The Best Road Trip Destinations in the World For 2017

Going on a road trip is by far the ultimate way to experience the joy of travel.  It’s a hallowed rite of passage for travelers, a ritual generations-old that proves whether you’re cut out for a transient life or not. It separates the pretenders from the true wanderers of this Earth. Where do you get started, though? The world contains many fantastic road trip trails. Keep reading, and you’ll find out about the best road trip destinations this planet has to offer.

The Garden Route – South Africa

It seems inappropriate to start with a show stopper, but The Garden Route needs to be brought to the attention of many road-trippers who are ignorant to how beautiful it is. Many people have a view of South Africa that is based entirely on perceptions of the inner cities and slums but ignore the fact that this part of the continent is a lush, green paradise. The route takes you over coastal plains; dotted with rocky, mist covered mountains with a great view of blue seas below. It’s a good idea to stop off at the local vineyards and walk the nature trails here for a better lay of the land. Who says you have to stay in the vehicle to enjoy a road trip? It’s all about the journey, not the destination; so make the most of it.


Cabot Trail – Canada

Oh, Canada. The maple leaf country has plenty of sights to see, but the Cabot Trail is something else entirely. If you love the feel of the wind in your face and the smell of ocean spray in your nostrils, then you’re going to find this an extraordinary stretch of your road trip. The trail is in Cape Breton, known by many to be the most beautiful part of Nova Scotia. The trail is Oceanside, making for great views and a whole lot of sunshine during the right conditions. There are plenty of little French, and Scottish influenced towns along the way, so if you’re partial to some sightseeing you’ve got a few destinations to check in at. Word of advice, though; no matter how beautiful the view is, keep your eyes on the road. There are barriers to prevent you sailing off the side of the road, but if you come at them with speed, you’re going straight into the drink.

Gobi Desert – China/Mongolia

Arguably one of the most famous deserts in the world, and a paradise for off-roaders. A landscape of golden sandy plains awaits you. For some, the infinite stretches of nothing may be a little annoying, but for others, it’ll put them at peace and allow them just to enjoy the simple pleasure of travel. Make sure you take the chance to ride on a camel if traveling in a vehicle gets a little too monotonous. The desert stretches over China and Mongolia, meaning this road trip can take you through two countries. It might be a good idea to tailor the trip to get the most out of this and don’t just make the Gobi Desert the highlight of the journey.


South Island Circuit – New Zealand

If you’ve seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies, you’ll know New Zealand is a country with vast natural beauty. In a country this beautiful, what makes the South Island Circuit stand out? Remarkable landscapes filled with mirrored lakes, lush green vegetation and snowy mountaintops makes every second you’re there more beautiful than any painting you’ve seen in your life. Much like the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings, taking things slow here pays off in dividends. This is not an environment you want to race through; this is not a case of making it from Point A to Point B in the quickest time possible. You want to savor the experience and make memories for the future. There are some adrenaline pumping activities along the way such as bungee jumping, but they aren’t compulsory to the experience unless you feel particularly bold.


Bollenstreek Route – The Netherlands

The simplicity of this route is what makes it a supreme road trip destination. Roads are flanked by rows upon rows of flowers. As you travel, they blur into a smear of color, like you’re driving on a painted road. There are no vast picturesque vistas, or stunning mirrored lakes and snowy, mist-draped mountains, but there’s a pureness to this route that cannot be ignored. It’s just you, the road, and a whole bunch of beautiful flowers.