The world’s best breakfasts

We’re friends, right? We can be honest with each other, can’t we? Okay, well we’ve got a confession to make… we’re kinda obsessed with breakfast. Forget about the most important meal of the day, because breakfast is the most important meal of our lives! On more than one occasion we have taken ourselves to the local all-day-breakfast cafe twice in one day and got our fix of sugary and savory goodness, and we’re not even sorry for that. If you class yourself as a breakfast connoisseur like us, you might be wondering where in the world you need to go to try out the world’s best breakfasts. Well, look no further…

The United States of America

If you live in the United States or if you’ve visited the land of the free before, you’ll know that they should also be called the land of the breakfasts. This is because Americans know just how to wake you up in the morning, and it normally involves a huge stack of pancakes and a whole chunk of crispy bacon. I mean, we’re actually slobbering into our keyboard right now. Occasionally Americans will add some beans, hash browns and eggs to their dish, and they might even add a few fries here and there. If it’s delicious, they will have it for breakfast.

The world’s best breakfasts


If you’re not fond of eating sweet food to wake you up in the morning, you should probably just pack your bags right now and move to Turkey – because they are winning on the breakfast front. Although a Turkish breakfast will require an intense clean-up because they use so many plates and bowls, the food is definitely worth it. You can expect to have the likes of Feta, olives, Turkish tea, Turkish sausage, cucumber, cherry jam, and a whole host of bread on this table, and it looks downright delicious.


The Full English Breakfast is an international treasure, and people travel from across the world to try out this yummy dish that basically incorporates food from every single food group imaginable. Are you ready for the list? This epic breakfast features bacon, sausages, hash browns, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, fried/scrambled/poached eggs, and a whole load of baked beans. Because beanz meanz Heinz, right?


Venezuela probably isn’t the first place you’d think of when it comes to vacation destinations, but it should be at the top of your list with breakfasts like this. The people of Venezuela love to fill their stomachs with savory foods in the morning, and they particularly like to fill their stomachs with Arepas. This bread is served alongside foods such as butter and salty cheese, grilled chorizo, avocados, eggs, chicken, and more. If that’s not enough to get you ready for the day, we don’t know what will.


If you’re not sure whether you want sweet or savory in the morning, the people of Pakistan have got you covered. For their breakfast, these guys eat Halwa poori – which includes fried bread, a chickpea stew, and a tahini loaf which is incredibly sweet. They include all of the starch you could possibly need to wake yourself in the morning, but they also offer your sweet and savory teeth a little kick. You’re sorted!


Mornings can be a struggle, and it can be difficult to find time for breakfast if you have to leave early. Those in the land Down Under have managed to find a simple breakfast that will get them raring to go but won’t take them too much time to cook. What do they eat? Toast with Vegemite! If they’re feeling extra lucky in the morning, they might even add cheese to the top…

The world’s best breakfasts

Does anyone really fancy breakfast now? We’ll meet you at the cafe in five minutes, okay?