Top travel podcast recommendations

If you’re anything like us, the times you’re not actually traveling, are spent dreaming of traveling and planning your next big adventure. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or sitting at your desk, podcasts are a great source of entertainment, and there are a whole load of fantastic travel podcasts that will help with (or make worse!) your wanderlust!

The Rough Guide to Everywhere

Yes, it’s that Rough Guide! The joy of this podcast comes from feeling as though you are sat in a bar with friends, swapping stories and anecdotes about your travels. Greg Dickinson hosts the first two seasons, and Rebecca Hallett takes over for season 3 before passing the reins to Neil McQuillian. It’s a must-listen for any avid traveler.

Photo: BURST

Amateur Traveler

During each episode of this podcast, Chris Christensen focuses on a specific destination and over the course of around an hour he discusses their appeal, along with locals from the area, or people who are pretty well-versed in that particular destination. It’s great for travelers who aren’t sure where to head to next.

Taste Trekkers’ Find Dining Podcast

If you are someone who travels with their taste buds, you will love Seth Resler’s chats with big names in food from across the world. Find out the best places to eat in every city from food bloggers and chefs alike! What’s better than seeing the world? Eating your way around the world, of course.

The Skift Podcast

The Skift is a podcast about travel as an industry, rather than exotic locations and wanderlust, but it’s fascinating to hear about the latest trends in travel, as well as how the editors of this travel media company see things changing in the next few years.

Photo: BURST

Indie Travel Podcast

Craig and Linda Martin host this 30-minute podcast, which offers advice, stories, and guidance. Find out what to pack in your under-seat carry-on bag, the top five things to do in London, and things you wanted to know about Prague and the Czech Republic to name just three episodes!

Coffee Break (Italian/French/Spanish)

These bite-sized language lessons are the perfect length to listen to while you sip your morning coffee. It’s probably not the kind of podcast where you will subscribe and listen to every episode religiously, but it’s ideal for checking out the back catalog of wherever your next trip is going to be, to nail the basics of the lingo.

We travel there with Lee Huffman

If you want to explore a destination beyond just the tourist attractions and see where the locals hang out, then this podcast was made for you! Lee Huffman talks with locals about their homes and uses their unique perspective to help travelers uncover some hidden gems.

If listening to these doesn’t have you checking for cheap flights, we don’t know what will! Travel podcasts are pretty different from many other types, as you may not want to listen to every episode from a particular host (although there will be some exceptions of course), but if you are booking a trip, or especially interested in a destination then we’re sure there will be plenty of offerings in this bunch.