Walmart’s greatest customers

Walmart was made to sell products at a low price but at a high volume in order to make a profit from the masses and not from just a few sales. There would be a lower profit margin on each item but the more people bought in bulk, that is where the real profit would come in. However Walmart was not easy to get of the ground. They knew that in the beginning they would not be making the big bucks right away and the lease for the store was usually too high to turn a profit at all. But after just one year of Walmart hitting the streets in 1945. The owner went from a J.C. Penney employee to business tycoon almost overnight.

Going to Walmart is always an adventure. You never know what friend you will run into, what big sale you’ll stumble upon and best of all – what crazy person you will spot. Walmart is notorious for having the craziest, wackiest and weirdest dressed customers. The weirdos flock to Walmart for its discount prices. The store that we all know and love called Sam’s store is the very same Sam that actually owns and started Walmart. Sam has been spreading the discounted love since 1962. Walmart has 11,695 stores in 28 countries so no wonder there is such a wide collection of crazies at Walmart. There is just so much material to work with.


Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue and also the larges private employer in the world. However Walmart isn’t as strong in places like Germany and South Korea. Our guess is because the weirdos who rock up to Walmart are just not as accepted in countries like Germany or South Korea. America on the other hand will not look twice if you roll up to Walmart in your pajamas or with you face mask still on. You will not believe the photos that we have compiled of the best of the best wackos who shop at Walmart.

It was very hard to choose, there are just too many funny photos out there, but we only took the photos that will have you cracking up, rolling on the floor of laughter. The most interesting pets are on leashes in Walmart. The most out there outfits you have ever seen is at Walmart. People are caught on camera in the craziest positions at Walmart. Some people go to Walmart just to people watch.

The joker returns

Sometimes laundry day comes out of no where. It comes hard and it comes fast. You look in your closet and there is just nothing to wear other than last year’s halloween costume. We hope that’s the story of this joker. His mom probably came over to visit her son and took him shopping immediately. Based on his hunched shoulders and defeated stance we are guessing that he isn’t all to happy to be following mom still at his age.

Foxin around

This half man half fox is currently channeling his inner fox because he is buying raw meat and we have a feeling that he is going to chow down on that before he gets home and cook it like most humans would. However he is still slightly human since he’s paying for the meat and not killing animals with his bare hands. We hope his girl fox appreciates his manly and furry tail. At least she feels secure in that he won’t be picking up any other women at Walmart.

Lizard accessories

Why wear a hat or a head band when you can wear your very own live lizard. Who cares about following trends when you can start them yourself! Her pet lizard accentuates her skin tones and can be photographed at many varying angles. She will never look the same in any two photos with this little guy on her head! We just hope that the lizard doesn’t need to go to the bathroom while he’s modeling on her head because that would be embarrassing and just gross.

All aboard!

All aboard the Walmart train! Walmart can be a big, scary and overwhelming place if you come alone. You can get confused by the similar brands that line the shelves. The super cheap prices are also known to make customers faint of heart. So to be on the safe side Walmart organizes shopping groups so that you do not get lost or ever feel alone on your shopping trip. Be careful though, this male to female ratio might make the trip a bit boring down the tampon and beauty isles.

Mom gets pampered

This mom and child are getting the royal treatment! And they deserve it! Finally, a child that appreciates all of the hard work that moms do. She has been wiping his behind, changing his diaper and doing the a-z tasks that every mom has done since the beginning of time. We applaud this little boy for recognizing his mother’s hard work and taking his turn to pull the weight. However we hope his back is okay after this, it does not look easy.

Fashion forward

Why spend hundreds on the newest fad when you can just turn your old shoes into the newest fashion that is sweeping the nation. This girl definitely is forward thinking however I would recommend to her to put in a little bit more effort next time. Printing the actual Ugg logo might have been a tiny bit more convincing than her messy handwritten scrawl on a torn piece of paper tapped onto the back of her boots.

Monkey time

Not everyone wants to comply to society’s norms. Some people would rather have a monkey than a child. Or maybe she has an empty nest now that her kids moved out and she got lonely. Either way that monkey is in little monkey heaven right now. He is snuggled to perfection and seems to be enjoying every second of it. Again, I do hope that the monkey is at least potty trained otherwise that is going end very badly.

Burning up

This should be a commercial for the risks of not wearing sunscreen. Poor girl is burned to a crisp. This is a great warning to all young women who want to look good and get a tan but don’t realize what the outcome could be. We hope she is heading over to the aloe vera section because that burn looks painful! You can’t see it in this picture but her friend has the biggest “I told you so” smirk on her face, she wore the sunscreen while her friend refused.

Reach for the stars.. or groceries

Those high shelves are extremely hard to reach. And the busy Walmart staff can take ages to arrive to help you. So this woman embodied women empowerment and went at it herself. Who needs a tall man to help you when you are clever enough to crawl on up there and get it yourself. You go girl! However, we do hope that she can get back down safely while carrying her groceries. It might not be as easy as she thought.

Rat tail

Shaving can be difficult, especially those hard to reach places in the back of your head. If you don’t go to a professional hair dresser and DIY it then your bound to end up with a few mistakes. However this seems to be a bit to epic to be a mistake. Some guys just can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that they are going bald so this man decided to hold on to the only hair he has left. Do you need a ponytail sir?

Check my toes out

While we do commend this innovative woman we have to be honest and tell it how it is. This is just plain old ugly. I get how sneakers can get a bit sweaty and smelly in the hot summer days but come on, this is not the answer! She even cut of her socks! At least she had the decency to paint her toe nails, but we think the bright blue color is more of a ploy to gain attention. We doubt she did it for fashion purposes since well..

Three for one sale on puppies

Some women treat their dogs like children and this woman is a prime example of that. Its either that or Walmart had a three for one sale on puppies. It looks like the second option because she seems to be a bit confused and overwhelmed by new and sudden commitment. We hope her husband doesn’t mind the doggie infiltration that is awaiting him when his wife gets home. Isn’t Walmart amazing? Where else can you get food, clothes, DVD’s and now puppies.

Cooling off

Some people go cool off after a long hard workout in a cold shower while others like this individual here choose to cool down in the frozen meat section of Walmart. To each their own. We just hope that he doesn’t get any of his sweat on the meat. Or doesn’t get too embarrassed when he is escorted out of Walmart by security. As long as the cool off nap was worth the embarrassment right?

Rapunzel rapunzel, let down your hair!

Is it really Rapunzel in the flesh? No, I don’t think so. Rapunzel brushed her hair just a few more times than this lady did. Or is it a tail? It is all very unclear. It seems to be a single oversized dreadlock that just resembles a tail. That’s our best guess. Well whatever it is that is crawling down her back all the way down to her knees I hope she is wearing it proudly. Otherwise the bullies will coming.

Ninja turtles are making a comeback

Dog’s belong on leashes. Turtles however do not. This woman clearly felt bad about trapping her pet turtle in a cage and leaving the house with out him. But I would not recommend bringing a turtle shopping with you. The saying goes “as slow as a turtle,” for a reason. Her 5 minute trip to Walmart just turned into a few hours mission. Please just remember to pick up after your turtle droppings please and thank you!

Walmart the zoo

Walmart is going to need to make a new policy regarding customer’s animals. This is getting out of hand. First a lizard then dogs, a turtle and now a ferret? What’s next? Walmart might even be able to start a new venture of a pet zoo where the customers can leave their pets while they shop. Kids can come see the animals just like in a real zoo. Zoo or no Zoo this guy needs to invest in a leash. No one wants to be tickled by a ferret!

An interesting outfit

Sometimes you need to dress out of the ordinary to stand out in a crowd. But sometimes you also need to try to not embarrass yourself. This woman has so much going on we don’t even know where to start. Her single leg warmer on her right leg is shouting to be talked about. But instead we should definitely focus on that head piece of hers. It looks like she is a rainbow present with a bright gold ribbon pinned on top. Well it definitely worked, she got photographed!


Sometimes you have to run out of the house to get those groceries you urgently need but forgot to buy. So you come to Walmart of course. Because where else will you be accepted by your fellow shoppers and kind cashiers when your facial mask is too wet to take of yet. We get the need to run out and get milk for your coffee if you look like that, but apples? Really? Those apples better have been worth the embarrassment though!

Leggings galore

This unique couple decided to match today, the are both rocking t-shirts and jeans. However they differ only slightly. Her husband decided to go in a slightly different direction on his legs. He decided to put on a pair of leggings underneath his jean short shorts for some ungodly reason. And he wanted to take it one step further and match his leggings to his house slippers. It’s okay to rock up to Walmart in pajamas, but this is just too far mister.

Mazal tov at Walmart

They met online at Walmart at the checkout so why not say their vows at Walmart as well? It’s only fitting right? Where else would be as fitting of a place to get married than at the place that they met! Walmart really is a one stop shop and more people should consider it for a wedding venue. You have cheap food, a change of clothes if you get sweaty or dirty and you can even print out your wedding pictures on the spot! What’s not to like?

Fashion police

I am actually scared looking at this photo and I cannot believe that Walmart didn’t stop this woman at the entrance. It must have been Halloween, otherwise there is no excuse for the getup. She seems to have two separate hair do’s that are just not jiving very well. The top hair looks like an upside down mop to me. Her over the top jewelry and flowers don’t go with anything either. Where is the fashion police when you need them?

I love you, you love me..

This tail creeping out of this women’s skirt doesn’t look like it could actually have been an accident. She must have been coming from a children’s birthday party where she dressed up as Barney the dinosaur. We assume that the kids gave her such a headache that she heading straight for the alcohol section and is going to go home tonight to relax to a bottle of red and her favorite episode of Barney. Maybe she leaves her tail on to always remain in character?

role playing

These American flag decorated cowboy boots match perfectly to his pajama pants that have been expertly tucked into the boots. His Robin Hood style felt jacket really completes the outfit. Oh and don’t forget those intelligent looking glasses! But seriously though, what the heck is he wearing? And why is his son wearing a blue and white unicorn onesie? Walmart’s customers are just getting weirder and weirder. I guess that they could have been playing dress up or role playing, either way please change before you go shopping next.

Got any toilet paper?

When you have to go to the bathroom you just have to go. But when you leave the bathroom please remember to leave behind all forms of toilet paper and anything else that is unsanitary. Unless he did this on purpose and used the toilet paper as a makeshift tail. We have been seeing quite a few tails lately at Walmart so it’s not too far fetched of a guess. Regardless, we hope that he doesn’t start flirting with anyone at Walmart. He won’t get very far.

Rare disease

This woman has a very rare disease which completely livable with. But there is sadly no known cure yet. She has been suffering with it since she was a child. Basically she is always cold. Her entire body is freezing no matter what the temperature is all except for her left leg. Her left leg is always boiling hot. You think after all these years she would just cut the left pant leg off. She just rolls up the pant leg to the very top. Poor woman. We feel for her.

Sleeping on the job

This handicapped woman is taking her mid day nap in her chair. It seems like her boy friend must have dragged her to the men’s belt section and she was told to pick out her favorite belt for him to wear to their date tonight. But she fell asleep by the 47th belt. They all look the same! We hope her boy friend doesn’t catch her sleeping n the job otherwise there might be no date tonight after all.

Can I hitch a ride?

This is why America has obesity problems! We should get Michelle Obama to comment on this picture! America is getting lazier by the day. And it is not a laughing matter, it is just dangerous. When you get too lazy and tired to look for your favorite brand of milk and need to hitch a ride you know your in trouble. A little walking is good for you! But most importantly, how are you going put your groceries in your cart when your sitting on it?

Push me!

This little girl is pushing with all her might but I don’t honestly think that they are getting anywhere. While she is cute as a button I doubt she can actually push her dad in a huge cart very far if at all. Not to mention that their cart is filled to the brim. She sure is a troublesome child, no parent buys that much paper towels unless their kids really like to start food fights and spilling their paints onto the floor.

One cart won’t suffice

Christmas shopping isn’t simple. Especially when you have a lot of kids and extended family members. This hard working mother took a day off from work so that she could head to Walmart early and basically buy the entire store for her family’s Christmas presents. One cart wasn’t enough for this overzealous mom. So she cleverly stuck two carts together for her shopping convenience. This double cart train is currently being trademarked at Walmart’s main offices.

Asleep at the checkout

Kid’s fall asleep in the weirdest places. This kid fell fast asleep on the conveyer belt. This is really a life size image recreated of that classic opening scene on the Simpsons where Maggie goes through the cashier’s checkout. I wonder what will come up on the screen when the cashier accidentally scans this little boy. I don’t think that this reflects badly on his mother though. When your kids fall asleep a mother is the last one to wake them up. Keep the peace and quiet while you can.

Rocking that bikini

This man is trying to get confused with his younger more beautiful wife. But it’s not really working. The t-shirt is actually hilarious if we’re being honest. It just looks super creepy on this old man in cargo shorts. I am not sure why the bikini is Vegas cards themed though? Maybe he is hungover and had a wild night the night before and he is just running out to Walmart to get some aspirin and milk for his coffee. He probably didn’t even notice his t-shirt. We hope.

Kids can be so cruel

Kids can be so cruel. The I am a women sign was clearly written in a child’s scrawl. And it’s just not nice. We sure hope this poor old guy realized soon after they stuck the sign on his back otherwise this is going to be an embarrassing trip to Walmart. His wedgie isn’t helping matters. Maybe he’ll go home and binge on that Great Value cereal he’s picking out. He’s such a cute old guy. I hope those mean kids’ moms teach them a lesson.

Watch out

“Oh ya, forsure, you can uh you can totally cut me in line!” This woman doesn’t even need to ask. Her gun sticking out of her jeans right next to her exposed crack is yelling at her fellow Walmart customers to watch out. You do not want to mess with a tattooed woman packing heat. It is plain old dangerous. At least she is getting her calcium! She is in the cheese section which is always important.

Dress up time

This wolverine aspiring man is just not quite there yet. The beard is not cutting it. Not to mention he’s a bit too old to be dressing up as wolverine. And were are the signature lamb comps beard? Maybe he’s aiming for wolverine’s grandfather? In that case, he is spot on. But from the looks of it he is the only one at Walmart dressed up so I guess it can’t be Halloween. In which case why is dressed up at all?

Six pack o’ problems

When you thought that Walmart’s customers couldn’t get any weirder. Here comes the show stopper. This pretend mom is grabbing a six pack of beer. Thank god that isn’t actually her child otherwise she would be chocking it to death just to grab herself some booze. Good thing child services isn’t around. Otherwise she might be black listed from ever having children if that is even possible. While we do thing that the occasional beer is awesome we don’t recommend downing the entire six pack. Especially when on children duty.

Raising funds

These kids needed a bit more cash so they decided to use their childish good looks to make moms feel guilty while shopping and make them fork over some change to these kids instead. Who clearly need it more than mom’s need that forth bottle of sparkling water. These genius kids are getting moms where it hurts and are making a killing. Spring break we go! Moms just love when kids play instruments. We’re not sure why but all those piano lessons you did as a kid is proof enough.

Matching camouflage

These United States army fans are preparing for their recruitment my watching King Kong and every other blockbuster release that contains armed forces or super heroes. It’s either that or these are their matching pajamas and their like to watch movie while dressed identically. Knowing what you like and not being afraid to shout it to the world is very important. However in this case I think we can classify it as an exception to the rule. Please go home and change thank you.

Child protest

When this kid was told by his father that they would not be going to the candy section during this visit to Walmart he decided to lie down in protest. No mote yogurt or dairy section! He wants jus candy! And he wants it right now. What started off as a protest really ended up as a run ride on dad’s electric chair. And Walmart didn’t really mind either. It was a free sweep of the store for them.

Numbers can be confusing

Granted, this wacky Walmart photo isn’t of a customer but we had to sneak it in. It is just too good to be true. The Walmart official purchaser is probably hitting himself in the head right now. While twelve and thirteen can be confusing for children, it is just plain on inexcusable over the age of 9. And that is being very generous. The ideal move here is to buy this shirt for sports in order to confuse the referee and never get a foul!

Getaway horse

This Walmart branch must be from the wild west otherwise we are not sure why there would a horse wi th a sattel parked in the shopping cart return area. The managers probably are not prepared for this scenario as it definitely is not in the Walmart manager’s manual. The only reason I can thing of is there is an old school cowboy inside Walmart right now robbing the cashiers and grabbing some snacks and he parked his quit getaway horse as close to the front door as possible.

barefoot and dirty

Walking around with out shoes or even socks on can be really dangerous! And at his age he should know that by now! Especially in Walmart where kids are everywhere spilling things and making messes all the time. How has he not run into the turtle, the ferret, the three dogs or the lizard in Walmart yet? Who knows what kind of animal excrements could be on that floor. Maybe that’s why he has a bottle of wine. He wants to forget what he just stepped in.

Nap time

Naps are very important. Especially after a long day of work. Power naps are even better. Those 15 to 20 min naps can recharge you for the rest of the day. But something tells me that this guy has been sleeping for a little bit longer than the average power nap. My guess is that his mom dragged him to Walmart to help schlep the bags back home but he gave up and decided to take a nap until she was ready to go. It might be a while.

Good ol’ fashioned fun

As long as Covergirl Drew Barrymore doesn’t find out then don’t mind if we have a giggle or two over this funny picture. Some funny kid or maybe even a vengeful ex boy friend vandalized this poster and we don’t really mind. It is actually quite hilarious how creepy she looks with crazy eyes. She looks like an evil villain on a cartoon Disney movie. Who ever did this, I definitely want to be around to see Drew’s face when she sees this!

Peace and Quiet

It seems like everyone is either sleeping at Walmart or showing off their new pets. I’m guessing he pretended that he needed to buy some stuff from Walmart like power tools pr things that his wife wouldn’t question him about so that he could get some peace and quiet from the kids. It definitely is a cheaper place to nap than a hotel. However I don’t know how quiet and peaceful it is at Walmart. Oh gosh. I hope he’s only sleeping!