Stars who turned down famous roles


Can you imagine how Forrest Gump would be without the iconic Tom Hanks starring in the film Or have you ever thought how the film, Million Dollar Baby, would have turned out if Hilary Swank wasn’t the lead star? Would a different actress win an Academy Award instead? Casting for a film or a television series is more important than you can imagine. This part of the production process is crucial, because the people that are chosen to be part of the cast can really determine the success or failure of the project and can definitely change the dynamic between the cast members, for the better or for the worse.


Actors and actresses can become iconic after appearing in a film or a on television show due to their impeccable acting, the nature of their character or sometimes just what they make of the role. It doesn’t even have to be a big or a lead role. Take Anne Hathaway for instance, who only had 15 minutes of screen time, but they were the best fifteen minutes of her life because her short-lived performance earned her an Oscar. Sure, there are many actors and actresses could be suitable for the same role, after all, that’s the whole point of auditions and reading for a part. However, there is still a reason why one person gets chosen at the end of the process and not someone else.

Call it destiny, connections, luck or just pure talent, but when actors and actresses are being called for an audition, it’s usually because the director or the producers have a vision of what the role would be like if that person was to be cast. However, you can be sure that for every big role, there were a couple of candidates who were thought to be appropriate. For example, before Jamie Foxx was cast for the iconic role of Django, actor Will Smith was considered for the part, however the latter turned the role down. Moreover, Melanie Griffith turned down a role that could have changed her acting career forever. Find out which stars have rejected the most iconic roles in history and why.

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