The illustrious women of Magnum, P.I.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 37 years since Tom Selleck sauntered into our lives with an Hawaiian shirt, ice cold sun glasses, and a dreamy bod as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator in Hawaii. With it’s Charlie’s Angels-like unseen operator, quick action and wit, and — let’s face it — with Selleck as eye-candy, the show was an immense hit. Considered one of the most handsome men alive to this day, Tom Selleck, now 72-years-old, was (and is) television’s biggest heartthrob, and this, along with a balanced recipe of action and humor, mystery, and a leading cast with immense chemistry, contributed to Magnum, PI being one of the most successful shows in TV history. It ran for eight years, throughout all of which devoted fans followed the adventures of Magnum and his investigations (when he was not entertaining in his Hawaiian island resort, that is), in a well-known, prescribed, but oh-so-beloved plotline: the hero is reluctant to join, the hero falls in a web of danger, the hero and the supporting case save themselves right at the last moments, and the bad guys get caught, usually sent off with a jokey line and a heart-melting smile from Tom Selleck.

Oh — and we can’t forget the women. As an easy-going, kidster and flirty cop, Selleck could show his true nature as a ladies’ man; in a trend suited for the time period, and in a Bond-like storyline, almost every episode includes a women — usually beautiful — whom Selleck rescues — normally right in the nick of time — and who fall madly in love with him — as we all did — only to be forced to say a sorrowful goodbye (and make room for the next beautiful Bond — I mean Magnum — girl).

Interestingly enough, this formula produced a line of well-known actors and entertainers who got their first break on the show, giving it its star-making reputation (on top of the fact that the man who provided Master’s voice is Orson Welles — who needed to further introduction.) The show also had some extremely well known guest stars. Here are some of the women of Magnum PI then — and now.

Mimi Rogers – Then

Mimi Rogers is originally from southern Florida, so it is no surprise that she was so good at her role in Magnum, P.I. In fact, it was her portrayal of Margo Perina in the episode Italian Ice that helped to catapult her career into stardom. After Magnum, P.I., Rogers starred in movies such as Someone to Watch Over Me, The Mighty Quinn, and Desperate Hours. She was also on the cover of Playboy Magazine.

Mimi Rogers – Now

Mimi Rogers has had a lot of success since Magnum, P.I. She has been on Dawson’s Creek, Two and a Half Men (playing Ashton Kutcher’s character’s mother), King of the Hill, Las Vegas, and of course, Dumb and Dumberer. Rogers was briefly married to actor Tom Cruise, and actually was the driving force for him joining the infamous church he is a member of. Rogers has since remarried, and she has two children. She has allegedly since left the Church.

Dana Delany – Then

Dana Delany began her acting career on the stage, most notably in plays such as A Life. She would then go on to play the role of Cynthia Farrell in Magnum, P.I., playing the role for several episodes. It was then that her acting career really took off, and she was able to get roles in shows and movies such as Patty Hearst, China Beach, and several others. She was also ranked as one of People magazine’s most beautiful people in 1991.

Dana Delany – Now

Dana Delany has continued to act, appearing in Desperate Housewives, Castle, Body of Proof, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. She was listed as number nine in People Magazine’s 100 most beautiful people of 2011, and was the host of the fourth Television Academy Honors. Delany has been a free soul for the vast majority of her life, and has yet to get married. However, she said that she was ready in a 2006 interview.

Shannen Doherty – Then

Shannen Doherty, our beloved Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210, did in fact got one of her first role in Magnum, PI, as the young daughter of a boxer who Magnum helps. It was actually one of Doherty’s first ever roles – not that bad for someone who is just starting out. She ended up being nominated for the Best Young Actress award for her role in the series Airwolf a little while later.

Shannen Doherty – Now

Shannen Doherty has been all over the place since. She married a man, got divorced, and the man put a restraining order on her. Then she married a woman and divorced her. Then she married another man and divorced him as well. She is currently married to a (male) photographer. Doherty has since been on Dancing With the Stars, and is set to air in a new show on Spike TV.

Eileen Brennan – Then

Eileen Brennen started out her acting career on the stage, having performed in numerous plays such as Little Mary Sunshine, The Miracle Worker, and Hello, Dolly! She then transitioned to the silver screen, acting in Divorce, American Style. She would go on to become one of the most recognizable supporting actresses in both the film and television industry. She was even on Magnum, P.I. in an episode titled “The Love that Lies.”

Eileen Brennan – Now

Eileen Brennan kept on acting even well into old age. She reprised roles on Stella, Texasville, and even had a recurring role on Blossom. She was married and had two children, one of which went from being a college basketball athlete to actor, and another who is a singer. Sadly, Eileen Brennan passed away in 2013 after a long battle with both breast as well as bladder cancer.

Teri Ann Linn – Then

Teri Ann Linn hails from the island of Oahu in Hawaii, and was therefore the perfect person to cast for Magnum P.I. The first ever time that she appeared on Tv was when she was being interviewed on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. She played Wedni and Angie on Magnum, P.I. Teri Ann Linn also hosted her own show, called Grand Prix All Star Show.

Teri Ann Linn – Now

As it turns out, Teri Ann Linn and Former President of the United States Barack Obama actually studied at the same high school, but only remembers him for his “cute afro.” An avid tennis player, Linn actually played in the US Open, winning the Mother-Daughter US Open Championship. She was also Miss Hawaii as well as fourth runner up Miss USA, and judged the Miss Universe Pageant in 1996.

Erin Gray – Then

Playing Joy “Digger” Doyle on Magnum P.I., Erin Gray was one of the most sought after models of the 1970’s, appearing in everything from L’oreal to Max Factor commercials. She started acting after being tapped for the role as the star of Evening in Byzantium. The producers of Magnum P.I. wanted her to have a recurring role, but this never materialized. She instead went on to act alongside Kenny Rogers in Six Pack.

Erin Gray – Now

Erin Gray now works primarily as an agent where she specializes in getting sci-fi and stars of fantasy shows engagements at charity events, conventions, festivals, and much more. It also appears that Gray is a Tai Chi instructor. She has also appeared on several internet shows, including Buck Rogers as well as Star Trek Continues. She also advertises for dog food. Wow, Erin really seems to do it all!

Gwen Verdon – Then

Gwen Verdon began her acting career as an assistant to noted Hollywood and Broadway choreographer Jack Cole. She would regularly perform as a background dancer on various shows and musical movies, eventually making her big break in Can-Can. She went on to win a Tony award for her role in Garden of Eden. She eventually reprised the role of Magnum, P.I.’s mother on the show of the same name, winning three Emmys in the process.

Gwen Verdon – Now

Gwen Verdon would continue acting after Magnum, P.I., and even went on to win a Grammy as well as four Tony awards. She was even inducted into the American Theatre Hall of Fame, and was awarded the American Medal of Arts. She had two husbands and two children by them. Her marriages were reportedly quite strange as Verdon had a wandering eye for other men. She sadly passed away at her daughter’s home in 2000. All of the lights in Broadway were dimmed as a tribute to her.

Marta DuBois – Then

Marta DuBois is a Panamanian actress from the City of David in the far west of that country. Before appearing on Magnum, P.I., Dubois reprised roles in television shows such as Tales of the Golden Monkey. She had a recurring role on Magnum, P.I., where she played Magnum’s ex-wife Michelle. She went on to star in roles in shows such as The A-Team and Dallas. She also had movie roles in Boulevard Nights and Dead Badge.

Marta DuBois – Now

Marta Dubois has continued to act, reprising roles in both Star Trek: Enterprise as well as Star Trek: Voyager. Most recently, she has starred in roles in television shows such as Murder, She Wrote, Walker, Texas Ranger, The King of Queens, Law and Order: LA, and Bones. As can be seen by her wide range of shows, Marta has an extremely versatile set of acting skills. We wonder what she’ll do next!

Angela Lansbury – Then

Angela Lansbury was born in the UK and became an actress after her father passed away, playing different characters as a coping mechanism. She would go on to use this skill to reprise roles in a whole plethora of movies, including Gaslight and The Picture of Dorian Grey. By the time the 1980s rolled around, Lansbury was already a household name, and was the star of Murder, She Wrote. Lansbury played her character from the show on a crossover with Magnum, P.I.

Angela Lansbury – Now

Angela Lansbury has been crowned the “First Lady of Musical Theatre” by the New York times. She has won dozens of awards and has been nominated for many more for her work throughout the years. The only award she has never won is an Emmy, for which she holds the record of having the most nominations and no wins. Lansbury got married twice, with her second marriage lasting over 50 years. She also has two children, one of whom was involved with the Manson family.

Carol Burnett – Then

Carol Burnett was struggling to find work when she and some friends decided to put on a play and invite talent agents. This helped jumpstart her career, landing a role in The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show. She would eventually host her own show, called the Carol Burnett Show. By the time she got around to playing Susan Johnson on Magnum, P.I. she was already a well known name and actress around the country.

Carol Burnett – Now

This comedienne has been winning award after award, including a Grammy for the Best Spoken Word Album in 2017, a Screen Actor’s Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Burnett was married several times and has three children. She used to be best friends with Lucille Ball, and is still very close to Betty White, Jim Nabors, and Julie Andrews, just to name a few big names.

Sharon Stone – Then

Sharon Stone was not having much luck in Hollywood at the beginning of her career, playing minor roles in television shows, including a “ditzy meter maid.” However, it was her role as two different identical twins Diedre and Diane Dupres in the two part Magnum, P.I. episode Echos of the Mind that her career really took off. She then reprised roles in movies such as Above the Law and King Solomon’s Mines.

Sharon Stone – Now

Sharon Stone is now a world famous actress, having played roles in movies and shows such as Cold Creek Manor, Catwoman, Basic Instinct 2, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and James Franco’s The Disaster Artist. She has courted international controversy several times, alleging that an earthquake in China which killed nearly 100,000 was karma for how China treats Tibet, as well as when she forced UNICEF to allocate nearly a million dollars to one of her pet projects.

Tyne Daly – Then

Tyne Daly began her acting career on the shows General Hospital as well as the show Foreign Intrigue back in the 1950s and 1960s. However, it was her work in General Hospital that really got her noticed, and after that role, she just couldn’t stop getting acting roles. One of her plethora of roles came about in 1981 when she was cast to reprise the role of Kate Sullivan for the hit TV series Magnum, P.I.

Tyne Daly – Now

Due to the fact that she has been in so many roles, it is no surprise that Tyne Daly has won numerous awards for her acting skills. She has amassed a collection of six Emmy awards as well as a Tony award. She was even inducted into the American Theatre Hall of Fame. Daly was married for nearly 30 years to Cuban actor Georg Stanford Brown, with whom she has three children.

Annie Potts – Then

Born in Nashville, TN, Annie Potts was not destined to be a country star. Instead, she decided to get into acting, starring in the MGM film Corvette Summer, getting a Golden Globe nomination for her role. She starred in several other films before taking on the role of Tracy Spencer for two episodes of Magnum, P.I. She then went on to play several prominent roles, most notably as the receptionist in the Ghostbusters movies.

Annie Potts – Now

In our personal favorite performances of hers, Potts played the voice of Bo Peep in both Toy Story and Toy Story 2. She has also had roles in Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty, and Boston Legal. Annie Potts is married and has three children, and she serves on the board of Stephens College. Most recently however, Potts got the role of Sheldon’s mother Memaw on the Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon.

Phyllis Davis – Then

Kathleen Lloyd was born Kathleen Gackle in Santa Clara, California right after World War Two. She got into acting, and she scored her first ever big break as the leading female role in a western film titled The Missouri Breaks. It was on this film that she first met and acted with legends such as Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando. She eventually got cast to be on Magnum, P.I. as Assistant District Attorney Carol Baldwin.

Kathleen Lloyd – Then

Lloyd has taken on several other roles since her time on Magnum, P.I., most notably in the NBC crime drama The Gangster Chronicles, chronicling the lives of the various gangsters who ran amok in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s. She also acted in the show Hill Street Blues portraying a nurse in that series. Hill Street Blues went on to win eight Emmys in its first season, and 98 more throughout the show’s run.

Stella Stevens – Then

Stella Stevens had quite a successful early acting career. Bursting out onto the acting scene in Say One For Me, she quickly got more and more roles, eventually signing onto Paramount Pictures and even winning a Golden Globe Award. She was featured in Playboy several times, making her star only shine brighter. She switched over to television in the 1970s, and would reprise the role of Loretta ‘Lolly’ Zachary van der Post in Magnum, P.I. in 1986.

Stella Stevens – Now

Phyllis Davis continued performing for nearly her entire life, having scored roles in Fantasy Island, Knight Rider, Vega$, and many other television shows in the 1970s and 1980s. While Davis never married nor had any children, she was in a long term relationship with Dean Martin during the 1970s, and then she started seeing Laffit Pincay Jr., a man who competed as a professional horse jockey. Sadly, Davis passed away in her home in Las Vegas, NV at the age of 73.

Candy Clark – Then

Candy Clark grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas, but moved out to New York City to pursue a modelling career at the age of 18. She eventually went into acting, reprising her first role in the film Fat City. She went on to star in other big name movies such as The Big Sleep and Blue Thunder. She also had appearances on various television shows, such as The Dating Game, Matlock, and of course, Magnum, P.I., where she played the role of Leslie ‘Scooter’ Emory.

Candy Clark – Now

Candy Clark has continued to act and stay relevant. She was in movies such as The Blob, The Informant, Dog Tags, and Zodiac. She also continued to act in television, having reprised roles in Twin Peaks, Criminal Minds, and St. Elsewhere. Clark has had a string of marriages, and even dated Jeff Bridges for a while. But perhaps most surprisingly, she is a huge fan of hot rods, going to shows quite regularly.

Christine Belford – Then

Christine Belford was born in Amityville, New York, and actually lived in the famously haunted house featured in the film The Amityville Horror. She eventually moved to Los Angeles and scored a seven year long acting contract with Universal Pictures. This helped to launch her television career, appearing in The Gambler alongside Kenny Rogers, Barnaby Jones, and Magnum, P.I., where she played the role of Adelaide Malone.

Christine Belford – Now

Christine continued to act in television shows, reprising roles in Family Ties, Battlestar Galactica, The Golden Girls, and even Murder, She Wrote. Belford does not do as much acting anymore, but instead does a lot of voiceover work. She does voiceovers in many of the commercials seen on TV to this day, and even lends her voice to cartoons. Belford did not find love until later in life only getting married in 1993 to actor Nicholas Pryor.

Anne Bloom – Then

Anne Bloom, whose real name is Anne Pearson, was born in Los Angeles, CA right after World War Two ended. Due to her living in such close proximity to the acting scene, it was only natural that she would become an actress. Her first ever television role was on Marcus Welby, M.D. She continued to get roles on and off, including on the show Magnum, P.I., where she was cast as Cindy Lewellyn.

Anne Bloom – Now

Bloom continued to host various shows, such as Totally Hidden Video and appearing on the $20,000 pyramid. She was also an integral part of the show HBO comedy show Not Necessarily the News, a faux news show which lampooned what was going on in the real world, similar to The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight. Bloom actually won an award for her work on the show. Anne now works as a family and marriage therapist in Beverly Hills.

Katherine Cannon – Then

Katherine Cannon was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but ultimately made her way out to Hollywood, California in order to pursue her acting career. With her stunning good looks, she got tons of roles in movies such as Private Duty Nurses, Fool’s Parade, Women in Chains, and Baa Baa Black Sheep. She also performed in several television shows, most notably Magnum P.I., where she reprised the role of Linda Booton in two episodes.

Katherine Cannon – Now

Katherine Cannon continued acting, playing a school teacher in the show Father Murphy, and playing the mother of the main character in Beverly Hills, 90210. Cannon has been married twice, first to a director who directed commercials named Richard Chambers, and then to Actor Dean Butler, best known for playing the role of Almanzo Wilder on the hit show Little House on the Prairie. She has one child by Chambers, a son named Colin.

Pamela Susan Shoop – Then

Another actress born in Hollywood immediately following World War Two, Pamela Shoop is the daughter of Clarence A Shoop, a United States Air Force test pilot. In fact, he was in the plane that dropped Chuck Yeager and enabled humanity to reach supersonic speeds for the first time. Susan studied acting both at the University of Southern California as well as in Italy, and was eventually cast in Magnum, P.I. as Alice Cook, showing up in two episodes of the show.

Pamela Susan Shoop – Now

Pamela Shoop has appeared in several other television shows, including Knight Rider, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, and Murder, She Wrote. Shoop is married to Terrance Sweeney, a man who used to be a Jesuit priest. She and her husband have written a book together which is titled What God Hath Joined, and Shoop is now heavily involved in charity work.

Robin Dearden – Then

Robin Dearden is yet another actress born in Hollywood (wow, they really did not leave far from home did they? It is almost as if their parents kept their daughters there on purpose…). She acted in a whole plethora of television shows, including Magnum, P.I. On the show Magnum, P.I., Robin Dearden played the part of Lexi Ziller. Dearden should consider herself lucky, as the vast majority of actresses on this list only appeared once on the show. She appeared twice!

Robin Dearden – Now

Robin ended up marrying actor Bryan Cranston of Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad fame. The acting power couple continued to find roles for themselves, and Robin has been in movies such as Last Chance and Wooley Child amongst others. She has one child with Cranston, a daughter named Taylor. It appears that Taylor is also getting into the acting business, having played roles in 101 Ways to get Rejected and Sweet/Vicious.

 – Then

Andrea Marcovicci is the daughter of world famous torch and cabaret singer Helen Stuart. Born in New York City, Marcovicci knew that she wanted to get into acting, but decided she would break in by singing. She began by singing on the Merv Griffin Show before being cast to be in commercials. She would eventually be cast to play the part of Amy Crane for two episodes on Magnum, P.I.

Andrea Marcovicci – Then

Marcovicci quickly became a well recognized name in the world of television, having a main role in Hill Street Blues, and appearing in shows such as The Incredible Hulk, Taxi, Trapper John, MD, and many others. In 1993, Andrea Marcovicci married Daniel Reichert, and the couple had a child together whom they named Alice Wolfe Reichert. Sadly, the two divorced in 2004 after just over a decade of marriage.

Cassie Yates – Then

Cassie Yates was born in Macon, Georgia, and we must say, she was certainly a Georgia Peach back in the day. This television star began her career by performing in the made for TV movie version of John Steinbeck’s famous novel Of Mice and Men. She also was in the show Dynasty, playing the role of Sarah Curtis. She was eventually cast to be in Magnum, P.I. where she played the role of Betty Windom.

Cassie Yates – Now

Cassie Yates has appeared in several more television serieses between the 1980s and 1990s. She has performed in roles in shows such as The Bionic Woman, The Streets of San Francisco, Cagney & Lacey, and even Murder, She Wrote. She has also had roles in several movies, including I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore as well as Guns and Lipstick. It appears as if Cassie has since retired from acting.

Kim Richards – Then

Kim Richards began her acting career at the age of nine months old, and she has never looked back. She then took on roles in Disney’s Whizz Kid Capers in the 1970s before going into more mainstream television shows. She appeared on Magnum, P.I. as Carrie Reardon on the episode Mixed Doubles which aired in 1982. She went on to appear on Diff’rent Strokes, Dukes of Hazard, as well as Fantasy Island.

Kim Richards – Now

Kim Richards has continued in various acting roles, and has appeared in various movies and shows including the 2009 remake of Escape from Witch Mountain as well as being a cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has had a string of marriages and divorces, resulting in four children with three different high profile husbands and fiancees. She was most recently caught shoplifting at a Target store. Hopefully Richards’s keel evens out soon!

Morgan Fairchild – Then

Morgan Fairchild changed her name for her career, having been given the name Patsy Ann McClenny. She got her start in acting being a body double for Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde as Dunaway didn’t know how to drive a stick shift. She then went on to reprise roles in Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, and of course, starred as Catherine Hailey in the Magnum, P.I. episode Ki’i’s Don’t Lie.

Morgan Fairchild – Now

Morgan Fairchild continues to act, having scored roles on shows such as Home Improvement, The Angry Beavers, Friends, Nip/Tuck, and Days of Our Lives amongst others. Interestingly, Fairchild has actually been kidnapped several times, with ransoms paid for her release. She is also on the board of the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG), serving on the Honors and Tributes Committee, Commercials Contracts Committee, and the National Executive Committee amongst others.

Phyllis Davis – Then

Phyllis Davis was born in Nederland, Texas, where she had a somewhat creepy childhood. Her parents owned a mortuary, and she grew up on the floor right above it. Davis got her first gig in the 1966 movie Love a Duck before she went on to reprise a role in Beverly Hillbillies. She continued to act in several shows, including Magnum, P.I. where she appeared as Cleo Mitchell in seven episodes.

Phyllis Davis – Now

Phyllis Davis continued performing for nearly her entire life, having scored roles in Fantasy Island, Knight Rider, Vega$, and many other television shows in the 1970s and 1980s. While Davis never married nor had any children, she was in a long term relationship with Dean Martin during the 1970s, and then she started seeing Laffit Pincay Jr., a man who competed as a professional horse jockey. Sadly, Davis passed away in her home in Las Vegas, NV at the age of 73.