Countries with the funniest people

Some people are just funnier than others, there’s no denying it, but are people from certain countries typically funnier than others? We’re looking at hilarious people all over the world and deciding once and for all which countries have the funniest people.


Have you ever heard of dry British humor? You’ll never guess where it comes from! Whenever the world gets British people down instead of crying about it, they find humor in the darkest of situations. It’s what makes the country keep going and there isn’t a single thing that British people won’t turn into a joke. Sure the subject matter might be terrible, but the British mentality is essentially; “If we can’t laugh we’ll cry,” and they choose laughter every time.


The US has its own brand of humor that has become popular all over the world. The sitcom has become a staple of American entertainment, and there are a lot of them. That means there are tons of funny people out there coming up with these great ideas for hit shows. Add to that the amount of stand up comedians on tour each night in America, and you know you’re going to be laughing before you go to sleep. While sometimes American humor might lack subtlety, it isn’t afraid to make a joke that needs to be said.


Australians are hilarious. We could just leave it there, but we thought we’d explain why they are so funny. Australia is a country where literally everything is capable of giving you a fatal bite, sting, or wallop. The environment is so dangerous in Australia, but they are the most laid back people in the world, and that brings great humor.

Australians aren’t afraid to make a joke in bleak times like the British, but will happily hit you with an American style prank to get you laughing too. It’s this combination of English and American humor that make Australians some of the funniest people in the world.


Some of the funniest actors in the world come from Canada. Comedians such as Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, and John Candy all hail from Canada and they are definitely some of the funniest people to have ever lived. Throw in a healthy dose of sarcasm on top of those great actors and try to convince us Canadians aren’t hilarious.


If you want a good laugh, then make sure you get yourself to Ireland. While most countries have comedians to make them laugh, Ireland doesn’t need them as everyone is hilarious. Sure there have been some funny comedians, writers, actors, and entertainers from the Emerald Isle, but trust us, there are a million others just like them. Ireland is where you go if you want a good time and you can’t leave this country without cracking a smile at least once.

People all over the world are funny, but we think these countries have the funniest people. The most hilarious humor around the world is born from these nations, and while other countries deserve mention, these are the greatest.