro is his ambition! He wants to become the youngest Spaniard to visit all 197 countries of the world, and he’s not too far off it. His captions are captivating, asking questions of his audience about things such as their dream jobs or whether it’s better to travel solo or with others. There is so much more to this account than just beautiful photography. Alvaro is an absolute inspiration as he started off juggling his travel plans with a 9-5 job (relatable right?!) although eventually, he was able to quit and travel full time (the dream).

The Road Les Traveled (@lesleyannemurphy)

If you recognize Lesley, it may be because she was a contestant on the ABC show, the Bachelor, however now she is a full-time travel blogger and yoga lover. She has over 407,000 followers who love to follow her luxury adventures to far off tropical paradises or staying in quirky accommodation. Although a lot of what she does might be out of reach for the average Joe, there is still plenty that is obtainable.

Photo: @lesleyannemurphy

Alex Strohl (@Alexstrohl)

With one of the largest followings on Instagram (2 million at the time of writing), there’s no way we couldn’t include Alex and his breathtaking photography of the adventures he goes on. From his home in Montana to Iceland, Portugal, and beyond, the vibrant colors of his shots will have you reaching for your credit card! Alex’s travel photography is so good that it actually been used in Vanity Fair and Land Rover campaigns.

Next time you find yourself wondering where to book next, hopefully, these Instagram adventurers will inspire you a little. Instead of visiting the same beach every year, try somewhere a bit off the beaten path and really enjoy a new experience. Of course, nothing is stopping you becoming the next big travel influencer online, so get booking those trips and snapping those candids!