Best beaches around the world that aren’t packed with tourists

A day at the beach is always good fun. It’s a chance to soak up the sun and relieve some of the stress that’s getting you down. Unfortunately, everyone has the same idea as you, and finding somewhere quiet and secluded can be challenging. If you’re looking for a place to top up your tan where tourists won’t constantly hound you, you might want to visit one of these beaches.

La Sagesse Bay (Grenada)

Grenada’s tropical climate means that a day on the beach is almost essential when you’re in the country. Grand Anse Bay, one of Grenada’s best-known spots, is ridiculously busy throughout the year. However, things are a lot quieter just a few miles down the road. La Sagesse Bay, which is just as beautiful as its neighbor, is a nice, secluded spot rarely touched by these hordes of tourists. It’s not unpopulated, but it’s far quieter than Grand Anse Bay. The serene atmosphere here means you’ll definitely get some peace and quiet.

Ko Adang (Thailand)

Thailand’s beaches get crazy during peak season. However, if you’re in the country and looking for a quiet day by the sea, Ko Adang has got you covered. The island belongs to the Tarutao National Park and is favored for the local species in the area. Many people who come here do so to go bird watching, but you won’t be judged for lounging on the beach. The island is very secluded from the rest of Thailand, which is partly why it’s so quiet. If you don’t mind the challenge of getting there, the white sand and clear waters will be worth your while. Plus, there are opportunities to go snorkeling and scuba diving here where you’ll discover some beautiful coral reefs.

Colombier Beach (St. Barths)

The longer it takes to get to a beach, the less likely it is to be filled with tourists. Colombier Beach on St. Barths requires a 30-minute hike to reach, but you’re in for a treat once you make it there. The beach looks almost untouched because it’s not often that people put in the effort to visit it. With almost crystal clear water and sand that’s warm to the touch, this secluded spot is sure to give you the beach break you deserve. Plus, the half-hour walk is pretty scenic, so it’s worth the added time to get there.

Whitehaven Beach (Australia)

As one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you’d think that Whitehaven Beach would be more popular than it is. However, it seems that its seclusion has prevented others from visiting the gorgeous shores. It’s their loss, because Whitehaven Beach has some of the purest sand and clearest water you’ll ever find. It’s a visual masterpiece, especially where the currents and sand have created an incredible swirling effect in the water. It’s easy to get here via a tour boat, and they’ll typically provide you with a stinger suit if you plan on going swimming. While the beach is beautiful, it is sometimes home to deadly jellyfish. You’ll want to be a little cautious in the water.

Grenen (Denmark)

Scandinavian countries probably aren’t your first thought for a beach vacation, but Grenen in Denmark is one of the best and quietest. If you don’t mind not swimming in the water (it’s prohibited), you’ll be able to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Go there at the right time of year, and the weather will be reasonable enough for lounging on the sand. Plus, you’ll be greeted by the seals who enjoy relaxing on the beach, even with tourists hanging around. What more of a reason do you need to go there?

Going to the beach should be about relaxation. No-one wants to deal with the stress of being surrounded by a bunch of noisy, intrusive tourists, especially if they’re on vacation. At least you now know where to go when the crowds become too much.