These boyfriends and girlfriends get the ultimate revenge

Love. It’s such a magical, mysterious roller coaster of fun, laughter, cuddles, and smiles, right? Well, for some people, their love is cut short when their partners do the dirty and cheat on them. Luckily, these people are grown up, mature adul… oh, who are we kidding?! These boyfriends and girlfriends got the ultimate revenge on their cheating partners. That’ll teach them.

Airing your dirty laundry

If you find out your partner is cheating on you, you’ll feel a complete mix of emotions. You’ll feel sad, you’ll feel angry, you’ll feel ashamed – and you’ll probably feel like you want to curl up in a ball and escape society for a little while (of course, with numerous tubs of ice cream to keep you going). But rather than keep their secrets quiet, this partner wanted to air all of the cheater’s dirty laundry. We can’t imagine this person stayed too long when they turned up at that house…

…With the homewrecker

This woman knew exactly how to deal with her husband. She didn’t go marching through town with a pitchfork in tow and cursing the ground he walked on. Instead, she was cool and collected – and cussed him from the sidelines like the independent woman she is. With her pink personalized board and matching T-Shirt (yep, there’s a matching T-Shirt) the whole stadium could stare at the cheating husband and the homewrecker, while she sipped her beer and swiped through Tinder to find her next bae.

Hi Steven

Whoever Steven is, we felt sorry for you for all of one second. That’s it. Because this is darn hilarious. Many embarrassed girlfriends quickly get over their embarrassment after learning their boyfriend or husband has cheated on them, and soon the embarrassment turns to anger – and they just want revenge. Emily (who is Steven’s soon-to-be ex-wife) didn’t want to confront Steven in private. Instead, she wanted to publicly humiliate him in front of the whole darn world. To make things worse, he’s now single AND out of pocket.

One big hot mess

Although we don’t know the backstory to this cheating story, we can only assume that this cheater was exceptionally cheat-y. After learning that their partner cheated on them, this person decided to not only smash their car window but throw a bucket of what we really hope is brown goo (you know, rather than what we all think it looks like. Yuck) into the car as well. I mean, that’s going to be one heck of a valet bill. If that were our car, we’d just chuck it away. There’s no saving that.

The couch potato

We all love it when the camera guy pans over the audience at a sports game and lets us read the loving ‘Hi, Mom!’ messages and the heartfelt love letters to audience members’ significant others. This one, however, was slightly different – and we can’t imagine the cheating ex-boyfriend who was watching the game from the couch would not be exhibiting the usual ‘ooh’s,’ ‘aaaaah’s,’ and smiles that we normally have on our faces when we see those messages. Sucks to be him. We hope his team lost, too.

Ex-husband yard sale

When you find out your partner has cheated on you, the only logical next step is to burn all of their possessions and belongings, right? Well, this (ex) wife had an even better idea. Rather than burning the items privately in her backyard, she decided to let the rest of the neighborhood know who her (ex) husband really was and give her neighbors the chance to peruse her ex-husband yard sale – and give them the once-in-a-lifetime chance to own some of his most loved items. The best part? They were completely free! We wonder what the cop chose…

Careful driving to your new girl’s house…

When it comes to a relationship, many women have to deal with the fact that these men have something that they love just a little bit more than their wives or girlfriends – their cars. And what do you do when he cheats on you? You mess with his car. This woman decided to sell her ex-boyfriend’s tire lugnuts (for free!) online when she found out he was cheating on her. We can’t imagine he made it to his new girlfriend’s house…

Thanks for the great memories

Well, that’s one way to make sure your neighbors never speak to your ex-husband ever again. We love the fact that this woman went to the trouble of ordering a professional sign to air her husband’s dirty secrets because it’s super classy and sophisticated. We’re also glad she made sure to compliment the neighbors before she left and thank them for all of the great memories in the house she now has to move out of. We can’t imagine he’d be pleased though.

The perfect advert

We don’t know where this woman is, but she needs to be snapped up by an advertising agency pronto – because this is genius. We love spoiling our other halves with gifts over the course of our relationships, and she did exactly the same. But now, she’s had a re-think about her spending, and prioritized what she really wanted to give to her husband as one last gift. A big ol’ metaphorical slap around the face with this priceless billboard.

Adulterers need not apply

There are two things in life that you have no control over – who you fall in love with, and whether you can sell your house. Luckily, this woman has managed to mix the two together with this epic real estate advert. She has every right to be scorned and slightly bitter as her husband left her and her family for a 22-year-old. But remember, if you like the look of this house… adulterers need not apply. We wonder if she managed to bag herself a new man with that sign, too?

You’ve gotta ax the ex

Our friends and family have told us all at one point in our lives that we need to ditch or ax the man or woman we’re seeing. Well, this person took that phrase pretty darn literally. After finding out they had been cheated on, they decided to give axes (we’re not gonna ask why they had five axes lying around) and stick them into the cheater’s pride and joy – their brand new Audi. They covered up the license plate for good measure, too.

A family affair

Ah, you gotta love family, right? Well, sometimes your family can get a little TOO close – especially when your wife secretly has an affair with your disabled war veteran brother. We can only imagine she was caught in the act in the Corvette, so it makes sense to get rid of the scene of the crime. The people of Georgia must have had a field day when they saw this pop up on the free ads, and one lucky Snellville resident got to take that baby home with them…

Every nerd’s nightmare

Yes, this one made us cringe too. While we were spending our time working out why this bathtub had a lid (huh?), we tried to avoid the horrific scene that awaited us when we looked inside of the bath. We can imagine the Korean man who received these photos from his (ex) girlfriend wasn’t best pleased either. But neither was she when she found out he was cheating. From what we can tell, there’s a computer, two laptops, a couple of iPads, a few tablets, a few phones and some speakers floating around in there. This really is every nerd’s nightmare.

A cake fest

I mean, we’re a bit sad that this was just a pure waste of what looks like a delicious cake – but we can totally get behind the intentions behind this revenge. As the note says, this ex-partner was giving their ex ANOTHER chance to have their cake and eat it – considering they had been so eager to cheat on them in the first place. We can’t help but wonder if they really did eat the cake when they found it…

Bros before… err… ladies

The Bro Code is a strict code of conduct that can often be an annoyance to women. But in situations like this, we’re so glad it exists – because after all, it is bros before… err… ladies (phew). This lad was duped by a girl who decided to tell him she had a boyfriend the morning AFTER they did the dirty, but he was man enough to realize that he had done wrong, and left this epic note for the boyfriend where she wouldn’t find it. Genius.

Facebook fails

Oh dear, Karl. It’s a bit too little, too late. This angry wife didn’t want to keep her newest revelation close to her chest. Instead, she wanted all of her Facebook friends (and his. Ah, the power of a tag!) to know that she had just found her cheating husband in a hotel with another woman. Yes, you should have kept it in your trousers, Karl. And no, Kimberley will not forgive you for this. What a Facebook fail.

What a train wreck

The power of social media is immense – especially if you’re on the wrong end of it. This woman found herself in the right place at the right time as this man was being so open and honest about his numerous illicit affairs and the stupidity of their wives that she just HAD to take a picture and post it to Facebook. Moral of the story? Don’t brag about your cheating in public, or do it in the first place!

For shame!

When you’re in the middle of a marathon, you need to be full of energy, with a clear head and concentrating on the miles ahead. But this guy didn’t have the privilege of an easy race, as he lost it when he cheated on his girlfriend. Thankfully, his (ex) girlfriend was on hand to metaphorically trip him up, to let him know that he was a cheating what’s-it. Even if he didn’t read the sign when he was running, someone else took a picture so he can take a look whenever he wants. Lucky guy.

Inked for life

When you’re in a committed relationship or marriage and just know you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, it can be a lovely idea to get matching tattoos to bond you together with your ink. However, if you’ve been cheating on her, it’s probably not a good idea to go ahead with the matching tattoo idea. Because you WILL be played. Just like this cheater. This girl got him good. We wonder what tattoo he’s stuck with…

Honk, honk

If we were behind this guy on the highway, we would definitely honk our horn. Unlike most of the ‘baby on board’ or iconic smiley face bumper stickers, this one is a little different – and custom made by his own wife. We can bet she probably would have made him an even nicer bumper sticker for his car if he hadn’t cheated on her with multiple women and abandoned his children. You know, there is that to think about when making a bumper sticker.

Have a nice day

Having someone cheat on you is never a pleasant experience, and some people just need a way to let out their feelings about the situation. And sometimes, having a good cry just doesn’t cut it. This guy found the perfect way to get over his ex-girlfriend after he found out she was cheating on him while he was at work and gathered all of her clothes for people of any gender to take for themselves (you know, as long as they are a size 8-10). He then finished the board off with a smiley face and a ‘have a nice day.’ Aw, nice guy.

Double trouble

There are just certain things you don’t do in a relationship. One is cheating. The other is cheating while your wife is looking after her sick mother. I mean, it’s common sense really. Unfortunately, this husband didn’t seem to have any common sense so his (ex) wife had to make it common knowledge for him to realize his mistakes. Kudos for the professional sign on this one. But we do wonder whether Luann and Vivian knew they were being cheated on too.

A treasure hunt

Rather than simply embarrassing their other halves outright, some boyfriends and girlfriends like to put thought into their revenge plans. Like this lady. Because she’s a whole load of fun, this ex-girlfriend decided to let her disgraced ex-boyfriend go on a little treasure hunt after she found unwanted Facebook messages on his account. Step 1: Try and find your clothes. Step 2: Try and find your video games. Step 3: Try and find your TV. Step 4: Try and find everything else. Genius.

Game over

There are men all across the world who dream of finding a girl who is into online gaming just as much as he is, but dreaming and acting on those thoughts is a whole different ball game. This woman’s husband thought that he could get away with his online antics, but soon realized that it was really GAME OVER! When she found out she of course moved out straight away – but not before leaving his aptly named bachelor party shirt on his chair on the way out.

Liar liar, shoes on fire

I mean, it’s not the real phrase – but we’re gonna go with it. Although us ladies get stick for it, men just loooooove their shoes, especially their sneakers. And of course, when a boy cheats, you just have to get revenge on something they love. So when Auri discovered that her (ex) boyfriend was cheating on her, she decided to get revenge in her own way. Yep, she set his favorite Air Jordans on fire. Because why not?

Something smells funny

When you’re in a committed and loving relationship, the last thing you expect is your partner, husband or wife to cheat. Alas, it does happen. But when a farmer found out that his wife had an active profile on a popular dating site and was on the prowl for new men – he decided to use his talents to his advantage. Using his tractor and horse manure as a weapon, he dumped the whole load on top of his wife’s beloved vintage convertible. Ouch.

Revenge is key

There’s something so special about the things in a relationship – like bringing home flowers, a box of chocolates, or just a card to say ‘I love you.’ Unfortunately, this guy’s girlfriend didn’t get that. When he found out that his girlfriend had been going behind his back and cheating on him with multiple guys, he knew he needed an extra special way to break up with her. So instead of a card filled with love poems and kisses, it was filled with her house key and some pretty hefty details.

Handwritten letters

Ahhhhh, love letters. With feelings from the heart, emotional poems, I love you’s and hugs and kisses, love letters are quite possibly the best things to receive from any partner. However, don’t expect one of those if you’ve been cheating on your other half. Instead, expect a handwritten letter like this one. Nope, she’s not telling you how much she loves you. Nope, she does not wish you a happy birthday and happy returns. Instead, she’s dumping him. That’ll be a birthday to remember.

It’s over

I mean, as much as it hurts us to see a nice car vandalized in such a way – we’ll let this person off because it’s the ultimate revenge. Everyone knows that most people’s cars are their babies, which means it’s their weakness. So when this girlfriend found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, she decided to pry on his weakness and deface his car so everyone could see how much of a cheater he was. Oh, and the fact that their relationship was over.

The truth will out

When it comes to cheating revenge, some people go all out. And we mean all out. Is there really anything better than hiring a plane to drag THAT sign behind it? We think not. When Scott’s girlfriend found out that he was cheating on her, she knew that she had to make him pay – and this way he’ll struggle to find anyone else who would want to engage with him anyway. Well played, lady. Well played.

Beep Beep

If you don’t look at this scooter too closely, it could pass as a quirky new paint job – but then you realize that it’s not, and it’s just a whole load of awkward instead. Of course, this girl was not going to sit idly by while her cheating boyfriend got away with his illicit behavior. Instead, she was going to rat him out to the whole world. This scooter now has all of the bad words under the sun written on it (in permanent marker pen) as well as his personal details, like his phone number.

Sail away with me?

We can guess the answer to that question would be a resounding no. It seems many women have the same idea when it comes to getting revenge, and it comes down to one thing; destroy everything they hold dear and write all over it. That’s exactly what happened to one man’s boat, who had his beautiful speed boat completely defaced after cheating on his wife. Well, we don’t blame her. What goes around comes around, and in this guy’s case, what goes around actually sinks.

Caught in the act

Sometimes you may be so sneaky with your cheating that you think you’re getting away with it – and your partner suspects nothing. However, sometimes you forget to think about the people around you. Like this lady. While attending a baseball game with her husband, she was texting another guy. But the lady sat behind them noticed her illicit texts and informed the husband with her own handwritten note. Safe to say she was really caught in the act.

Was she worth it?

There’s nothing more deadly than a woman scorned (or cheated on) – and if you give them a can of spray paint, you just know exactly how that situation is going to go down. Hint: they’re going to completely ruin your car, man. Unlike other victims, this woman did not call her husband every name under the sun. Instead, she was more polite – which we all know that means they couldn’t be angrier if they tried. We still wonder though, was she worth it?

Picture perfect

When you confront your partner with cheating allegations, they’re probably going to deny it. So before you try and catch them out, you need proof – and that is exactly what this person did. This person managed to film and take pictures of their partner actively cheating on them and didn’t know what to do with them. Finally, they realized. The car. It’s always the car. So, they stuck all of the pictures to their cheating partners car and wrapped it with cling film. Picture perfect.

I cheated, this is my punishment

We know that everyone is different and that cheating doesn’t ALWAYS result in a breakup. Each to their own. Some people find it in their hearts to forgive their cheating partners, but make sure they get thoroughly punished beforehand. One girlfriend made her cheating boyfriend stand in the middle of a busy street with a board around his neck as his punishment. We can’t imagine people were too happy when they drove past him…

Cell phone drama

When people find out they’ve been cheated on, they react in all kinds of ways. Some are relieved. Some are super angry. Some cry for weeks. And others are pretty happy. Like this guy – though that’s probably because he’s getting his sweet, sweet revenge. Granted, posting someone’s phone number for the whole world to see on TV probably isn’t the greatest idea, and we wonder how many pictures were actually sent to her after this.

Check mate

When it comes down to it, love can make you do some funny things, and so can embarrassment. When this woman found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, she didn’t know what to do and was completely ashamed of herself and her decisions (as well as feeling anger towards her boyfriend). But rather than sitting in the shame, she decided to post a video on social media of HER cheating with another dude. I mean, you know what they say – two wrongs don’t make a right. But whatever.

Social media edits

We all love a good Instagram post, and sometimes our pictures are so Instagram-worthy that you just can’t bear to take them down – even if you’ve broken up with the guy in the picture because he cheated on you. Oops. But this girl found the perfect way to keep her photos, but keep the cheater out of her life. Every time he featured in her photos, she posted the errr…’number two’ emoji over his face and changed all of the captions.

Always, Patricks wife

Yep, we laughed way too much at this one. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you found out your husband was cheating on you and that his mistress was expecting a baby? Well, Timeshia had the perfect response when it happened to her. Rather than confronting her husband head on, she decided to post this AMAZING passive aggressive ad in the local newspaper. We really hope he and the whole town saw it. Always, Patrick’s wife.

Changing the captions

Sometimes the best way to deal with a cheating partner is to quietly undertake your revenge, rather than go all-out and fight fire with fire. So, this girl decided that she wasn’t going to give her cheating boyfriend the reaction he thought he was going to get. Instead, she simply kept all of her pictures of him and changed the captions to hilarious alternatives which silently cussed him and his actions. He really did play her better than he plays baseball.

Prom regrets

Do you remember your high school prom? Hopefully, you went with your high school sweetheart and danced the night away as you basked in your love. Unfortunately, this girl didn’t get to do that, as she found out that her boyfriend cheated on her shortly after. Ouch. But instead of wallowing in the memories, this girl had some prom regrets and decided to air them through her Instagram captions. As you can see her caption proved pretty popular with her friends…

Will you sign my petition?

After being in a loving relationship for three years, this girl didn’t believe her boyfriend would ever cheat on her and was completely heartbroken when he did. However, she still loved him and couldn’t let go of him so easily. So she made him a nice, bright board that announced him as a cheater and he had to wear it around the mall in shame. But it didn’t stop there. She wouldn’t take him back unless he had managed to get 500 people to sign his petition to get her back. Wonder if he got them?

Lost dog

You’re probably used to see posters all around your neighborhood selling cars or bikes, or posters trying to find a lost cat or dog. But you’ve probably never seen a lost dog poster like this one before. With a picture, name, and description, we’re hoping he was found pretty sharpish and punished for being the cheater that he was. Although there’s no reward for finding him on the poster, we can only assume the reward would be revenge.

It’s all gotta go!

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing people giving back to their community, and offering their belongings to the needy – or those that want to help an (ex) girlfriend pull the ultimate revenge prank on her cheating (ex) boyfriend. After finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her this woman knew that she didn’t want to see him or his stuff ever again so she thought this sign would do the talking for her. We reckon it does the trick.

The loser boyfriend scavenger hunt

Many people often feel humiliated when they’ve been the victim of cheating, and often wish their partners would feel the same way. One woman absolutely nailed this idea, and created the loser boyfriend scavenger hunt. She made him undertake humiliating and cruel tasks before he could go back to her. He had to massage a woman’s feet, apply lip gloss, try on dresses, take a picture of himself wearing pantyhose and more! We can imagine he felt pretty silly.

Sold to the highest bidder

There’s nothing we love more than eBay, as you can buy absolutely anything on there – as long as you outbid all the other people who want it too. Well, this guy added a new listing to the site a few years ago, after he found out that his wife was cheating on him. Of course, he put his wife up for sale on eBay (we couldn’t make this up). Remarkably, his wife rocked up a whopping $50,000 bid, but the man was forced to take it down by the police. Shame.

I’m a dog

Although many cheaters show no remorse for their actions, there are some who will do almost anything to get their boyfriend or girlfriend back. Just like this guy. After finding out he cheated on her, his girlfriend told him to stand out on the road with this epic sign (balloons and all) as well as five other tasks to get her back and prove his love – and that he was a dog. We wonder what the other five were!

Poolside antics

We can’t really see where the tears end and the pool starts – because this guy looks pretty darn upset. However, the girlfriend looks pretty set on her actions and is throwing her cheating boyfriend’s laptop into the pool with gusto. And she had good reason to. Maybe he would stop messaging other girls and cheating on her if he didn’t have the tools to do so. Although he also lost an epic pinball score in the process. Swings and roundabouts.