Incredible children of country singers


Miley Cyrus (Billy Ray Cyrus)

Miley Cyrus is known the world over, and it is not thanks to her country singer father, Billy Ray. Although her name was indeed recognizable and linked to her father’s, Miley has carried her own since the beginning of her acting and musical career. Miley’s breakout role was in Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. She continued to act thereafter but slowly transitioned into music, where she made her real mark. Miley’s creative outlet in her ‘don’t care attitude’ and fashion forward wardrobe choices had the spotlight on her. However, her music speaks for itself; the success of songs like The Climb, Wrecking Ball, We Can’t Stop and so many others, have proven that she is a genuine talent that is only gaining momentum.

Rosanne Cash (Johnny Cash)

Talk about country music genes! Rosanne Cash is the daughter of none other than Johnny Cash himself and his first wife, Vivian Liberto. Roseanne grew up listening to her dad as he played show after show, especially since right after high school she joined his tour as a wardrobe assistant and part-time back-up singer. She released her first solo album in 1980, titled Right or Wrong. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, as Rosanne went on to win a Grammy award in 1985 for her song, I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me.

Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis Presley)

Lisa Marie is the only daughter of The King himself, Elvis Presley, and former wife, Priscilla. Lisa is an actress and musician herself, remaining in the public eye throughout her life. Lisa’s musical career is very different from that of her father’s, but a praised one nonetheless. Her folk and rock mixture of style has gotten a lot of praise from those she has collaborated with musically. On the personal side of things, Lisa has been married four times (one of which was to musician Michael Jackson) and has four children from her respective marriages.

Ashley Judd (Naomi Judd)

Actress Ashley Judd is very well-known for her acting career. However, her introduction to the fame game happened way before Hollywood. Ashley is the daughter of famous country singer, Naomi Judd. Ashley is known for her roles in films like Where the Heart Is and Divergent. In recent years she has earned herself a masters degree in public administration and has shifted much of her focus on becoming more involved politically, as well as increase her participation in international humanitarian efforts.

Holly Williams (Hank Williams Jr.)

Hank William Jr.’s daughter, Holly, started her musical journey when she was 17 years old. Holly took a liking to Bocephus’ guitars and began playing then. After she graduated from college, Holly decided to take her music on the road, touring in Nashville. Her talent was heard by someone important and she got signed to Universal South Records. Holly went on to be on tour with other country singers like Keith Urban and Jewel. In 2004 she released her debut album, The Ones We Never Knew, and in 2013 her second album, The Highway.

Shooter Jennings (Waylon Jennings)

Waylon Jennings had seven children throughout his life (three of which he adopted). Shooter Jennings is the only child of Waylon’s from his longstanding marriage to Jessi Colter. Shooter started showing musical aptitude when he was just five years old when he would take up drums. At 14 he was very gifted at the piano and in guitar, collecting skills as he grew. In 2005 he signed with Universal South Records where he released his first album, Put the O Back in Country. Shooter left the label in 2009 in order to open his own record label.

Krystal Keith (Toby Keith)

Krystal is country singer, Toby Keith’s second of three children. Krystal is another one of the children of country music stars who decided to walk the same path as her parent. Krystal signed with Show Dog-Universal Music, a record label, in 2013. She released several singles during her starting point with the record label, such as Whiskey, Lace, and Daddy Dance With Me. Daddy Toby must be very proud of his little girl!

Hillary Scott (Linda Davis)

Lady Antebellum singer, Hillary Scott is known in her own right these days and less for being the daughter of Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Hillary’s mother, Linda sang the duet, Does He Love You, with Reba McEntire, that brought her quite a bit of fame when it came out. Hillary is very close with her parents and even released a family Christmas album back in 2003 as well as performed with them several times.

Tara Adkins (Trace Adkins)

Country singer and big tough guy, Trace Adkins, is a father to FIVE daughters. He has two girls from his first marriage and three more from his second and current one. His eldest daughter, Tara, is 34 years old and the first child of Trace’s to make him a grandfather. Tara is not a part of the music industry; her passion is motherhood and clean beauty products for women.

Justin Townes Earle (Steve Earle)

What’s in a name? In this case, a lot. Justin Townes Earle was named after Townes Van Zandt, his father’s mentor. Steve Earle, Justin’s father also happens to be one of the biggest names in country music. Justin and his father were not very close as he was growing up since Steve left Justin and his mother when Justin was just two years old. Justin’s current musical career, though, is inspired by his father and his talent is a genetic gift he bestowed on him. Justin’s first album, Single Mothers, and subsequent album, Absent Fathers, speaks for itself.

Georgette Jones (George Jones)

Georgette Jones is the only daughter of Tammy Wynette and the legendary George Jones. Georgette got her start in music at a very early age, recording her first song when she was just 10 years old, titled Daddy Come Home. It was after that song that she started singing backup vocals for her mother. Since her early days, Georgette has gotten quite a name for herself as an accomplished songwriter and singer. Georgette kept it interesting with appearances in a television show, as well as publishing a memoir about her life.

Shelli Coe (David Allan Coe)

Shelli Coe, daughter of David Allan Coe, has been musically linked to her father since she was just 3 years old. Shelli was a backup vocalist in her father’s shows for a time until she decided to move to Montana and perform solo in venues, network with other singers and songwriters and be a part of the Branson Songwriters Out in the Streets album. Shelli eventually moved back to Austin, where she was raised, and released her first solo album, A Girl Like Me, in 2010.

George Strait Jr. (George Strait Sr.)

George Strait Sr. is much more than just a country singer. Strait Sr. is also a music producer and actor, making him another version of a triple threat. His son, George Strait Jr., also known as Bubba, Bubba attended Texas A&M for his undergraduate degree while also attending the George Strait Team Roping Classic, an activity Bubba does with his father. Bubba spent many months working on how to improve his technique to be a part of the National Finals Rodeo. Most recently, Bubba is writing songs along with his father, for him and for others.

Chelsea Crowell (Rosanne Cash)

Chelsea Crowell, daughter of Roseanne Cash and Rodney Crowell (not to mention granddaughter of the late great Johnny Cash) has added another generation of musicians to the family. Her father is a country music singer-songwriter, while her mother is also a fan of the microphone. Chelsea’s music can be found online on SoundCloud. The songstress is living in Nashville and writing music daily. Chelsea also decided to take her creative streak further with photography courses taken at Memphis College of Art.

Delaney McBride (Martina McBride)

Martina and John McBride have been happily married for over 25 years and have three daughters to show for it. Eldest daughter, Delaney is often seen with her mother on the red carpet and other country music events. Martina is one of the most well-known women in country music, with songs like In My Daughter’s Eyes and This One’s for the Girls.

Jesse Keith Whitley (Keith Whitley)

It’s downright astonishing how many children of musicians turn out to be musicians themselves. Jesse Keith Whitley is the son of Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan, both of whom were very big in the country music scene. Keith Whitley passed away in 1989, just two years after Jesse was born. Jesse is now a country singer based out of Nashville. He performs throughout the country along with his mother.

Hank Williams III (Hank Williams Jr.)

Continuing the tradition and namesake in his family, Hank Williams III is a musician as well. Initially, Hank3, as he is known, rebelled a bit and turned to the underground punk scene to play drum and guitar. After a pretty nasty legal battle involving a paternity suit, Hank3 decided to be more practical and sign with Curb Records. Hank3 produced country tunes to make his father and grandfather proud. Lovesick, Broke & Driftin’ and Straight to Hell, were all very well received. These days, Hank is no longer tied to any record label and is working on music that is a combination of all the tunes he likes.

Lilly Hiatt (John Hiatt)

The creative and beautiful Lilly Hiatt is the daughter of folk and country singer, John Hiatt. John is still considered one of the most influential songwriters in American music. Lilly is also a musician, based out of Nashville. Lilly’s second album, Royal Blue, is currently in circulation and is gaining quite a following. On the album, Lilly said it is about “accepting the sadder aspects of life and finding some peace in them.”

Thomas Rhett (Rhett Akins)

Thomas Rhett, son of the country hit singer Rhett Akins, is also a part of the country music world. Thomas was musical from the beginning, joining his father on stage, playing the drums lightly. Thomas’ interest in music in a professional sense didn’t come into play until after he finished college, although he did play the occasional gig. His first album, It Fores Life This, got good reviews from fans, sending three songs to the Billboard Hot Country music chart.

Deana Carter (Fred Carter Jr.)

Deana Carter is the daughter of well-known country crooner Fred Carter Jr. Deana’s career was not exactly smooth sailing from the get-go, even with her last name. Carter tried her hand at music when she was just 17 but didn’t actually make any moves until years later when fellow singer, Willie Nelson, found her demo. Her true claim to fame came when she headlined the Farm Aid VII along with John Mellencamp, Kris Kristofferson, and Neil Young. Right after her time with those legends, Carter signed a record deal with Capitol Records and came out with her hit song, Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Lukas Nelson (Willie Nelson)

Lukas Nelson is one of Willie Nelson’s seven children. Lukas is the second youngest out of the children. Partially following his father, going into music but nothing close to country, Lukas is part of the band, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real. The band is part of the rock genre and based in California. Lukas is the lead singer and guitar player for the band. Lukas did collaborate with his father, though, taking part in Willie’s 2012 album, Heroes.

Shelby McEntire Blackstock (Reba McEntire)

Reba McEntire’s country career has made her a household name. Her comedic acting career on her hit television sitcom, Reba, has made her even more well known with the mainstream population. Reba has one son from her marriage to Narvel Blackstock – Shelby. Shelby did not follow in her mother’s musical steps but rather took a literal turn into being a professional race car driver. The 27-year-old didn’t finish his college education before taking up racing full-time. Most recently, Shelby signed a racing contract with Andretti Autosport.

Jessica Marie Blosil (Marie Osmond)

Jessica Marie Blosil is Marie Osmond’s 29-year-old adopted daughter. The Osmond last name goes before it, but Jessica has never seemed to use it. The most press that Jessica has gotten in recent years is for coming out as a lesbian in 2009 (at least that’s when her mother told the world). Jessica lives in Los Angeles with her significant other. Marie has stated that she is an advocate for same-sex marriage.

Carnie Wilson (Brian Wilson)

Co-founder of the ridiculously successful band The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson is one of music’s most respected singer songwriter there is. Brian’s daughter, Carnie, is well-known in her own right. Carnie is a television host and singer, being a part of the band Wilson Phillips. Carnie has been on reality television competitions such as Chopped and Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. Wilson has been a talk show host filler on the show The Talk. Her band, Wilson Phillips, still performs in certain occasions, most recently on ABC Networks’ Greatest Hits.

Jamie Dudney (Barbara Mandrell)

Barbara Mandrell has gotten more Country Music Awards on her mantle than many other country music artists. In 2009 she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and in 2014 into the Musicians Hall of Fame. Barbara’s daughter, Jamie, was Miss Tennessee Teen USA in 1993 and Miss Golden Globe in 1996. Jamie went into the acting field for a short time, appearing in the film Get to the Heart (The Barbara Mandrell Story), as well as the long-running soap opera As the World Turns.

Bobby Bare Jr. (Bobby Bare)

Bobby Bare Jr. is a musician like his father, Bobby Bare Sr. Bare Jr. took after dad with his guitar skills but his tune is more on the rock and indie edge than country. Bare Jr. did introduce some country roots into his music with songs like Painting Her Fingernails and Stay In Texas.

Wynonna Judd (Naomi Judd)

Wynonna Judd worked with mom Naomi as the second half of their band The Judds. Wynonna and Naomi toured and produced music through the 80s. Once Naomi retired, through, Wynonna took off on a solo career that proved to be as successful as her days as a duo with her mother. Wynonna’s voice was a gift from her mother and she continues to grace the rest of us with her gift every single she puts out.

Jesse Belle Denver (John Denver)

Jesse is the only biological daughter of the late country singer John Denver. Denver believed he was sterile so Jesse was a surprise, rise to say the least. Jesse grew up to become an artist and jewelry maker. John Denver passed away in 1997 at the age of 53 due to an airplane malfunction that lead to a crash.

Ashley Campbell (Glen Campbell)

We love how many of the children on this list walked in their parent’s footsteps and into the music industry. American rock and country singer and songwriter Glen Campbell has eight children. One of his kids is the talented singer Ashley Campbell. Ashley is also in the musical genre of country and signed with Dot Records.

Noah Cyrus (Billy Ray Cyrus)

There’s something about they Cyrus family! The youngest of the three Cyrus daughter, Noah has officially made her debut in the music industry with her 2016 song Make Me (Cry). Taking inspiration from older sister Miley and dad Billy Ray, Noah is taking Hollywood by storm and is sure to have one incredible career ahead.

Cherish Lee (Johnny Lee)

Cherish Lee Ham is the beautiful daughter of country singer Johnny Lee and his former wife Charlene Tilton. One of Johnnyy’s most famous songs was Lookin’ for Love. Cherish got married back in 2014, with her mother throwing her the country wedding of that year. Cherish is a country singer as well, taking after her beloved father.

Paula Nelson (Willie Nelson)

Despite the fact that Paula Nelson was born out of wedlock to Willie Nelson and Shirley Collie, she has definitely taken after the Nelson brand. She is a country music singer in her own right along with being a disc jockey. She currently hosts her own radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Outlaw Country channel. She has received several awards including Female Artist of Year” by the Country Music Association of Texas

Mattie Denise Adkins (Trace Adkins)

Mattie Jackson is definitely making her famous Pa proud, going out and starting her own business. She actually started her own wine bar in downtown Nashville called Salt and Vine which has earned quite a following in the whiskey drinking town. She’s also helped her superstar dad out in his own career, having written the lyrics to one of his songs while she was a sophomore at University of Tennessee.

Kelli Campbell (Glen Campbell)

Kelly Campbell was a product of his second marriage to Billie Jean Nunley who was a beautician from Carlsbad, New Mexico. When her father Glen was diagnosed with late stage Alzheimer’s, she and the rest of her brothers, sisters, and half siblings tried their hardest to put him in an assisted living center in order to ensure that he would be taken care of effectively.

Debby Campbell (Glen Campbell)

Debby Campbell has been performing with her father Glen since the late 1980’s. A child from his first wife, the two have always been close, with Glen even taking Debby on tour with him internationally. She was recently involved in a lawsuit against Glen’s latest wife to see him in his late stages of Alzheimer’s, a case which she and her siblings ended up winning.

Dion Pride (Charlie Pride)

Dion Pride is Charlie Pride’s middle child and a successful singer-songwriter in his own right. He has been singing in front of live audiences including at USO performances in entertained troops on USO tours in Panama, the island of Antigua, Guantánamo Bay, and Honduras. He also has written several songs for his father, including the song “I miss my home” on his father’s Choices album.

Jenessa Haggard (Merle Haggard)

Born from Merle’s third marriage, Jenessa Haggard has become a businesswoman in her own right. She and her father Merle were very close until his death in 2016, with the two even developing aspects of her business together. The main product that Jenessa is pushing – called Merle’s Girls – is named after her father. Her company opened recently in Colorado, and has been only going up.

Presley Tanita Tucker (Tanya Tucker)

Born to one of the queens of outlaw country, Presley Tanita Tucker was a product of Tanya’s relationship with actor Ben Reed. While at the moment it does not seem as if the younger Tucker has been doing anything in the spotlight, she may not have to due to the fact that her superstar mother is worth over $50 million. If keeping low is her style then she is definitely doing it well.

Grace Pauline Kelly (Wynonna Judd)

Grace Pauline Kelly is certainly the outlaw daughter of Wynonna Judd. Kelly has been in and out of prison several times over the last several years in both Tennessee and Alabama for various charges. Her first conviction saw her arrested with her then boyfriend in a Walgreens parking lot. The thing that aroused the police’s suspicion was that the car had been sitting there for several hours, and the license plate was stolen and wasn’t even put on correctly.

Mackenzie Adkins (Trace Adkins)

Mackenzie is a product of Trace Adkins’ second marriage with Rhonda Forlaw. She is currently a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at the University of Tennessee, where she seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself as well as studying hard. Before college, she was a cheerleader on her local high school cheer squad. Trace sure must be proud!

Gracie McGraw (daughter #1 – Tim McGraw)

The first daughter of Tim McGraw is 20 year old.  McGraw has two daughters and they both obviously come from two VERY talented parents who looks incredible as well (their mother is singer Faith Hill). With a gene pool like that it’s no surprise that the McGraw daughters would be beautiful and talented. Eldest daughter, Gracie is a singer like her parents. She has performed with her dad many times and the crowd just loves her! Now you think Gracie is special? Wait till you see her younger sister!

Maggie McGraw (daughter #2 – Tim McGraw)

Speaking of younger sister… One of the only children on this list who did not go into music and has no plans to, Maggie McGraw is actually a student at Stanford University, studying climate control and becoming a keen environmentalist. Maggie is the middle daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, giving room for elder sister, Gracie to be the one to pursue a musical career. The closest you’ll see Maggie to a red carpet is when she accompanies her parents to various award shows.

Danu Grace Jackson (Daughter #1, Alan Jackson)

Alan Jackson’s youngest daughter Dani Grace may be a bit on the outlaw country side of the family. She was the passenger in a car which was pulled over by a police officer when she got extremely upset and started yelling at the officer. She got so upset that she even got out of the car and hit him! She was released on a $35,000 bail. Bet she’s gonna write great music after that one!

Alexandra Jackson (Daughter #2, Alan Jackson)

Country superstar, Alan Jackson has been married to his wife Denise since 1979! The two have three daughters together whom they started bringing into the world 11 years after they married. Their second daughter, Alexandra (pretty in pink on the right), also known as Ali, is who we are focusing on. In recent years she has gotten into some trouble with the police, but it was nothing on the radar of her father’s career and her own future.