The best coffee comes from these countries

Ask any coffee drinker, and they’ll tell you there is absolutely nothing like the taste of a freshly poured cup of brew in the morning. It’s an instant taste of optimism. The day starts as soon as that hot steaming mug of bitter-sweet goodness reaches your lips, and with good-quality grounds, it usually starts pretty darn well.

There’s a lot to know about coffee. It’s not just about the average cup of instant granules you can pick up at the local supermarket; there’s a whole world of different smells and tastes that coffee can show you. Every country has a different way of making coffee, and every little bean of coffee has a different story to tell. Here’s a look at the countries who supposedly make the tasting coffee in the world and the preferred kind – basically the places every coffee lover probably dreams of traveling to.

The best coffee comes from these countries

Colombia – ‘Supremo Coffee’

Colombia is the world’s biggest supplier of coffee – providing 15% of the planet’s beans. One particular strand of coffee that is distinctively delightful to the tastebuds is the ‘Columbian Supremo’. It’s often described as the best type of coffee as it uses the latest technology to grow. However, because of this, a genuine 100% Supremo grade coffee is quite hard to come by.

What does ‘Colombian Supremo’ coffee taste like?
A rich, bold and velvety flavor.

Guatemala – ‘Antigua Volcanic’

Guatemala is a country known for its high-quality tasting coffee because the beans grow on the richly mineralized mountainous areas where flavor is intensified. The country’s favorite coffee strand is ‘Antigua Volcanic’ coffee, named appropriately because it’s grown from the volcanically rich soils of Antigua Volcano.

What does Guatemalan ‘Antigua Volcanic’ coffee taste like?
A sophisticated and heavy taste, enriched with aromas of smoke.

The Arabian Peninsula – The ‘Arabian Mocha’

Arabian coffee is generally thought of to have a sweeter and more delicate flavor – softer tones of sugar, sweetness, and berries. So if you have a sweet tooth, this may be the one for you! The ‘Arabian Mocha,’ grown on the hills of the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the world’s most famous coffee strands, but due to its small production volumes, it is rare to come by, only usually exported to neighboring countries.

What does ‘Arabian Mocha’ taste?
A sweet and fruity chocolatey flavor.

The best coffee comes from these countries

Ethiopia – ‘Harrar Variety’

Some of the world’s best-known brands and strands of coffee are grown in Ethiopia. The beans are usually grown on the high-altitude Eastern highlands of the country, with each strand tasting notably different. Perhaps the most loved Ethiopian coffee is the ‘Harrar variety’ with an exotic zing, perfect for anyone wanting their coffee full of bold flavor.

What does Ethiopian Harrar coffee taste like?
A wine-like aroma, mostly spicy or fruity.

Coffee is one of the most valued exports, and its world-wide produce is a huge business around the globe, powered by our universal love for the deliciously tasting innocent little bean. When you next take your next first morning sip, take a moment to think about where it has been grown, and ponder on where it may have all started.