36 hours in St. Louis – Where to go, what to do and eat

Tucked away on the edge of Missouri is St Louis. The city was once the hub for explorers as the railroad and river made it the perfect pitstop. However, visitors can now fly to the area for 36 hours in St. Louis as they lap up an experience like no other.

The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is one of the most incredible pieces of architecture in the world. As well as being the tallest arch in the world, trams can take visitors 630 feet up in the air to see the arch from a whole new perspective. To top it off, there is also a museum that explains all sides of the story to the arch as well as showcasing how this incredible piece was built. It can be easy to lose a few hours of your visit to The Gateway Arch as you take in its glory.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Renegade STL tours

Sometimes, we need the help of a local to help show us all we need to see in a city – especially when we only have a few hours to enjoy it all. Thankfully, Amanda Clark has set up a host of tours thanks to her tour company, Renegade STL. Here, visitors can enjoy all kinds of tours from walking visits to bus trips as you get to take in everything from local history to the underbelly side of the city. The tours tend to last two hours and can be a great way to see a huge portion of St. Louis. If you want to know more see a useful review from 2016 we found on the river front times.

Balkan Treat Box

All the various cultures that have called St. Louis “home” over the years means the city is brimming with all types of food. The Balkan Treat Box is a food truck that travels the streets serving up a host of dishes, including many traditional Turkish meals like Ćevapi – grilled beef sausages in somun with a side of cabbage salad – and kebabs. Now, Balkan Treat Box also has its own restaurant, but we warned; they typically sell out by 3pm and close the doors as soon as the food is gone.

Photo: Unsplash.com

City Museum

There are museums, and then there’s City Museum. The building was once a shoe factory but has since been turned into an adventure playground for people of all ages. The exhibitions are continually changing, and they are always crafted in front of our very eyes. The museum has everything from a cave system to an aquarium and a circus to a funfair. As if that wasn’t enough, City Museum is also home to many climbing adventures and slides, including one that is found on the roof. If you are not sure about this stop, check out the museums rating on Trip Advisor

Forest Park

This urban treat covers thousands of acres, and millions of people arrive every year to see what lies inside. The park is filled with miles of trails as well as quieter areas for reading or picnics. There are plenty of activities found throughout the space, such as golf, watersports, a sculpture park, and a huge zoo. Deer Lake is one of the most picturesque areas of the park while the skating rink can be a perfect way to whizz around the ice throughout the winter months.

City breaks can be an incredible way to take in new areas as we explore the twisting streets of the city. Thankfully, just 36 hours in St. Louis could be all we need to enjoy this incredible space with so many things to enjoy.