Mom’s incredible makeunder, even her kids can’t recognize her

When it comes down to it, we all have aspects of our appearance that we want to change. Whether you want to add a few inches to your height, change the color of your hair, lose some weight, gain some weight, or just learn how to do your makeup properly – there are always parts of us that we believe could be enhanced or altered in some ways.

In today’s day and age, we are seeing more and more people go under the knife to permanently or temporarily change their appearance. They might have breast surgery, liposuction, cosmetic surgery, botox or more. Then, there’s everything else. Yep, you can’t even leave the house and visit a single store without being bombarded with makeup brands, fashion accessories, false nails, false eyelashes and skimpy clothing. Because of this, it’s no surprise that people are opting to embrace the false look, and bury their natural beauty beneath layers of makeup and cosmetic altering.


This is so often the case with celebrities who can afford these treatments, but it is much less common for the everyday mom, dad, daughter or son. But how would you react if your mom wore revealing outfits that flaunted her augmented chest, wore platinum blonde hair extensions, with false eyelashes, false nails and spent thousands of dollars worth of extra cosmetic procedures? Well, for one family in Alberta, Canada, this was their reality. After years of looking like a real-life Barbie doll, this mom was ready for a change. She wanted to strip her face bare, remove all of her makeup, remove all of the excess, and expose her natural beauty for the first time in decades. This makeunder mom received expert help to receive the most shocking transformation – but would she stick to it? You’ll have to read on to find out…

The Makeunder Mom

The Makeunder Mom in question was Dawn Williams, from Alberta, Canada. In 2010, her daughter and son had become so fed up with their mom’s outlandish appearance, they begged her to change her ways. Although Dawn loved her over-the-top, bright and false look, she also prided herself on being a good mom – and just wanted to make her children happy. So, with the help of The Oprah Show, this mom got the ultimate makeunder. But how long would it last?

The fake effect

Before her epic transformation, Dawn was a lover of all things fake – in fact, some people even called her the real-life Barbie doll. The mother-of-two would never be seen without a full face of thick makeup, fake hair, fake eyelashes and fake nails. She was the real (fake) deal. However, her outlandish look didn’t stop there. With her large breast implants, her Botox face and her full and plumped lips, Dawn turned heads wherever she went. Dawn loved this reaction and wore scandalous outfits to turn even more heads.

A natural beauty

However, Dawn Williams hadn’t always been a real-life Barbie doll. As a child and through her teenage years, Dawn was a natural beauty that flaunted her real hair, her bright smile, and her big eyes. Dawn had first started to alter her appearance when she was just 21-years-old. As she made these small changes, she noticed that she would gain more attention with this fake look than when she was her natural self. So, she continued to tan her body and followed a strict diet, slowly becoming the woman she is today.

A different person

Although Dawn loved her look and the attention she got, she knew her outward appearance didn’t match the person she was on the inside. Yes, she was a woman who loved being noticed, but she was also a mother and a role model – and that was her most important label. When Dawn’s son and daughter first revealed their concerns about their mom’s appearance, she knew she had to change her ways and undergo a makeunder for their sakes. She wanted her children to be proud of her.

A helping hand

So, as she made the brave first step to change, Dawn got into contact with The Oprah Show – her message specifically aimed at Carson Kressley, one of the most prestigious style and fashion experts in the business. Carson gladly took on the challenge and offered a helping hand to the mother of two. He traveled from Chicago to Alberto to meet the mother in the flesh and see what he had to work with. The two spent days discussing a transformation, which would be revealed on the much-loved Oprah Show a few weeks later.

The first step

Before he could work his magic, Carson Kressley wanted to see the true Dawn Williams – but Dawn was skeptical. She rarely took off her makeup, and Carson expected her to do it in front of thousands of watchers. She was incredibly nervous. As she picked up her towel and started to remove the layers of makeup on her face, it made Dawn feel as though she was back at high school, a very scary thought for the mother of two.

Setting some rules

Although Dawn was in good hands with Carson Kressley, he was only going to help her if she wanted to be helped – so he set some rules. Over the next few weeks, Dawn had to ensure that she stuck to a strict beauty regime. She was not allowed to wear foundation or makeup of any kind. She was not allowed to tan her body, wear hair extensions or even wear false eyelashes. But this wasn’t all. Dawn was also instructed to wear appropriate clothing that did not show all of her assets to the world.

A security blanket

As Dawn agreed to Carson’s terms, she became even more emotional, and let slip some of her darkest secrets. Before her makeunder, Dawn used her hair extensions as a security blanket. As a youngster, she was a little overweight and used all of the hair, the nails, the eyelashes and more to cover up the fact that she is still conscious of her weight. She used to wear the biggest hair extensions in an attempt to distract her onlookers from her size. Instead, they’d simply look at her hair.

A waiting audience

Dawn was obviously unnerved by this transformation but agreed to all of Carson’s terms. After a few weeks, she nervously awaited her big reveal on the Oprah Winfrey Show – but she wasn’t the only one who was nervous. Sitting in the audience was Dawn’s daughter and son, who couldn’t wait to see what their makeunder mom now looked like. Dawn’s children were also joined by one of her closest friends, Wendy, who was equally as nervous, but also pretty excited.

The big reveal

As the tension mounted, Oprah finally announced the arrival of the new and improved Dawn Williams. ‘Alright, come on out Dawn!’ she shouted, as a shadow of the old Dawn was projected on the awaiting curtain. Suddenly, the curtain lifted, and the new Dawn stepped to raucous applause and gasps of shock. Dawn was no longer decked out in skimpy outfits but sported a simple wrap dress that hugged her figure, with natural hair and simple makeup. The audience couldn’t believe this was the real-life Barbie doll.

An emotional embrace

Dawn’s children could barely recognize their mother and were overjoyed to see her without all of the fake hair and makeup. After a second to compose themselves, they ran down from their seats and onto the stage for an emotional embrace. Dawn could tell from their reactions that they were happy with her new makeunder, and suddenly felt overcome with happiness and pride. As she looked over their shoulders, she noticed her best friend Wendy wipe away tears from her face. She knew her makeunder had worked.

A more sophisticated look

As Carson Kressley announced his new makeunder, he described all of the details that went into Dawn’s transformation. He wanted Dawn to look more like a mother, but not one who had to compromise her desirability and her attraction. So, although he swapped her saucy outfits and makeup for more sensible ones, she was still beautiful inside and out. Nevertheless, Dawn did find it hard. Because she was so used to people staring at her and paying attention, she felt like a piece of her personality had been taken away.

Feeling free

One of the biggest differences in Dawn’s makeunder was her hair. Where she once wore layers of fake hair extensions, she now had a full head of her own natural hair. It framed her face and was a natural color, which brought out even more of Dawn’s natural beauty. But how would Dawn cope without her comfort blanket? When asked this question, Dawn noticed that it was ‘really freeing.’ Dawn’s friend Wendy was particularly happy about the lack of extensions, and noted that she looked ‘fantastic.’

Where are they now?

As one of the biggest talk-show hosts in America, Oprah wanted to catch up with Dawn a few years after her makeunder with her show Oprah: Where Are They Now. As the camera panned on the mother-of-two, they noticed that her life had changed drastically since her natural beauty makeover. In 2013, Dawn experienced the happiest day of her life when she married her new husband, Troy. Dawn had her dream Cinderella wedding, in a perfect Cinderella dress.

Adding to the family

But Dawn’s new life didn’t stop on her wedding day – in fact; it seemed to restart itself. Just a few weeks after her wedding, Dawn and Troy adopted a son into their family and welcomed Johnny into their lives. A few years previously, Dawn had also celebrated her 50th birthday. Because Dawn didn’t like to do anything by halves, she paid for all of her friends and family to take a trip to Cancun in Mexico for the ultimate birthday party.

A life-changing moment

However, Dawn’s life took a turn for the worse in 2014 when she experienced a life-changing moment. That year, Dawn was involved in a major accident while attending a cousin’s wedding in Nashville, Tennessee. During the reception, Dawn had fallen down a set of stairs and seriously injured herself. In fact, she was rushed into intensive care with little hopes of survival. She was hooked up to a life support machine, but the doctors held out hope for her recovery.

An amazing recovery

Amazingly, Dawn pulled through and recovered from the life-changing event – but on the Where Are They Now show, she did note how the past year had been full of intense ups, and awful downs, which had had a major impact on her life. Because of these events, she had learned to respect her life even more and appreciate what she has. She knows she was incredibly lucky to survive the ordeal, and that things could have ended very differently for the mother-of-two.

Had she stuck to it?

Although the Oprah audience were incredibly saddened to learn of the events in Dawn’s life, they all wanted to see what she looked like now and whether she had stuck to her makeunder. Well, as the viewers tuned into the show, they were welcomed by long blonde extensions, fake eyelashes, and heavy makeup. They could tell straight away that Dawn had ditched the natural beauty look and reverted back to her old, over-the-top ways that we had first seen.

Didn’t know who she was

Of course, Dawn was asked about her transformation back into the world of fakery – but her response sparked emotion in all of the viewers. Dawn noted that after her makeunder, she fell into a state of depression. She didn’t know who she was and felt like the things that made her whole had been taken away from her. After suffering from the depression for around eight months, Dawn found the only way to be happy was to revert back to her old ways.

The makeover process

However, Dawn did not revert back to her old ways all at once. In fact, she did it in stages. First of all, she retrieved her ‘comfort blanket’ and covered her natural hair with extensions. As soon as she put them back on her head, she immediately felt like her old self. Soon after, the makeup and the falsities appeared. Although she agrees she may not be a natural beauty, she feels like herself with all of the fakery, and her husband has always taught her to be comfortable in her body – and that’s how she feels comfortable.