The best diners in the southern US

Everybody seems to have their own preconceptions about the south, and the people who live there. The south is a part of the United States, but it has such an identity of its own that it’s easy to view it as a whole separate nation. If you’ve never ventured south of your home, maybe it’s time you considered it. There are so many amazing states and cities in the south of the country, and they are becoming more popular with tourists.

Now, a trip to the south of the United States simply wouldn’t be complete without partaking of some of the delicious cuisine in abundance here. You simply can’t beat comfort food – it’s something that never goes out of style. And, the best places to find comfort food are in diners – an enduring symbol of the south. So, these are some of the best diners in the south that you need to check out if you’re visiting, or even just passing through.

Big Time Diner – Alabama

If you happen to be in Alabama, we suggest heading for the port city of Mobile and checking out this local classic. Satisfying the population since the mid-1960s, Mobile is one of the best places to come for food in the city and the state! Southern classics abound here, like giant bowls of tasty gumbo, or fried green tomatoes. They also have a big seafood scene in the city, and Big Time has a great menu to choose from if you want some tasty fish or shrimp. Ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this is a place that will satisfy the whole family.

11th Street Diner – Florida

There are few places in the state quite as Floridian as Miami, and this is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular tourist hotspot. This landmark diner in South Beach has grown in success and stature since opening its doors back in 1992. With wonderful Art Deco design, the diner is a hit with locals and tourists alike. They also have a menu packed full of diner classics, such as burgers, steak, omelets, and club sandwiches. It’s a great looking establishment with tasty food and friendly service.

Marietta Diner – Georgia

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing diners we’ve ever seen, with a stunning use of color and creativity to attract visitors. Located in Marietta, the diner stays open 24-7, so it’s ideal for serving hungry guests at any time of day or night. Owner Gus Tselios is of Greek descent, and he allows this to shine through in his dishes. So, you get to enjoy a bit of a Mediterranean twinge along with the usual diner classics. The Greek Souvlaki Platter is one of the highlights of this diner, and we definitely recommend you try it out.

Southern cuisine is some of the tastiest in the US, and diners are where you will find the best classic comfort food. If you are planning on paying a visit to the south, it definitely helps to know where you should be going to get the ideal food while you’re there. You might have your own ideas about where you fancy eating, but we hope the suggestions we’ve made here help you to discover some amazing diners you never knew about before.