Best places to eat in San Francisco

Sometimes deciding where to eat out can be just too overwhelming, especially in a big city like San Francisco. Here’s a rundown of some of the best places to eat in the city to take some stress out of your dining out decisions! Even better, we’ve chosen some places that offer fantastic value for money for any bargain hunters so that you can spend your money on more exciting things!

WesBurger ‘N’ More

WesBurger can be found over on Mission Street and has that perfect retro diner feel to it. They call themselves the smallest bar in San Fran and they are open all the way to midnight for your late night cravings. Just like the name suggests, not only do they provide a mean burger, they have burritos, steaks, and salads. A big favorite is the ‘Hot Wes’ patty with onion rings, queso, pickled jalapenos and a side of tater tots.

Saucy Asian

This exciting eatery serves a great combination of Korean and Californian that caters to all kinds of diets. Located downtown on 3801 17th Street, Saucy Asian offers a wide variety of food including rice bowls, burritos, tacos and poke. Don’t forget to add a soy egg and some kimchi to your rice bowl for that authentic Korean flavor and finish off your meal with a refreshing popsicle.

Bini’s Kitchen

The founder Binita Pradhan is a native of Nepal and worked in the Nepali food industry for years before coming to San Francisco. When she arrived, she began to miss home-cooked food, so decided to set up a kitchen and began to make her own. Check her out at 2940 Folsom Street. The Momos (something similar to a meat dumpling) are a firm favorite and can be dipped in a tasty tomato and cilantro puree, or maybe you could dig into an authentic Tibetan curry.

Bi-Rite Creamery

With various locations across San Francisco, Bi-Rite Creamery makes delicious ice cream and baked goods and often have queues around the block! They opened back in 2006 and have been popular ever since! They pride themselves on making ice cream recipes straight from scratch, with organic and locally sourced materials. Some of the more exciting flavors include Balsamic Strawberry, Concorde Grape, Earl Grey and Maple Walnut.

Golden Boy Pizza

You probably aren’t wrong to say that all pizza is good pizza, but the slices from Golden Boy are a cut above the rest (excuse the pun). Founder Peter Sodini opened his pizza joint in 1978, and it soon became the place to be! It is still in the family and managed by Peter’s sons. These slices are not greasy and generously topped. One of the local favorites is the Combination Slice, stuffed with sausage, pepperoni, and vegetables.

These are just a small selection of all the great eateries available in the Golden Gate City, but it’s probably fair to say these are some of the best, and let’s face it, food tastes better when you know it isn’t breaking the bank.