The best festivals in Bangkok

Thailand’s capital is among the most sought-after and revered cities in the world. It has played a big role in history and popular culture, and visiting remains an informative and educational experience. A hodgepodge of stunning architecture, vibrant customs, and deep character, this is the kind of city we long to get lost in now and again. Discovering this diverse city lets you enjoy everything that’s great about Asia all in one location.

One of the best things about Bangkok is how seriously they take their Asian culture and heritage. This is explored and celebrated in the form of parades, festivals, and holy days scattered across the year. These are a real treat if you happen to be in the city at the right time – and are well worth a look. We’ve picked out a selection of the best festivals in Bangkok that you need to make sure you get yourself to.


Every year, during the hottest month (April) there is a week of festivities to celebrate New Year. It’s kind of a surreal experience celebrating the new year in April, and it’s even stranger because the streets empty, and it becomes traffic free. You’ll catch residents having friendly water fights, not to mention the fact that there is much dancing and street performing. This is a cool, fun, and slightly odd festival, but we definitely suggest you bring a water pistol and join in the fun.

Chinese New Year

This is a time for all the Chinese-Thai people to come together in celebration for a week in late January. This is perhaps the stand out festival we would recommend during your stay here, and really allows you to enjoy the blend of traditional Asian cultures. Expect lots of dancing, dragon parades, fireworks, and other performers. Don’t expect to find many businesses open during this time – it’s seen as a time of rest and relaxation.

Loy Krathong

Okay, this one is a little more culturally significant to the Thai people, which makes it one of the most important festivals in Bangkok. Taking place on the night of November’s first full moon, the festival sees people sending decorated floats into the water as an offering to the gods. This is supposed to help fight against bad luck and make for a more prosperous year. If you’re interested in observing this beautiful, traditional festival, we suggest checking with your hotel the best place to observe.


International Festival of Music & Dance

Anyone who is a culture vulture needs to attend this excellent festival, usually beginning in mid-September, where you can enjoy the very best music and dancing. The festival brings together some of the best music from around the country, and you’ll even be able to enjoy fun and quirky acts, such as a Michael Jackson tribute act! Check out ticket prices in advance, as they can vary a lot.

Bangkok is a city with such rich culture and diverse celebrations, and you should get on board with that. There are loads of wicked festivals happening here throughout the year, and these are just a snapshot of some of the best. We reckon that you need to check out at least one of these when you travel to Bangkok.