Explore Seville

Spain is a country with so much to offer the curious adventurer. There are plenty of stunning cities and places to visit that are full of wonderful history and tourism. Seville is undoubtedly one of the most amazing cities in the whole country. Tucked in the heart of the Andalusian region, Seville is one of the leading cities in Spain and has a wealth of experiences for travelers to enjoy and make the most of.

When you head to Spain, you need to make sure you spend a few days in Seville, soaking up the sun and enjoying the elegance of the Guadalquivir River. This important hub of culture and tourism in Spain is the perfect city to explore. It’s not as busy and frantic as Madrid, but it’s still an ideal choice for those looking for a rewarding city break. These are a few of the awesome things you should check out when exploring Seville.

Alcázar of Seville

One of the first places you simply have to check out is this amazing Islamic palace, built by the Moorish Muslim Kings. It is renowned as being one of the most breathtakingly beautiful palaces in Spain and is a wonderful example of Mudejar architecture. The site is also famous for being the oldest palace in Europe still in use. It is one of the most popular cultural attractions in the city, and you definitely need to make the time to go see it.

Tomb of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is one of the most prominent and important figures in history due to his colonization of the United States. Though he was an Italian explorer, his tomb actually lies in the city of Seville – so this is a unique chance to visit the tomb of one of history’s most important figures. After he died in Valladolid, Columbus had his remains moved to Seville and kept at La Cartuja. They then made their way to the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, before finally being returned to Seville in 1898, and buried in the cathedral where they remain.


You’ve heard of flamenco dancing, right? Well, Seville is the home of flamenco dancing, so, while you’re exploring, you should definitely check some out. Flamenco has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years, and there are numerous local establishments all through the city that offers a wonderful flamenco experience. This is one of those things that you can only enjoy properly in Seville, so you have to head to the Triana neighborhood, and make sure you take advantage of the experience, especially if there is a group of you.

Try some tapas

You’re in Spain, and you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t head out for some tapas. This is like coffee for Americans, it’s ingrained in the cultural fabric of Spain, and there are more than 4,000 delicious tapas bars dotted all around Seville. We recommend heading for Barrio Santa Cruz and choosing one of the authentic tapas joints here, while also soaking up some of the great atmosphere of modern Andalucia.

Seville is a stunning city, full of beautiful architecture, iconic dancing, delectable cuisine, and historical importance. It’s the best city in Spain you’ve never been to, and you need to change that today. If you’re looking for the full Spanish experience, and you want to make sure you have an unforgettable time, you need to head to Seville.