Travel destinations inspired by Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of those special shows that rarely comes around that captures everyone’s imaginations. The show transported us all back to a seemingly simpler time, where warriors fought with swords and politics people lived in castles. There were some stunning scenes in the show, and the actors were flown all over the world to film them. People loved the scenery so much their travel destinations were inspired by Game of Thrones.


If you wondered where the Game of Thrones showrunners shot the majority of their scenes for King’s Landing, then wonder no more. The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia was where all of the plotting, scheming, and fighting came to the fore, and it’s become a hugely popular travel destination. Studies have shown that whenever Game of Thrones is on air, bookings to Croatia increase.

It’s not just a trip of nostalgia for fans though, and the European city is one of beauty. There is a walled castle overlooking the Adriatic Sea plus there’s all of the medieval history you’d expect from such an old city. People can take a cable car ride and overlook the city, just like Daenerys did on the back of her dragon.


Northern Ireland

The scenes for Winterfell were shot at Castle Ward in Northern Ireland, and tourists can head there to see what it feels like to be a Stark. Then there are the iconic Dark Hedges, which are a must-see for any Game of Thrones fan on their trip to Northern Ireland.

Cast members spent months on location in Northern Ireland as the country’s cool temperature was perfect for replicating the North and Winterfell. There are even Game of Thrones tours you can take that will bring you to most of the major settings from the hit HBO show.


When Jon Snow and his band of men went north of the wall, the viewers were amazed by the scenery they were surrounded by. Iceland became the home of the wildlings and White Walkers thanks to its stunning scenes and cold climate. There wasn’t much need for CGI when Jon and co. were roaming the tundras beyond the wall as Iceland’s environment was already perfect for the job.

While the outdoor environment is what brings people to Iceland on a Game of Thrones tour, you can also explore caves like the one Jon and Ygritte found themselves in. The average number of bookings to Iceland more than doubles when Game of Thrones is on the air, so the Icelandic tourist board will probably hope there are some spin-offs.



Europe was the main destination for the scenes shot in Game of Thrones, and Spain played a big part in how things developed over the years. The Water Gardens in Dorne was one of the most memorable locations in the show, even if the storyline was forgettable.

The Real Alcazar in Seville is where the Water Gardens came to life, but it’s not the only Spanish destination for Game of Thrones fans. Those steps in Dragonstone when Jon first sees a dragon overhead are in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, while you’ll find Highgarden in Cordoba. Finally, for those Lannister fans, head to Castillo de Trujillo in Caceres to take in Casterly Rock.

Game of Thrones has inspired many fans to see more of the world thanks to the amazing locations it was shot in. These spots are the biggest attractions for fans of the show, and if you’re doing a Game of Thrones vacation, they’ll need to be on your list.