The world’s best food festivals

Food festivals may well be one of our favorite things on earth. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day exploring the different sights, smells and tastes at an event solely evolving around offering you delicious food?

There’s hundreds and thousands of different food festivals located around the globe waiting to fill your mouth with exciting stuff, each specializing in a particular type of food or cuisine. If you’re a big foodie and love to travel, then perfect…You have come to the right place! Here’s a list of some the world’s best food festivals to tantalize your taste buds.

Warning – may induce severe hunger. Our mouths are literally drooling.

Wildfoods Festival (Hokitika, New Zealand)

This festival is located in the small town of Hokitika on the west coast of New Zealand, and offers visitors some rather odd things to eat, to say the least. From seagull eggs to insects, this event specializes in eccentric foods that attempt to blow your mind in how something sounding so gross can actually be delightfully delicious. This one’s for you if you have an adventurous taste palette and don’t squirm easily.

Wildfoods Festival

Salon de Chocolate (Quito, Ecuador)

Although there are plenty of renowned chocolate festivals around the world, Quito is perhaps considered the best. Thousands of visitors gather each year to get a taste of some of Ecuador’s tastiest high-quality chocolate. There’s also plenty to see and do with cookery classes and competitions. This one’s for you if you love chocolate – so that’s pretty much everyone then?

Dumpling Festival (Hong Kong)

AKA The Dragon Boat festival. This holiday date takes place on the fifth day of the fifth Chinese lunar month, with restaurants, locals and tourists coming together as one to feast on tasty dumplings. The festival takes to the streets, offering up the best-tasting variety of dumplings made from glutinous rice and plenty of different fillings. This is for you if you’re looking to explore and celebrate a National cultural heritage.

Vegetarian Festival (Phuket, Thailand)

Mostly taking place on the island of Phuket, this festival is part of a nine-day Thai celebration for the promotion of mind and body detoxification. Locals take to the streets to celebrate, conjuring up some of Thai’s tasty vegetarian dishes using soybean and protein substitute products instead of meat. This one’s for you if you’re not a meat-eater and want to find out some fantastic new Asian recipes.

Pizzafest (Naples, Italy)

Did someone say pizza? Yes please. Pizzafest is one of the world’s biggest pizza festivals, taking place every year in Napoli’s Caracciolo in which over 500’000 visitors will come to eat more than 100’000 pizzas. The celebrations include recreations of historical recipes and pizza-making competitions. This one’s for you if you’re feeling extra hungry. Dig in!


Bacon Festival (Sacramento, California)

The Bacon festival offers the very best of bacon – all from farm-bred organic hogs and made with the very best natural ingredients. There’s plenty of strange dishes on offer – bacon ice cream, bacon salad, and bacon cocktails. It’s also advised that all of this is washed down with the very best beverages from the local breweries. We’re not gonna say no to that now are we? There’s even a Kevin Bacon tribute band that plays. This one’s for you if you want to have some good old’ fashioned community fun.


Food festivals are the perfect way to try some of the regional grub. There seems to be more and more cropping up each year so keep your eye open for what ones that may be near you on your travels. Top tip – go when you’re feeling extra hungry. You’ll be in heaven.